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PLUTTIS Wall clock, low-voltage/black,

Price $ 9.99
Batteries sold separately. IKEA recommends LADDA rechargeable batteries. This clock also works with alkaline batteries, 1xAA.
PLUTTIS Wall clock, low-voltage/black, 11 "
PLUTTIS Wall clock, low-voltage/red, 11 "

How to get it

PLUTTIS wall clock has a classic and simple design that will look good in any home. Besides being a nice decoration on the wall, of course it helps you to always keep track of time.

Article Number105.408.47

Product details

Big and clear numbers make it easy to see what time it is.

No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement.

Fitted with a quartz movement, it is accurate at keeping time.


Diameter: 11 "


Looking for a simple officeThomasLooking for a simple office wall click and this one fire the bill. Looks and works great5
Sleek and quiet clock (no ticking)!!RuthI purchased this clock for the look and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the second hand does not emit any sound! For folks who have heightened sensitivity to sounds, especially during the night when all is quiet, this clock is a great option!5
It worksJosephLooks good5
Looks nice in the bedroom.JaniceLooks nice in the bedroom.5
This clock simply dies very soonLiNot a functional clock, you might think so for a few days or weeks or even months, but mine died multiple times in the last year. I thought it was because my batteries were dead. No, it's the clock. Don't let the clock gaslight you. You may spend lots of time and money on getting new batteries, but the real culprit is the clock. If you find this problem, return the clock as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will be in the same situation like me, after multiple rounds of being gaslit by the clock and changing perfectly fine batteries, I missed the 365 days return deadline and I missed multiple important meetings. I honestly just want a functional clock that Ikea should provide naturally, not even my money back. If Ikea customer service team sees my comment, please exchange my clock for something that works. Your product should last more than a few months. Your clock especially should last long. It has only one job, and one job only, which is to keep TIME. And it failed miserably. 1
Cute for the kitchenLisaexcellent timekeeper5
Great clock!FrancesQuiet and accurate!5
TimeErlindaThese low cost clocks are great, simple, uncomplicated decor5
Simple and functionalRoxanneWe bought this because of the second's hand. A simple and easy to read clock for the office. I would purchase again.5
doesnt keep time :(KatherineIt's a cute clock but mine doesnt keep the correct time after you set it2
Stoppped working after a couple hoursBarbaraThis clock started out normally, but stopped working after a couple of hours. Changing the batteries helped only for a short times. This clock is a waste of my time (trying to get it to work) and money. I’ve given up on it.1
Super wall clock!CarolThere are lots of small children in our family so an old fashioned clock with real numbers is a must for teaching the time. This clock is perfect, and simply perfect for our decor too.5
ClockSaraI purchased one previously and was very happy. Ended up taking the last one so it wasn’t boxed up but seems to work.5
Pretty SleekNavneetVery sleek and simple. Goes well with any background5
Accurate time clockChuckThis clock has kept very good time for the last 5 months. It seems to be accurate to within 5 seconds or so. The smooth second hand is very consistent. The black numbers on the white background is easy to read at a distance.,4
Good valueLeilaIt is exactly what we were looking for.5
Looks nice, but not reliableArthiLooks nice, but stopped works, losing minutes/hours within the first week. Surprising, since other clocks I've got from IKEA went years without issues.2
My brother is going toDianeMy brother is going to be thrilled that I'm bringing him another clock since I struggle to be on time. It doesn't take a boatload of tech knowledge to use it. No assembly needed, pop in battery and see what happens.4
Perfect wall clockLynnLightweight but doesn’t look cheap! Perfect5
Needed a red clockAnitaNeeded a red clock5

Function solution

Do you hear that ticking sound? Neither do we!

Clocks are great accessories, and a beautiful wall or table clock tells more than just the time. Our clocks are available in different styles, colours and sizes to suit any room. Even in the bedroom, since all our clocks are silent and give you the exact time without ticking or other annoying noises. Choose a clock that suits you and combine with pictures and mirrors to decorate the walls in your home. Don't forget to add batteries!