RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white

We’re proud of our work lamp that doubles as a charger. Winner of the prestigious international iF Design Award, acknowledged for its design with birch details, like the on-off switch on top of the shade.

Article Number403.856.42

Product details

You can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly. If your phone supports wireless charging, place it on the built-in charger.You can charge 2 devices at the same time since there is also a USB port built into the lamp.Provides a directed light that is great for reading.You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.Qi-certified and compatible with all Qi-certified smartphones and devices.Works with for example Apple® IPhone 8 and Samsung® Galaxy S6 or newer models.If your battery is completely discharged, it may take a few minutes before it starts charging. This is entirely normal. You can see that the battery has begun charging when the battery symbol appears on your phone.Charging time may vary based on the device’s battery capacity, charge level, the age of the battery and the temperature in the surrounding area.Devices may get warm during charging; this is completely normal and they will gradually cool down again after they are fully charged.Current USB port: Max. 2000mA.Built-in LED light source.LED life approx. 25,000 hours.Light color; warm white (3000 Kelvin).Max. power induction charging: 5W.Voltage USB port: 5Vdc.1 USB port.Designer

David Wahl

  • Weight:EVA plastic, Cast iron
    Base/ Bracket:ABS plastic
    Cover:Solid birch, Clear lacquer
    Tube:Steel, Paint
    Shade:Aluminum, Paint
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
    Warning:This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.By creating products that help people use less energy, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.
  • RIGGADLED work lamp w/wireless chargingArticle Number:403.856.42
    Width: 14 ¼ "Height: 2 ¾ "Length: 15 ¼ "Weight: 5 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

Luminous flux: 
450 Lumen
17 "
2 "
Cord length: 
6 ' 2 "
7.0 W


Possibly UnreliableARAMINTAI bought this for my bedside rather than have a wire wound around my bedpost waiting for my phone every night. The wire never stated put and I was constantly struggling around my nightstand to reach it where it fell. This seemed like the ideal situation. It’s a bit big for a nightstand but my bed is high so it looks alright. I thought I had positioned my phone correctly but by morning it still had no charge. It’s unfortunate that there’s a bright sensor light on the pad. I covered it with Kleenex until I could find an eye pillow or something to make it dark while I sleep. Undecided about it but still trying. Product itself is just fine. I like the switch which is the back of the lightbulb section. You just push it. I don’t like the big X where the phone goes since it’s not always there. It looks like a helicopter pad.3
Nice lamp that squeaksKimberlyWe love the look and function of this lamp for my daughter’s desk. However, whenever she is writing or typing on her Ikea Linnmon desk which can jiggle, the lamp squeaks. It’s our only compliant and it’s not enough to return it because we love everything else about it.4
This lamp is awesomeMichelleWe recently bought these lamps for our nightstands. I love the charging feature on the base. I would recommend this.5
Weak StemVaseemI bought this item from Ikea. The base is solid but the stem that holds the lamp is weak. The lamp fell down on a carpet and the stem broke at the base. Low quality and poorly designed.2
shockingly unsustainable - IKEA gone wrongDanny111I bought 2 of these very attractive LED lamps & have multiple problems: 1. cannot change the bulb, so have to throw entire lamp away when bulb fails (mine did in 3 years) but before it did, it began to make a high-pitched humming that was disturbing enough to force me to take it off the desk and store it in a close until i go back to store. 2. head gets too hot to touch - not good LED design 3. head is heavy and the sectional arm loosens easily such that I have to keep a coin or screwdriver nearby to adjust every week or two. If you do not, it can bang down with enough force to break a glass and wet your computer (yes, that happened to me) So, for about 69, I can find a much better lamp1
Stopped working after 6 monthsJLTHThe light bulb is not replaceable and my lamp stopped working after about 6 months. I do use it daily at my desk (I work from home) so it's probably on for about 4-5 hours/day. The charger also no longer works. For $70 I expect a lamp to last longer than 6 months. I'll take it back to IKEA since I do have the receipt attached to my IKEA family card, but that is a total pain to do given Covid right now.1
Awesome lamp, missing partAnniebustilloBought this a few weeks ago in a very large order and after assembling it I realized that the outlet connector was missing, so now I just have this weird circular piece that can’t be plugged in anywhere. I haven’t been able to use it. I’ve been trying to call ikea but they don’t seem to be taking calls if there is a high call volume which makes no sense. I need the missing piece and they won’t answer my calls. If you order this make SURE it comes with the outlet piece. If any Ikea person is reading this, please help!3
Terrible ProductMHootsWe had this lamp for a few months before it stopped working, charger and light don't work anymore. No receipt so we cant return it.1
Looks nice, useful features, but flawed designrobot heboboHad this for a few weeks now. Nice looking lamp, and the integrated Qi charger and USB port are handy. However, the design is a bit flawed. Basically, the base is too light to allow the lamp to be adjusted with one hand. Unlike a lamp like IKEA's Tertial, which you can move around with one hand, this lamp requires you to put one hand on the base to hold it in place, while you position the arm. The screws allow adjusting how stiff the pivots are, but to make them loose enough that the base doesn't move means they're also too loose to hold up the lamp head. I think there were just too many compromises to keep it cheap to make (despite it not being particularly cheap in retail price...).3
Jessy pVery happy, I will recommend5
Charge your phone while you workBdabbThe light is very bright. Makes a good work desk lamp!5
Great lamp and phone charger!aperk15I bought this lamp about a week ago for my desk. It is great because I was able to use it as a lamp and replace my older phone disk/puck charger as well. it gives off a good amount of light and even has a usb port in case you need to plug something in. Great buy!5
LuluMcTavishThis works great as a bedside lamp and it eliminates the need for an extra wire for a phone charger. It also holds my wireless headphones while they’re charging via the USB port!5
Good desk lampHoop30Got this lamp for work and happy with it. The wireless charger comes in handy.5
Perfect office lightPicklesForLifeI’ve had this light for about 2 weeks now. It’s perfect for my home office. The light directs weeks and is just the right amount of brightness. I really like that you wirelessly charge your phone on the light’s base. The only negative is the price at $70. I would feel more comfortable buying more than one if it were $40 or $50. Overall I would recommend this light. Great job Ikea!5
Very nice designilrnySo far charging has worked well but phone has to be placed exactly for charging to work. Wished lamp had a dimmer and small charging light was moved to the side so it was easier to see.4
Are you kidding me??????shea11If there was less than a one star, I would give it that rating. Now I consider myself an Ikea superfan and can deal with most aspects of you get what you pay for. But this was NOT an inexpensive lamp and the fact that you cannot change the lightbulb should be on the outside of the box, like a warning!!! Terrible for the environment, now this just goes to the landfill.1
Lamp function is great; wireless charging is poormwmosserThe lamp is bright and has a reasonably adjustable angle. Our daughter uses it for a bedside lamp. The wireless charging function worked a few times but recently has begun cutting out in the middle of the night, leaving her with a half-charged phone in the morning. She's resorted to using the cable to charge her phone, which works but defeats the purpose of a wireless charging base in the lamp.2
Stylish and modernLana320My husband and l think this lamp is perfect for his new desk which we got from Ikea as well.5
SatyajithGood stutrdy build and quality. Wish there was a light to indicate when the wireless charging pad was operational.4

LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white

RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, whiteRIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white
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RIGGAD LED work lamp w/wireless charging, white