SKORPOR FULLKORN Whole grain crisprolls
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Toasted, crispy wholemeal rolls. Serve for breakfast with butter, cheese and marmalade, or mixed with yogurt.
  • SKORPOR FULLKORNWhole grain crisprollsArticle Number:001.509.09
    Width: 6 ¾ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 8 ¼ "Weight: 8 ozPackage(s): 1

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7 oz


BlahMindyThey weren't my taste no matter how I used it.1
this is note 10, flavor,leticiathis is note 10, flavor, size, smell, i love it5
Tasty CrunchytatjanaTasty Crunchy5
I think they cost toMARIEI think they cost to much.5
It’s very goodShirinIt’s very good4
KrisprollsAnonymous reviewerI used to buy these in Europe (France) and I was glad to find them in the USA5
Soft but crispGpcarThese are so good and I was excited to see them back at IKEA again. They taste great, and the texture is perfect - not too crunchy and not too soft. They’re great as a side with dinner or as a snack with bruschetta on top.5
Excellent product without the sweetKatrinExcellent product without the sweet taste of many American breads and crackers.5
so light and crispyDavidGreat with jams or spreads. Lovely addition to pre-dinner munchies when having guests over.5
Easy to useRandyEasy to use5
Very good. Almost as goodABIGAILVery good. Almost as good as the ones in Uppsala, Sweden.5
skorporMrs B.I grew up eating those in Sweden when I was a child.I was so happy to find them at IKEA. I put butter and cheese on them as a snack5
An excellent breakfast snackMartinI am very glad that Ikea still has this product in stock. I know this from back in the 80s, where we bought it the first time. This product is the reason I go to Ikea on a regular basis.5
Yummy goodMN NorskeLove it with whipped cream cheese & Lingonberry jam! Yummy good!5
HealthyMorchenTasty and easy to store. Comes close to crackers, don‘t spoil. Good reserve for emergencies5
Delicious!sandrabcnI am originally from Spain and this took me back home!5
Great productLCinOrlandoNice subtle flavor. Saves making toast in the a.m. and great for snacks or appetizers.5
Tasty whole wheat toastInga5111Pop the toast in the toaster. Spread butter and lingonberry or strawberry jam and you have a yummy breakfast in minutes!4
unique crackerLavandulaLadyMy hubby loves these. Every time we go to IKEA, we must bring home a bag or two. He likes them on a charcuterie board and to dip into soup.5
Healthy!BocaswedeHealthy and delicious. Side dish lunch or dinner.5

Function solution

A tradition kept alive

Toasted crisprolls were invented ages ago - out of necessity. Bread was baked in the autumn right after the harvest and then in the spring - if there was any flour left. To keep it for such a long time it had to be dried, and the tradition is still kept today. Serve SKORPOR FULLKORN and SKORPOR KARDEMUMMA (wholemeal crisprolls and wholemeal crisprolls cardamom) for breakfast with butter, cheese, and marmalade, or with your yogurt.

Whole grain crisprolls

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SKORPOR FULLKORN Whole grain crisprolls


$2.99/ 0.441 lb