SÅS PEPPARROT Horseradish sauce
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The horseradish root is used as a spice and as a base in horseradish sauce. Serve in salad dressings, with various meats or with grilled or fried fish.
  • SÅS PEPPARROTHorseradish sauceArticle Number:400.288.89
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Good qualitysamplerAsk my wife. She is the horseradish eater. She likes it.4
Love this stuff!RgrepoThis sauce is just spicy enough and it tastes wonderful on fish!5
Tasty & a good valueRJCsThis is now a staple condiment at our house. One of our favorite uses is mixed and baked with carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli.5
SamH2Just the right amount heat5
MiaC50Didn’t like that it contained preservatives and it didn’t have much of a horseradish taste.2
Really good flavor enhancer.wolfLouDoes not have a shark bite to it but does a great job of enhancing the flavors5
AuzzieExcellent with meat n fish5
Pleasant tastemarilufarmerHave been buying it since store open in South Florida. The perfect kick for sandwiches and steaks.5
Horseradish sauceOtaku DanMade a pot roast in the crock pot and cooked it with this sauce. Excellent!5
So tasty!DoReMiFasolkaI love this SÅS PEPPARROT Horseradish sauce so much!5
Too good to last!PacifactorMy wife doesn't like many Western sauces, but she loves this one. The mustard could sit on the shelf forever before she would throw it out but we can't keep this in the house long enough for me to get a taste!5
ExcellentjjcampMy only preference would be I would actually like the horseradish to be a little stronger. mThen it would be. five star rating.4
Tasty!AEUTGreat with roast beef and salmon!5
It is so good!Suni7I like some horseradish and this is just right. It tastes so good on everything I put it on. Great product and good gift idea.5
tasty additionGHGrandmaWe use this as atartar sauce for any fish.... It has a mild flavor but is delicious.5
HorseradishCooking123I’ve tried this on a couple of dishes lately. Texture is grainy. Taste is fair. There is better sauce on the market.2
TastyF1loverVeri gud an taste gud two, reordmend fur awl!5
YummyMarla 11We love this on sandwiches and my husband puts on boiled eggs for an added flavor.5
Must Have Staple!Ikea QueenA sauce I keep in the fridge for Icelandic hotdogs, lox and salmon steaks... fantastic!!5
Great productchrisfrom PCthis is always in our shopping cart when we visit IKEA ! We love it! It taste wonderful with Salmon!5

Function solution

Strong, distinctive taste

The horseradish root, containing mustard-like substances, is used as a spice with an important place in Swedish cooking. Especially as SÅS PEPPARROT (horseradish sauce). Traditional dishes based on horseradish include LAX VARMRÖKT (hot smoked salmon frozen), cod, lamb, and veal dishes. If you find the taste too strong - add cream. Serve with baked potatoes, in a salad dressing, with steaks, hamburgers, smoked reindeer, or with grilled or fried fish.

Horseradish sauce

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SÅS PEPPARROT Horseradish sauce


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