ROLLSBO LED bulb E12 200 lumen, dimmable/chandelier brown clear glass, 2200 K
ROLLSBO LED bulb E12 200 lumen, dimmable/chandelier brown clear glass, 2200 K
ROLLSBO LED bulb E12 200 lumen, dimmable/chandelier brown clear glass, 2200 K

Reminiscent of old filament bulbs but made with energy-saving LED. The brown clear glass spreads a warm, decorative light. Pair it with a shade or use it on its own to create a retro look.

Article Number004.082.78

Product details

The LED light bulb consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.As the light can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion.Helps lower your electric bill because dimming the lights saves energy. Dimmable.Lights up immediately when switched on.LED life approx. 15,000 hours.Light color: warm glow (2200 Kelvin).The light bulb can be used in temperatures from 0°F (-20°C) to 100°F (40°C).Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Glass
  • We only offer LED bulbs in our range.Contains no mercury.Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • ROLLSBOLED bulb E12 200 lumenArticle Number:004.082.78
    Width: 1 ½ "Height: 1 ½ "Length: 4 ¾ "Weight: 1 ozPackage(s): 1

Technical information


LED bulb E12 200 lumen

Brand name
Model identifier
Energy efficiency class
Weighted energy consumption
Nominal luminous flux200
Nominal lifespan
Number of switching cycles
Color temperature2200
Warm-up time to 60% of the full light output
Wirelessly dimmable
Lamp dimensions
Lamp mercury content
Consult website in case of accidental lamp breakage
Rated wattage
Rated luminous flux200
Rated lamp life time
Lamp power factor
Lumen maintenance factor at the end of the nominal life
Starting time
Color rendering
Instructions on how to clean up lamp debris in case of accidental breakage
Recommendations on how to dispose of the lamp at its end of life

Product size

Luminous flux: 
200 Lumen
2 W
Color temperature: 
2200 K
1 "
Package quantity: 
1 pack


Great accent light . SubtleJEFFGreat accent light . Subtle light with that antique glow4
Looks like candlelightKIMVery pretty. Not very bright. Gives a glow like candlelight. Making the lamp really look like a light oil lamp5
PerfectMelindaI love the light with the lamp I bought it’s not too bright and it dims to the perfect setting for a night light it makes me think of a kerosene lamp5
ROLLSBO REVIEWMichael R.As always, great value for the price!5
Does the job nicely. SilverJOHNDoes the job nicely. Silver would be good to have other than the gold. A bit pricey.5
Excellent adjustable bulbJennessaWe bought this to coordinate with new Ikea table lamps that adjust in dimness. The bulbs light is pleasant and creates a nice cozy atmosphere. The degree of light adjustability is satisfactory, either completely lighting the room or setting a nice quiet mood. Its appearance is pleasant, vintage inspired and nice on the eyes.5
just like a candlelightKamehaIt ’s like a candlelight and I really love it!!5
New tech in old style lampBdabbVery nice light for dim to bright - up to you. Much safer than a kerosene or wax lit lamp. I like5
Perfect amount of light.Fifi11Looks amazing in all fixtures!5
Yes!CamillaOThis makes the room so cozy and welcoming. It's not extremely bright but definitely enough to light up the room, but in a comfortable way. It's perfect for your night stand light.5
KarenKWThis bulb fit my ikea light fixture I purchased4
Great BulbTypinDCBought this for lamp on my bedside table. Great light and looks great as well!5
gentle mood lightingSpike1971we bought this to go with two new table lanterns. not bright enough to do any heavy duty reading, but nice dimmability.5
Cool bulbRjabriGood quality, I would totally buy more! I love it5
Very cool!RobbibanLove the look of this bulb, added bonus, it’s LED!5
The base is really largeStanonmarsIf your light fixture can hide the base of this bulb, then buy it. Otherwise it looks very clunky.3
Hated itLadiMI love the lamp it was meant to be used on but the bulb is terrible. Way too bright to be used for reading at night. Cast too many shadows and gave me a headache. Won’t be using again.1
Nightlight bulbAdrian12I got this a while ago didn't think you was going to do the job but I was wrong light is bright dimmable very good quality will definitely buy more5
Great aesthetics, but problematic`EliwahooI bought this bulb to use in the Tarnaby lamp that has a clear globe, so this bulb is not filtered in any way. Aesthetically, it is beautiful. Unfortunately, I worry that the bulb is too bright be used without some sort of shade. I had the lamp on high power on my desk, and after some time I noticed that the image of the glowing filament seemed to be burning onto my retina. For several hours afterward, I saw flashes of the filament in my field of vision. I would recommend this bulb, but wish I had bought one that is not as powerful.2
ZcatsSo beautiful and bright. Looks like an open flame in the right table lamp and I love it as a dimming bulb !5

LED bulb E12 200 lumen, dimmable/chandelier brown clear glass2200 K

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ROLLSBO LED bulb E12 200 lumen, dimmable/chandelier brown clear glass, 2200 K


$4.99/ pack