SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon
SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon
SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon
SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon
SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon

This box is perfect for storing everything from smaller gardening tools to cleaning supplies. The clear plastic reveals the contents inside so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Article Number798.508.75

Product details

The box is made of transparent plastic so you can quickly and easily find what you need.The lid protects the contents and makes the box stackable.Perfect for sports equipment, gardening tools or laundry and cleaning accessories.Recommended for indoor use only.Designer

Mia Lagerman

Article Number798.508.75
  • Polypropylene
  • Lid for box, 3/6 gallonProduct possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    SAMLABoxArticle Number801.029.76
    Width: 11 "Height: 11 "Length: 15 ¼ "Weight: 1 lb 9 ozPackage(s): 1
    SAMLALid for box, 3/6 gallonArticle Number501.102.99
    Width: 11 "Height: ½ "Length: 15 ½ "Weight: 6 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

15 ¼ "
11 "
11 "
6 gallon


Great for organizing toys.TRACIGreat price. Good design. They stack well!5
It’s clear, useful & practicalsilviaIt’s clear, useful & practical5
Perfect little containerChristaI probably own 30 of these. They work great for organizing my craft room. My daughter has several in her room for toys as well5
Good productWanda E.Good product5
The lid does not stayCarolinaThe lid does not stay in tightly but otherwise works well for the need.4
The lids don"t secure toAdrienneThe lids don't secure to the actual base, they just sit on top. Wasn't what I was expecting. Wouldn't recommend.2
SAMLAJerriThese SAMLA clear storage bins fit perfectly in the BROR shelves 33 1/2 x 21 5/8 x 74 3/4, two at a time.5
Nice storage solution... I loveCarolynNice storage solution... I love that they are clear/see-through & stackable.5
Good valuemey j.Good value5
Perfect for under the bedalmaPerfect for under the bed5
Product is of good qualityK.Product is of good quality5
Good price and a sturdyBarbaraGood price and a sturdy container.5
Not strong enoughLORNANot strong enough3
The lid is too soft*LORNAThe lid is too soft*3
SamlaLINDANice storage container. I think it would be better if the cover snapped on. No big deal, it works for me!5
Good size and seems sturdy.JANEGood size and seems sturdy. Don't know why anyone would want one *without* a cover....5
Lids don"t clickAnneI love these lightweight, see through containers but with the lids clicked in place. The rest on too and don't always stay put.3
Amazing clear containerTeddiLove these containers, sturdy plastic and love that they are clear-makes it easy for storing and organizing!5
Handy for College DormsMAYRAI love this containers to transport stuff back and forth from college as well as keep it under the dorm bed.5
Great for storage but ...AILINIt's very deep which is great for storage. However, the top doesn't click, it comes off easily. Not a good idea when there are children in the house. That is the reason why I do not give it five stars.3
SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon

For the things that take up space in our hearts and homes

For the heavy and dirty. The holidays and the different seasons. Your collections or bulky possessions. Someone else’s stuff. For just in case. For the things you want to remember or everything you want to forget. For clothes, tools, flower pots.

Sometimes it can feel like the things we have collected through the years control us instead of the other way around. And it can be tricky to find the right place to store all the things we need, but don’t use every day. Storage adapted to the rougher areas of the home, is one way to get around the problem. It can help you organize things in the not-so-organized garage, down in the basement, up in the attic or even under the floorboards. And protect your things from humidity, dust and scary spiders.

Different sizes help to sort things and thoughts

Do you want to get organized and stay that way? You’re not alone. With boxes in different sizes, it becomes easier to find just the right place for everything, both the nick-nacks and the big and heavy stuff. And you can make better use of the nooks and crannies you have at home. You can have small boxes for little things and tiny spaces, and large boxes wherever you have space to spare.

Organize. Store. Relax.

Sometimes it can feel like the home is a black hole where things get lost all the time. A lid on your storage box can be a simple solution for that. Some of the lids come with the boxes when you buy them, and some are sold separately. A few have locks that seal the boxes and protect what’s inside – it’s good in damp environments like storage rooms and garages. Many boxes become stackable when you put lids on them, but for safety reasons, you shouldn’t stack them higher than 35".

Hide your things within sight

A storage box doesn’t always have to be something you put stuff in, put away and then forget. But if you want to do that, colored boxes are probably something for you. With different colors for different things, it becomes easier to organize your belongings. Transparent boxes are perfect for stuff you often look for, like gadgets or tools. You get a quick overview of what’s inside the boxes without having to pull them out – something that can save both time and frustration.

Storage boxes tested for unusual everydays

Some boxes might look the same, but that doesn’t mean they are manufactured in the same way or with similar materials. The best way to find out if they can take everyday use (and some unexpected events) is to test them. Then you can be sure that the stuff you store – your collections, necessities and memories – stay undamaged and safe. Here are some of the tests we do for our boxes.

The lift test

To make sure the handles hold, and that the construction is sturdy, we have a strong machine that does a lift test. It imitates a person who lifts up a box with up to 110 lbs. Just like someone that stores seasonal things in the garage might do. The machine lifts the box up to 10,000 times. That’s equal to if you would take out and put back your holiday decorations once a year for more than 2,000 years

The push and pull test

Everyday life puts tough demands on our objects at home. That’s why we think it’s important to test our boxes. To make sure they can be dragged on hard and uneven floor surfaces, we have a machine that pushes and pulls the boxes, with weights inside them – up to 10,000 times – depending on which box we’re testing. The biggest boxes are tested with up to 110 lbs, or a collection of approximately 200 paperback books. With the test, we control that the construction and the materials work as expected. So you can drag and pull heavy stuff on rough floors for years and years.

The stacking test

If you have a lot of things to stow away, you might want to stack boxes on top of each other. It saves valuable floor space and gives room for other parts of life than storage. We always test our boxes by putting weights in them and then stacking them. The test is done to control that the lids, the wheels and the bottom of the boxes aren’t affected by heavy weights. It’s also a way to see how high the boxes can be stacked before they become unstable. To reduce the tipping risk, we recommend that you don’t stack them higher than 35".

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Box with lid, clear15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon

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SAMLA Box with lid, clear, 15 ¼x11x11 "/6 gallon