RAVENEA Potted plant, Majesty palm, 9 ¾ "
Article Number700.381.27

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Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.Native to Madagascar.Easy care plant.Slow growing.
  • Plant/ Substrate:Cultivated potted plant
    OthersOnly for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.
    PlacementFor indoor usePlace in a light area, out of direct sunlight.
    TemperatureMinimum temperature 32°F.
    WaterWater often.Mist leaves if air is dry.
  • RAVENEAPotted plantArticle Number:700.381.27
    Length: 58 "Weight: 184 lb 1 ozDiameter: 27 ½ "Package(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
9 ¾ "
Height of plant: 
51 ¼ "


Great priceMaryGreat price2
It’s so beautiful, unbelievable priceGUITTAIt’s so beautiful, unbelievable price for the size of this plant5
Palm Tree Beauty!LissetteI chose a medium size palm it was was just enough to fill the corner it was intended for. It’s easy maintenance is a no brainer when bringing color to the room.5
Beautiful plantLavettraLove, love, love.....5
Bug InfestedREBECCAI have had to purchase so many of these due to spider mite infestations. I only just realized the problem when I saw webbing on the fronds. If you purchase, make sure to apply spider mite repellant as soon as it enters your home, and thereafter. IKEA staff used to tend to the plants they sold, and they were healthy. Now the plant department is left unkempt and disease spreads rapidly amongst inventory. It's too bad because plant prices are very reasonable at IKEA.1
I like Ikea’s plants. BestLAILAI like Ikea’s plants. Best value and quality!5
So pretty.MarieSo pretty.5
I love it!JennyI have this sitting on my balcony, and I feel like I'm always on vacation looking at it. It's healthy, looks great, and low maintenance.5
Maybe I just don"t haveChristinaMaybe I just don't have a green thumb. It died1
Majesty PalmMalissa C.This plant is great and a fantastic value! I have been very happy with the two I bought.5
BeautifulGray15Surprising the items are healthy5
BeautifulTimelessgirlHealthy and happy fern. Best value after shopping around5
Adds so much lifeRZH8We bought this about a month ago. Initially it got some mealy bugs, but I used soap water to wipe the leaves and that got rid of them. Like any plants bought from a nursery, you'll need to repot this as it's super root bound. The leaves really spread out so place it in an area with lots of space.5
Love my new plant!PlantLady32I bought this a few weeks ago and I just love it! It still looks beautiful and healthy!5
PitijaraI bought this and it looks beautiful5
Beautiful but infested with bugsmandieluckI purchased this palm along with four other large plants from IKEA (Atlanta, Ga) eight months ago. The majesty palm was infested with little flying bugs and some type of worm like insect with tons of little legs. While the plant continues to do well I have had to keep it in a room with no other plants for fear of my other many beautiful plants becoming contaminated. Even now, I will treat the plant and soil as well as give it a full soaking in a bathtub every two months or so with hopes of drowning any possible lingering isects. I continue to be far from confident the plant is free of pests. It is too bad -- I would love one or two more for my home.2
Great Healthy Plant. Love it!UdiiI bought this a month ago. I love the way it adds color and character to our home. Its healthy and like others had said I didn't have any gnat problems whatsoever. Love to purchase again for my other room as well.5
Perfect!SoFi DavidGreat in every way. Well formed, very healthy and well potted. Right height for an apartment accent plant. Same style plants at HD much too tall and straggly. And like everything at IKEA, in budget.5
MoldjfordPretty plant , however after watering the plant I noticed it has mold everywhere.1

Potted plant, Majesty palm9 ¾ "

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RAVENEA Potted plant, Majesty palm, 9 ¾ "