SOCKER Greenhouse, white
SOCKER Greenhouse, white
SOCKER Greenhouse, white
SOCKER Greenhouse, white
SOCKER Greenhouse, white
SOCKER Greenhouse, white
Article Number701.866.03

Product details

Provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow.Designer

Sarah Fager

  • Frame:Steel, Polyester powder coating
    Other parts:Polystyrene
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • SOCKERGreenhouseArticle Number:701.866.03
    Width: 14 ¼ "Height: 3 "Length: 19 ¼ "Weight: 7 lb 1 ozPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsSOCKER Greenhouse701.866.03

Product size

17 ¾ "
8 ¾ "
13 ¾ "


Absolutely love this! I boughtAbeAbsolutely love this! I bought 2 of them. I was afraid that it would be glass but it’s not. More like a acrylic panel which works great. The set up is a tad bit tricky but who cares. I was able to pack in about 10 orchids inside that require high humidity. Works absolutely great!5
PerfectLINDSEYBought this to protect my plants from the cat. Works perfectly!5
My Mini-HothouseKERRYIt fits three small plant pot quite nicely on my windowsill. The real test will be, with north-facing sunlight, can it sustain succulents. I think it will. Be careful putting it together because it is mostly glass and can slip and shatter.5
Mini greenhouseJULIETGood but not so sturdy4
mini greenhousedamarisslightly tricky set up but a lovely product. so happy i finally got it.5
Love this little greenhouseRoseI want three more of them, they are that awesome!5
I love itaprylIt’s simple and works great. I wish the top were more versatile, but I am happy.4
Mini GreenhouseJENNIFERLooks great and works great as a mini greenhouse. We rate the quality a 2star because the first one we bought had a cracked glass. We returned it and got another one which was fine.4
Challenging to buildAnonymous reviewerIt’s cute, but was a pain to build. It’s expensive as well.3
Plant life!shareneVery Nice!5
The Item was crushing andCrystalThe Item was crushing and cracking do to careless delivery.1
A very cute greenhouse!Sweet S.I raise Monarch butterflies during the summer and was in need of a contained space for the caterpillars to grow while devouring fresh milkweed. I bought two and I think they will be perfect with just a bit of retrofit! They are attractive, easy to clean and the caterpillars will be on display for curious neighbors and friends!5
The perfect environment!JennieWe grow mini violets which can be fussy about their moisture level and humidity. This mini greenhouse safeguards both and has enabled these minis to bloom and thrive.5
Great GreenhouseAus C.Very nice greenhouse for the window ledge in my house. Four Nyplon pots fit nicely in a row. I use chopsticks to elevate the pots.5
Looks great but very flimsy and unevenAguaMystMost of ikeas furniture is pretty decent but this was uneven and flimsy. After putting it together, it looks okay but if anyone were to lift it, it would fall apart for sure.2
Bright!Koogie2You can’t beat this for the price! It was easy to get the plastic off. I just applied a soft pressure to the window (pressing it away from the metal frame, and it came right off. And it’s a great size, too! I make seasonal and holiday vignettes in it. Perfect for it!5
adorable greenhouseheatherbee429I bought this a couple of weeks ago to house the seeds I started inside and it has been incredibly useful. The size and weight are perfect for managing and maintaining; since it is glass, I am not worried about it being dropped. The top opening is great for getting plants in and out easily.5
Our GreenhouseWe love our greenhouse. We filled it with succulents!5
SOCKER GreenhouseDonald105Flimsy construction. Very difficult to get the protective plastic film off. I had to disassemble the parts to get the film off.2
It was the display that got meI read every reviewThe display in the green room area caught my eye. Took less than 10 minutes to put together and I placed all my small plants in there. (2 succulents and one aloe) it came out beautifully! Next to your window it will look great!5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Having a home garden has never been easier

Think you need a garden to grow your own flowers and vegetables? Think again. You don’t even need lots of space or be a skilled gardener. With our self-watering plant pots, greenhouses and gardening tools, we’ve made it super easy for you to turn your home into a lush oasis.

Function solution

Decorate with plants

With SOCKER greenhouse you can have your own little indoor garden. This way, you will always have access to fresh herbs for example, and you can enjoy the beautiful plants year round. Perfect if you dream of a greener life at home.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

”For the SOCKER series, I was inspired by old-fashioned milk jugs, the kind that you still see along small roads in the Swedish countryside. Galvanized steel keeps the products beautiful even after years of intensive use. Most of the products in the series are stackable, which is good both when transporting to the store and when storing at home. Put together, these features make SOCKER a clever, functional and decorative series, for a greener home.”

Designer Sarah Fager

Greenhouse, white

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SOCKER Greenhouse, white