PANNKAKOR Pancakes, frozen
PANNKAKOR Pancakes, frozen
PANNKAKOR Pancakes, frozen

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Pancakes are as good as a light meal as they are as a dessert. Heat and serve with raspberry or strawberry jam and a dollop of whipped cream.
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ExcellentAnaTaste light and taste great with fruit.5
Swedish pancakesFrankGood for frozen4
PancakesUrsulaMy granddaughter loves the pancakes.5
Excellent tasting Swedish pancakesJojo C.Excellent tasting Swedish pancakes5
OH YUM!!!LLB4I always pick up at least two bags of these delicious Pancakes and the LingonJ friut spread to smear on top!!!!!! Mouthwatering!!!!!!!!!!!!!5
deliciousmonty43i bought this and it so good just like the authentic one5
Sakuralovesdepp2Taste like a rich crepe. Warms up well. Delicious5
Delicious!COWB55I bought these a few weeks ago and they are delicious. I will definitely. By them again and would highly recommend.5
GreatBumpa5Next to home made, these are the best..5
Taste amazingSalma08I bought these pancakes and they taste delicious5
Love itcmakcGrew up loving swedish pancakes at IHOP, although this is frozen, it taste just as good, if not better.5
IndoomaMy grandkids love the crepes, easy to prepare.5
LOVE THESE!Heidz15They taste like the ones my mom makes. We love them with just sugar on top. Buy them whenever we are at Ikea.5
Always limited stockVellemanRarely in stock at this location. I suggest going to Illinois. Management here does a very poor job of inventory control. I must be a fool for expecting anything different.5
Love the PancakesRachel52I love them at the store in the restaurant and thought I'd try some at home. Havent cooked them yet, but if they are anything like breakfast at IKEA, they will be fantastic5
Great MCReally good it tastes just like IHOP and I even made the Linden Berry butter to go on top of it it was excellent couldn't tell the difference will buy this product again5
KAI31I bought this last week and my daughter loves them4
DeliciousPokyTeriI haven't purchased this before since I have my own family recipes for pannkakor. I decided to try these, and I was so pleasantly surprised. These taste like my homemade pancakes! Which is a high compliment indeed. Not only that they are round!5
Easy tasty breakfast !ddraigWe like the convenience of these tasty crepes. No need to go to a restaurant when you just need a quick breakfast. Pair them with so many things5
Best Crepes Ever!!!!!!!Kimi FordI go to IKEA just for these Swedish Pancakes!!!! They are soooo delicious!!!!!5

As easy as it is delicious

All that is delicious does not have to be complicated to make. A pancake batter, for example, is easily made by mixing egg, wheat flour, milk, some cooking fat and a pinch of salt. Pour some of it in a pan, fry for a minute, flip it over and give it a minute more - and you have got a pancake! But what is even easier is to buy PANNKAKOR (pancakes), heat and serve. Preferably with SYLT JORDGUBB (strawberry jam, organic) and a dollop of whipped cream.

Pancakes, frozen

$6.49/ 1.587 lb
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PANNKAKOR Pancakes, frozen


$6.49/ 1.587 lb