SKORPOR KARDEMUMMA Cardamom crisp rolls
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Toasted, brittle crisprolls with cardamom flavor. Serve for breakfast with butter, cheese and marmalade, or mixed with yogurt.
  • SKORPOR KARDEMUMMACardamom crisp rollsArticle Number:801.509.10
    Width: 6 ¾ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 8 ¼ "Weight: 8 ozPackage(s): 1

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7 oz


Cardamom biscuitsLindaKrispy. Good with cheese & fruit or plain.5
Average. Taste is very mild.VALSAAverage. Taste is very mild. Too pricey.3
Delicious dunked in Coffee!KarenA hard biscuit with a delicious Cardamom flavor! These remind me of the Swedish bakery items that I grew up eating!5
Ok, but needs more cardamom flavorSherriI am a huge fan of cardamom! I bought these just because that was in the name of the product. These are nice and toasty flavored with a hint of cardamom flavor. I ended up putting a serious sprinkling of cardamom on it when i got home. That was much better. These will be easy to resist in the future. Bland foods are not my thing. It would not be bad to have when your stomach is upset.3
Great with butterPCrunchy snack with butter5
Delicious with vegetable soup alsoeMDelicious with vegetable soup also with goat cheese.5
These are just yummie!ChristinaThese are just yummie!5
So delicious!Alinita22So delicious!5
Great for cheese or meat snacksValue bowelWe have had theses before. Great for cheese or meat snacks with a glass of wine.5
Fabulous!Dansker STLIf you need a quick snack, this is it!5
Good flavorKBN7Didn’t care for the texture-dry2
SkorporSloppa... a loos weight SKORPA! Could use some more cardamom but is still a treat, just by itself or with prästost or marmelade on it...3
So good !BeffroiEven no need to put something on it live it with a cup of GOOD tea!5
Cardamom crisp1983 Ikea fanI love cardamom and these cardamom crisp biscuits are perfect with soup.5
Great productLCinOrlandoNice subtle cardamom flavor. Saves making toast in the a.m. and great for snacks or appetizers.5
crunchy cardamom crispinesstonyboloni64bought these to bridge a gap between salty crackers and sweet cookies. they are perfect.5
Swede 1971I buy them every time I come to Ikea. Reminds me of home. The Swedish version has more cardemom which I would prefer.4
Lack of spiceAudzillaI work for a premiere spice company and admire a product that lives up to its billing. However, I found these cardamom biscuits lacking in flavor, scant in the cardamom. They were just ok. Nothing monumental to go with my morning yea.3
YummyBirdee1Buy these every time I come.5


A tradition kept alive

Toasted crisprolls were invented ages ago - out of necessity. Bread was baked in the autumn right after the harvest and then in the spring - if there was any flour left. To keep it for such a long time it had to be dried, and the tradition is still kept today. Serve SKORPOR FULLKORN and SKORPOR KARDEMUMMA (wholemeal crisprolls and wholemeal crisprolls cardamom) for breakfast with butter, cheese, and marmalade, or with your yogurt.

Cardamom crisp rolls

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SKORPOR KARDEMUMMA Cardamom crisp rolls


$2.99/ 0.441 lb