PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "

Children can barely contain themselves when there’s a gym mat on the floor. It triggers tumbles, summersaults and play – but in a safe way. When it’s time for rest, fold it and put it aside.

Article Number902.789.27

Product details

Jumping and somersaulting helps to develop a child's motor skills and coordination.Folds flat. Saves space when not in use.We know that children are extra sensitive, but not to worry. This product has been tested and contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your child's skin or health.Wipes clean.Recommended for indoor use only.Recommended for children 18 months and older.Designer

Tina Christensen

  • Fabric:100 %polyester, 100 % PEVA
    Filling:Polyethylene foam
    Do not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • PLUFSIGFolding gym matArticle Number:902.789.27
    Width: 14 ½ "Height: 6 ¼ "Length: 30 ¼ "Weight: 3 lb 10 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

72 7/8 "
30 3/4 "
1 1/4 "


Great MatROBERTAThese are the best . Love them as they fold to store out ofway.5
Bought this for a friend"sSUSANBought this for a friend's granddaughter who loves gymnastics! She is very happy with the mat.5
I"m lovin "itJohanyI'm lovin 'it5
great for naps for smallChangreat for naps for small kids and toddlers.5
Comfortable and easy to use.QisoI use this almost every day for exercising.5
VCVSAGreat value - will be using for my son to enjoy messy and outdoor activities as it’s very easy to clean4
good price and qualityJyomonJAPANI am fully satisfied. Ikea product are very strong as and unbreakable. Usually I could not pay for this kind of good quality products. Thanks for your reasonable price.5
Nice Matmabelle3I bought two of these mats for my son, so that he can practice jiu jitsu at home. They've really come in handy during this time at home. We place them side-by-side in our hallway, and they fit perfectly! The only thing I'd say is if you're using them on uncovered floors, they do slide around a bit. I will be putting them on topf of our yoga mats in the future, so that when he's jumping around, they stay put. They're really a great quality and fold very easily for storage! It would be nice to have a few more color options.5
Very light weightchcsfI bought this to replace the babymat since my kids are grown up. It is used as the based of our Korean style bed. It keeps us stay away the cold from the floor during the sleep. The surface seems little filmsy but it still survived even I used vacuum on them. They do really attract lint easily because of the rubbery surface which is a good thing for kids to do activities on the mat without sliding.5
Love them!Hm1987I bought this to go under a small play area for the kids. It’s so nice. They are soft and easy to clean and they fold up nicely! I do think they are expensive for the item but we needed it and it worked for us.5
Pizzi74I bought one years ago for my daughter for tumbling, we used it inside and outside. So durable. It’s now the gymnastics mat underneath her gymnastics bar and swing in her door. Bought a second one for my classroom as reading corner mat. Kids love it .5
Easy to cleanAaronlewWe bought this mat for my baby to do tummy time on and we love it. It’s stiff enough for her and I can easily clean her baby slobber off it. Also a plus that we can use it as she grows for a nap time mat.5
For play and sleep432eWe bought two of these years ago--maybe eight years ago now--thinking we were getting fun gymnastics mats for tumbling around the living room. Little did we know that through the years these would stand up to so much use. The kids stand them up for fort walls. They fold them up for benches while playing. They drag them into the yard and use them as part of a play world. And my favorite, they drag them next to our bed when they want to sleep within reach. Eventually we started taking them in the car for hotel stays in case we needed an extra floor bed. Also handy when kids have friends over for sleepovers, as a mat under a sleeping bag. And yes, they are for tumbling mats too. These are in my top ten favorite supplies for parenting!!5
Playroom gym matTheJohnHuskeyMy two year old loves jumping on this mat. The mat folds into a compact size when cleaning the room and for storing it when not in use.5
Three year old loved it!Rbb441My granddaughter loves it- room to practice her gymnastics5
not just for somersaultsCL150I had to start doing back and leg exercises on the floor and a yoga mat wasn't very comfortable. I tried this gym mat and it is great. Firm but comfortable.5
Play matMamaheatherI use two taped together with a blanket for a play mat for my baby5
Great ValueAdri1234It's held up so far for a toddler jumping on it over and over and over. The only thing I dislike is that the corners are already starting to show ware. But, for the price ot is not bad.4
Ikea212I can exercise on this, use it as a safe cover for padding, take it outside or inside... always good! or let the children play on it!5
We love it -- more colors please!SingartoI grew up with mats. They are the bedrock of creativity -- building forts, impromptu walls, and yes of course for tumbling onto as well. We purchased the green mat a year ago and it's been such a great little investment. I am excited that there is now a pink color too. We will be returning for it. In my dreams, there's other colors too! Very satisfied and love watching my daughter use the mat for different purposes.5
PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "

Physical play builds better brains

Children don’t just love spinning, tumbling, swinging and jumping. They actually need it. Physical play is essential to their development, and that’s why we’re serious about play. We do research with experts, parents and children around the world to help us design products that encourage more indoor physical play. One resulting product, the PLUFSIG folding gym mat, provides happy landings at home to do just that.

Besides building strong bodies and self-confidence, physical play helps children develop the skills they need to navigate their everyday lives. “During their first seven years of life especially, children need to move a lot to stimulate their sense of balance and spatial orientation, deep in the center of their brain,” says Children school manager at IKEA, Jessica Bondesson. “This develops the fine and gross motor skills they need to coordinate their movements.”

World’s largest play study

In addition to input from experts on the importance of physical play, we interviewed nearly 30,000 parents and children in 25 countries about play. This represents the largest global study of play ever made. Our resulting Play Report gives insights into how design can help children and their parents play more at home. “We learned that more families are living in cities, in smaller spaces and with limited access to places to play outdoors,” says Amanda Lundqvist, who works with PLUFSIG. “We also found that since digital play is on the rise, many parents wonder if their children are moving enough.” While 71% of parents saw home as an important place for play, 47% of children actually said they didn’t like playing inside their homes. However, both children and parents said they want it to be more fun to play at home together. And we believe that play at home is every child’s right.

Designed to promote active play at home

Designed in collaboration with Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör, PLUFSIG is part of a play collection that aims to inspire children to play more actively at home. PLUFSIG is light and easy to move around for use in any room, enabling physical play no matter the access to space and to the outdoors. “PLUFSIG is great for practicing circus skills like balance, tumbling and gymnastics but it can also be whatever you want it to be,” says Amanda. “We see children building forts and combining mats to create big, soft play surfaces.” Parents also appreciate that PLUFSIG does double duty as sound insulation so active play doesn’t disturb neighbors. “We wanted to create a fun and safe environment for physical play at home,” Amanda adds. “And for the children that aren’t able to play outside, for whatever reason, products like PLUFSIG that encourage movement indoors are important.”

What triggers play is universal

Play is triggered by our brains’ and our bodies’ developmental needs – and since we all develop the same way wherever we are in the world and despite differences in culture, space and economic status – play is also universal. “We created PLUFSIG so that it can be used in exactly the same way wherever you are in the world and whatever space you have,” says Amanda, “because active play every day builds better brains and a better, more fun, everyday life at home.”

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Folding gym mat, green30 3/4x72 7/8 "

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PLUFSIG Folding gym mat, green, 30 3/4x72 7/8 "