SVAJPA Wall clock, 11 ¾ "
SVAJPA Wall clock, 11 ¾ "
SVAJPA Wall clock, 11 ¾ "

A clock without the tick-tock. The mechanism has a silent movement so you can relax and sleep without being disturbed by the sound.

Article Number403.920.58

Product details

The front and back join seamlessly to give the clock a smooth continuous look.Fitted with a quartz movement, it is accurate at keeping time.No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement.Batteries are sold separately; 1pc LR6 AA size 1.5V battery required.Designer

Gustav Carlberg

Article Number403.920.58
  • Backing/ Front protection/ Plastic parts:Polystyrene
    Clock face:Paper
    Clean with a duster.
  • SVAJPAWall clockArticle Number403.920.58
    Width: 12 "Height: 2 ½ "Length: 12 "Weight: 1 lb 7 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

2 ¼ "
11 ¾ "


NiceHelp 1I am not happy with it .just bought it. It is very hard to read at evening and hand on lock are not showing corre time ever2
Nice lookJuancho 15Iam really happy with this new clock I like the look and the whole design of it.5
This one is underrated, I think.Lee7603I've been using this clock for 4 months now and still perfectly works. I like its modern design too. I'm writing this comment hoping with Ikea keeps doing its great work.5
Sleek and coolBvale3514This wall clock has a very sleek and modern color scheme. The seconds arm also rotates continuously and smoothly, making it perfect for a gym setting.5
SLEEK DESIGNMilitary FamilyI bought this based solely on the look and colors. I hung in my basement, so that I could see the time, instead of having to squint on a DVR or other mantle clock. I love the gray/black look. THANKS for a great design!5
Defect when I bought the clockSanrBought 2 months ago and the arms do not line up. Looks like s defect.1
beautiful modern clockbemadd54I love the style of this clock. I especially like the smooth motion of the second hand. However, the cover over the face of the clock is very shiny and reflective and it is practically impossible to see because any light in the room causes an awful glare. only if there is a light directly below it is the face well enough to read the time.3
Very cool clock (without fingerprints of course!)rzhang66I have had this clock for about 7 months and it is still working perfect. No annoying ticking sounds, super smooth movement, and aesthetics makes the clock appear massive, especially when it is running. Just don't drop it and keep the face clean, because nobody likes fingerprints on any clock face!5
Hlinh5I brought this about 2 weeks ago, still working.4
Cute but diddnt workUnknown1234Got it home, put batteries in and the second hand just sits and ticks back and forth. Long story short, it dosent work. Ikea is a hour away, so returning it is not just a quick drive. Cute clock though.1
Hands brokenHza14Took it out of the box and it doesn’t work. The hands get stuck.1
Excelent per my officemoni60Excelent quality and very profeccional5
RinoaQuiet and easy to read. Recommended5

Wall clock11 ¾ "

Batteries are sold separately; 1pc LR6 AA size 1.5V battery required.
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SVAJPA Wall clock, 11 ¾ "