STORMVIND 3-blade ceiling fan with light
STORMVIND 3-blade ceiling fan with light
STORMVIND 3-blade ceiling fan with light
Article Number204.233.48

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You can easily turn the blades from summer to winter mode by pushing the button inside the lamp from sun to snowflake, or vice versa.You can easily make the pull chains longer by using the included extension parts.The ceiling fan can rotate at 3 different speeds. All you need to do is pull on the pull chain once, twice or three times.You choose which side of the blades is visible since they can be turned over. One side is white and the other has a printed wood pattern.LED light bulb included.The minimum distance from blade to floor must be 85⅝".Designer

David Wahl

  • Ceiling cup:Steel, Powder coating
    Shade:Polycarbonate plastic
    Bracket:Zinc, Paint
    Blade:Fiberboard, Paper foil
    Chain:Brass, Nickel plated
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • STORMVIND3-blade ceiling fan with lightArticle Number:204.233.48
    Width: 13 ½ "Height: 7 ¾ "Length: 24 ½ "Weight: 15 lb 5 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

16 "
52 "
78 W


Great neutral fanKellyLike that you can choose between light wood grain blades or white; a clean, understated yet contemporary look.5
Easy setup and smooth operation1moreRobotWe have two Stormvind fans in our house. The first went up a year ago, and the second just now. I had memories of needing my husband’s assistance last time, but this time I was able to install by myself in a short amount of time. I think the only difference was a slightly lower ceiling the second time around, which just made everything much easier. Be aware that the bolts and washers you need to fix the plastic bracket to your fan box are not included with the fan (they should have come with your box). Two years in a row, I used the little cardboard washers that come with the fan to mount the bracket, only to realize in a later step that I needed those washers for the fan blades. Beyond that little bit of annoyance, the installation is rather simple. My fan box did not have the little hook inside to attach the safety loop that’s on the fan mount. I’m not worried about it. Both our fans work very well with minimal noise. They seem well balanced. The one we installed a year ago runs pretty much nonstop. We don’t really use the light too much, but it is nice to have on there. Keep in mind that you twist the lens cover on the included bulb to either set it for a more diffuse wide angle or a more concentrated tight angle beam (the instructions advice the wide angle). I think it’s actually fairly bright, but again, we don’t really use it to light our room. We have our fan blades installed to show the white side — I am not impressed with the look of the wood grain on the opposite side (which has a weirdly bluish looking grain pattern). With the blades white-side down, it’s a very modern and good looking fan. This is one of those products that I think actually looks better at home than it does at the store.5
JTMOIt functions and looks good. My only comment is the 'wobbly' or rocker mechanics. I've had someone comment that it looks like it might 'rock' loose. Because of the rocking it also makes the pull strings rotate when the fan is on. I realized this was a rocker-style fan but didn't know that it would be that great of movement.4
Handsome Fan with Easy InstallJayb151Got this fan to replace an old, ugly fan from the 80s. This fan adds a nice touch to the room. It looks much more simple and modern, I really like the aesthetic. Install was pretty easy and straightforward. I think the hardest part was figuring out hte previous owner's wiring. Once I got everything figured out, it worked right away, no problems. My biggest complaint is that the light is not especially bright, though it casts a nice warm light which actually works as a before bed light.5
DinaleeThis fan is so cool and modern and stylish I love it, it's very smooth and quiet when it's on if someone is having issues with it being loud make sure you check how you installed it and assembled it that has a lot to do5
Will be buying anothermatt182I was a little nervous about buying this fan after reading a couple of poor reviews. But now I am happy I bought it. Installation was simple. WAY easier to install than a very similar fan I had bought from a big box hardware store. As far as the noise, I don't find this fan noisy at all. Ours is whisper quiet (aside from the wooshing when you turn it on top speed). I fully recommend this fan. The only problem I encountered was purchasing the last one at our IKEA ... when I needed two. (Check inventory online first.)5
Attractive, unobtrusive fanbtransatlanticWe’ve had this ceiling fan installed for a week now and love it. It’s unobtrusive, which is good because I don’t want our ceiling fan to make a visual statement, but it looks good and sleek without looking too modern when you do notice it. The light is gentle and warm. Unlike one of the other reviewers, we haven’t noticed any noise beyond a gentle hum coming from the fan when it’s on.5
Coolio!TMac33This little number cools a room like no fan ever could! Wow! Excellent way to cool a bedroom!5
Same Noise Issueashaleigh7I'm having the same noise issue as the other reviewer, however the noise quits on our fan once it gets up to speed, but when starting or slowing down it makes a loud scraping noise. It's a shame because the fan looks great. I also didn't realize it had a non-standard bulb. But the bulb it comes with puts off good light.1
Loud, kthumph tkhunk kthumph kthunk...rockyroads3519I am a contractor but bought two of these for my own house because they looked pretty and wanted to try them out before I could recommend them to others. They do look nice, but they are too loud to actually be used. On both fans I purchased, the rotating cone is so far out of round that it rubs against the motor housing, making a kthumph tkhunk kthumph kthunk noise, at every speed setting. If you watch, you can see that the spinning cone is very uneven. No amount of fiddling could make this go away, it's just a consequence of cheap manufacturing with poor tolerances. I would have paid more to have a silent fan, and even though installed these I will probably be taking them down and will try to return them. As for the light, I don't like that it is a non-standard bulb, but one is included and its a nice warm yellow.1

3-blade ceiling fan with light

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STORMVIND 3-blade ceiling fan with light