MULA Stack &nest cups
MULA Stack &nest cups
MULA Stack &nest cups
MULA Stack &nest cups
MULA Stack &nest cups

MULA series is designed for your child to learn and discover. Each part is thoroughly tested, so your child can throw, bang and chew on these toys – they will hold up because play is learning for life.

Article Number602.948.77

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Stack, sort, build – and demolish! Your child will learn lots of new things when allowed to discover and explore by themselves.Develops fine motor skills and logical thinking.A variety of different activities: build, put together a puzzle, scoop water or bake sand cakes.Durable plastic, easy to clean with water.Recommended for children 6 months and older.Includes: 7 plastic cups with different patterns and designs.This product bears the CE mark.Designer

K Hagberg/M Hagberg

Article Number602.948.77
  • Polypropylene, Synthetic rubber
    Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) added.
  • MULAStack &nest cupsArticle Number602.948.77
    Length: 3 "Weight: 5 ozDiameter: 3 ¼ "Package(s): 1

Product size

13 3/8 "
Base diameter: 
3 1/8 "


Bathing FunUrsulaHours of bathing fun while actually conducting science experiments5
My 13mo loves them.SujeongMy 13mo loves them.5
Kelz20I bought this a few weeks ago and the shapes are already coming off. They don’t seem to be attached very well.3
Great stacking cups!TeacherabaThese are great stacking cups for a reasonable price. I am an educator and have used these with a number of children who all have enjoyed playing with them.5
Dot in CABright colors and easy to hold. Great value for money.5
My baby loves them!vtfdzMy 6.5 month old son loves these! They are super versatile, you can stack them, they have shapes/colors/numbers and textures, they have holes to play with water, etc.5
Baby loves themChelsiemmmI bought these for my nephew (8 months old) and it immediately became his favorite toy. Definitely recommend for babies!5
fun bath toy!!scotter50My granddaughter received this for her first birthday in April and enjoys playing with the cups while bathing. So a friend of ours is celebrating her daughters first birthday and we thought she would really enjoy them, too.5
Excellent kids’ toyMidcenturyModGirlWhen our oldest was a baby, someone bought him a set of these, and he loved them. He’s seven now and still uses them in the shower! So when our new little guy arrived, I bought him his own set, and they’ve gotten even better. Really a great, simple toy for kids.5
so colorfulbert 54bought these for my cousins baby because when my kids and grandkids were little they loved stacking them, knocking them down and rebuilding! They also loved them at the beach filling them with sand and water! Bright colors and lots of fun for them!5
So versatile!ckdi19I bought this for my nine month old grandson and we’ve done things like stacking them, spinning them, roaring in them, hiding things in them, and of course chewing on them. They could also be used in water or sand play.5
Best Toy Ever!duinokI know that they are simple, but that simplicity makes them great. The holes in the bottom make them perfect for the tub. The colors teach the rainbow. The shapes and sizes teach stacking, pouring, and spatial awareness. As a trained teacher, I give them my stamp of approval. My little guy LOVES them. Only criticism: there is no red cup.5
StackersNanaHoneyMy granddaughter loved these the minute we got them. She loves to stack them and nest them. I like the different designs and that they will be good to play with in the tub or out.5
Great for playSwathiI bought this for my son and it was awesome he loves playing with it and he’s trying to build the tower5
Fun!wdhwelchThis set was for my grandsons house. I’m going to get a set for my house too! Fun rain effects in the tub or for stacking. We also shine a light through and make fun shadows on the wall. Highly recommend!5
gift for 9 month oldninnyiscoolBaby loved them! He was very interested in the colors. He will eventually learn to stack. Nice gift.5
DarmarbarGrandson loves playing with this item5
Our very favorite toy!RahrahI brought this set home for my grandson when he was 6 months old. I actually purchased them with a coupon. He was just developing motor skills and found these cups fascinating. This is his favorite toy. At 12 months he's learning the color names, how to stack them and roll them around the living room table in a circle. The orange cup is good for holding snack. Simple but basic. I bought another set recently to have for backup. This set would only be more perfect if the cups would automatically roll back out from under the couch!5
Perfect for little hands and mouths.Grandma6It keeps the 9 month old engaged.5
Our grandson"s favorite toy...Amy29104We bought this for our almost 1 year-old grandson, and it has been a hit for the last 5 months. He had a hard time separating the cups at first, but now can separate them and put them back together. He also loves to wear one of the cups as a hat, until he laughs and it falls off!5


We take play seriously!

MULA series isn’t just colorful, it’s full of things to learn and discover for your child. Practice colors and shapes with the blocks, develop motor skills with the toy hammering block, and use the toddle wagon/walker to find balance. Made from sturdy, recyclable materials and non-toxic lacquers and paint. All thoroughly tested together with our young panel. We’ve tugged, thrown, chewed and beaten on these toys for hours, making sure that they meet all applicable laws and requirements.

Stack &nest cups

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MULA Stack &nest cups