MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "

A clean expression that fits right in, in the bedroom or wherever you place it. Smooth-running drawers and in a choice of finishes – pick your favorite. Psst! Please attach to the wall.


Product details

Of course your home should be a safe place for the entire family. That’s why hardware is included so that you can attach the chest of drawers to the wall.Real wood veneer will make this chest of drawers age gracefully.Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop.If you want to organize inside you can complement with SKUBB box, set of 6.WARNING! Prevent tip-over injury or death. Furniture with included restraints must be secured to the wall according to the product’s assembly instructions.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.The drawer holds about 15 pairs of folded pants or 30 T-shirts.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Top panel/ Side panel/ Plinth front/ Front rail/ Drawer front:Particleboard, Oak veneer, Tinted clear acrylic lacquer
    Drawer bottom:Fiberboard, Printed acrylic paint
    Support rail, back/ Bottom panel:Particleboard
    Shelf/ Bottom panel:Particleboard
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    MALM3-drawer chestArticle Number:803.604.61This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 19 ½ "Height: 5 ¼ "Length: 33 ¼ "Weight: 59 lb 15 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 18 ¼ "Height: 3 ¾ "Length: 33 "Weight: 39 lb 7 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

31 1/2 "
18 7/8 "
30 3/4 "
Drawer depth (inside): 
16 7/8 "


PerfectPatriciaClean simple lines5
Great Drawer ChestSuperschanAll of our drawers are MALM.Don't have anything bad to say about it. I just had one that is not working properly when I pull the drawer,maybe because the way I installed it. So far so good. Installation, 1hr and 30mins if you are by yourself.5
Super chic sturdy dresserCMarie84I bought this about a month ago but shipping took awhile. Just received a few days ago, I put this together pretty much on my own. My brother helped me move it inside because it was sooo heavy it's about 100 ibs I mean heavy, I weigh about 20ibs more than that so please keep that in mind. We placed it on a rug used to slide the finished product into the bedroom. I ordered other items and saved this one for last. It recommends two people and it would probably go a lot faster but I'm stubborn. I really love the finished project. I took my time and it took me about 5 hours honestly I never put furniture together. It's my first purchase from ikea. It's really sturdy I was worried about it leaning without being attached to the wall, (you need an electric screwdriver for this not included) I live in an apartment but this sucker isn't budging even if I wanted it to and I have no little kids. The drawers slide in and out effortlessly I'm just so happy with the quality and look of it. It's perfect!5
Perfect for a NightstandkelcloI wanted the Malm Nightstands but the scale was too small as our bed is higher. We purchased this 3-drawer chest and love it as a nightstand. Because it is actually a small dresser there is so much storage!5
Perfect MALM featuresFiddler9Good fit for a small bedroom4
Very practicalPoya55I m so happy with this Good size Perfect for my room5
ZenimorI bought this a month ago and the quality for the price is great5
Great sturdy little dresser!FHR MommaWas looking to update my daughter’s bedroom and really wanted the six drawer malm but it was always out of stock so I decide to go with two of the three drawer dressers side by side. They look great just like the six drawer malm and was about $20 cheaper going with the two dressers. Love the look and assembly was easy.5
Didn’t get my full orderChelsea15Didn’t get my full order. Ordered 2 of these, each one arrives in 2 boxes. I got 1 main dresser, 1 dresser with a damaged “kickboard” piece, and 2 boxes of drawers where one was the entirely wrong color and the other was a mix of two colors. If you’re going to buy this, visit the store directly and insist on having the boxes opened to be sure they, or a scammy customer?, didn’t load the wrong colors into the wrong boxes. I’ve contacted IKEA customer service who said they’d “get back to me” but that was a couple weeks ago, I have to find my customer service case number and try again. I’ll be happy to edit this review when my issue is fixed; the one section out of 4 that I could build successfully is nice enough.2
Jeff JNice color,easy to assemble5
Some parts damagedjm013Bought this a few months ago and was forced for expedited shipping. What I meant by that is, I tried ordering with regular shipping and I would get a dialog box of item out of stock. BUT, when I clicked on expedited shipping, the item was in stock. The items (ordered two MALM 3-drawer chest) came within 48 hours. But when I opened the box, some of the boards were damaged/dented. Inconvenient to return it and I was able to assemble it even with the damage.3
Quiet drawersAlex_16I love this dresser! It’s drawers are silent and I was finally able to organize my messy closet. 100% recommend5
Well made and easy on the eyesCostumer20Perfect as our bedroom tv stand and I really like the red color. Roomy too.5
Great ProductBicha247Works for what I needed. Drawers are specious!5
Beyond expectations0h_LoSo easy to assemble with no problems at all. Love the overall finish and the drawers slide nicely.5
Terrific, fit budget, holds upSwedishJROWe purchased this in natural oak several years ago, then we added the companion six-drawer bureau for a matching set. We have no complaints! I like and admire the clean design and the solid exterior. They are easy to clean, and haven't lost any of their charm for us. They will take plenty of weight on top (TV, planters, etc.). The sparse back wall (a thin board) has not been a problem for us, happily; do not let that dissuade you from buying this. The drawers are perhaps less robust, compared to more expensive chest drawers, but using it for clothes, there are no worries: They hold up fine (with two adults using them for many years). The drawers are not for heavy items; they'll handle some storage besides clothes, but, for example, don't dump metal weights or stacks of hard cover books in them. The pair (this and the six-drawer Malm) have easily handled an in-town move and several room rearrangements (watch the bottom on carpets, lift it when moving it). They've not been affected by some accidents with fluids, planters and glass items. I'd love to spend $500-1,000 on pieces of furniture, but I cannot budget that. I do not feel cheated with Malm storage. This is an amazing chest, well worth the price for its longevity.4
dasdaBought to use as a changing table and it works great - fits my larger skip hop changing pad well.5
so much storage spaceMissIris412I bought this about two months ago and everything is holding up great! it was pretty easy to assemble and I am currently using these as bed stands... we get to hide all our junk and keeping the bedroom clean and organized. It also very easy to clean!5
Broken when gottenZeinabeOne of the poles had a small crack in it (which i overlooked - silly me) fast forward into building it the crack split when I put one the wooden pipes and screw in it and broke the piece in half so now I can’t put the dresser together. I called and the line stated they were receiving higher volume of calls and hung up. They never stated they would put me on waiting queue or anything disappointed because this is my first purchase from Ikea but it might be my last.2
great for the pricelulu1947It works really well for bedside storage. Easy to assemble and works really well.Would mount it to the wall is there are kids around. Wish we had purchased the glass tops. Well work the money and easy to clean5
MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "

Secure your home from tipping furniture

When your child begins to crawl and climb, the whole home turns into an exciting adventure land. But, since the toddler doesn’t have any risk awareness, the home environment can hold some hazards, for example furniture that can tip over. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the risks at home where everything is familiar. Here we unravel some common myths and misconceptions that explain why not all chests of drawers have been secured to the wall.  Read More

Low furniture can tip too

One might think that only high, narrow furniture can tip over – not a low, deep chest of drawers filled with heavy things. But, if several drawers are open, the centre of gravity shifts and the chest of drawers tips over. Unfortunately, both children and adults can be seriously injured, even fatally, if they end up under the weight of a falling chest of drawers. Accidents can also happen because heavy objects on top of a piece of furniture fall down, for example, a TV. The heavier things, the more serious consequences. Experience shows that it’s absolutely safest to secure all furniture that risk tipping over to a wall.

Remember the laws of physics?

When we develop our furniture, we do everything we can to make them as stable and safe as possible. It affects the choice of materials and the furniture’s construction. But, we haven’t yet figured out how to outsmart the laws of nature. Like the fact that a pulled out drawer works like a lever. Perhaps you remember the principle of leverage from the physics lessons in school? If not, it can be described like this; even a small weight can shift the center of gravity considerably if the weight is applied to a pulled out drawer (or an open door). It means that a small child that stands, sits or climbs on an open drawer can cause a large chest of drawers to tip over if it’s not secured – despite the child’s low weight.

Children and tipping chests of drawers

Children are curious and creative. That’s how they learn new things and discover the world around them. But, it also contributes to children 1-7 years old being more accident-prone. And the smallest ones, 1-4 years old, are most at risk of serious injuries. That’s why a chest of drawers – no matter model or size – can be a hazard if it isn’t secured to the wall. There are examples from all over the world where children have pulled out one or several drawers and climbed on them like a ladder, hung on, heaved up on, or climbed into them. But, by always securing your chest of drawers to the wall you can prevent and minimize the risks for children who explore the world.

Adults and tipping chests of drawers

It isn’t just children who accidentally tip over chests of drawers and risk injuries. Even as adults we sometimes open several drawers at the same time, especially if we’re in a hurry. Another mistake we sometimes make is to put too many or too heavy things in the front of the drawers. In all these cases the center of gravity shifts outside the base of the furniture and they tip over. An uneven floor, a carpet edge or a thick wall-to-wall carpet can also cause instability and tipping accidents.

Common myths and misconceptions

Sometimes it can be hard to discover the potential hazards in your own home where everything is familiar. Here we unravel some common myths and misconceptions that explain why not all chests of drawers have been secured to the wall.

My chest of drawers is heavy, there’s no risk that it will tip over

No matter how logical this might feel, it’s actually wrong. All furniture can tip over. They become unstable if they have open drawers or doors that work as a lever and move the center of gravity. The force that’s generated when furniture tip over can be strong and cause very serious accidents – especially if they’re heavy-loaded.

My chest of drawers is low, there’s no risk that it will tip over

Low furniture can tip too and risk injuring someone. If several drawers are opened at the same time, the center of gravity moves. And when too much weight is distributed from the center of a chest of drawers, it tips over. A child that climbs on it, affects the center of gravity the same way. That’s why you should always follow the assembly instructions that show how to secure your furniture to the wall.

The chest of drawers is in a room where the children never play

As a parent, it’s hard to keep an eye on your children at all times. Unfortunately, many accidents happen when you lack foresight. Luckily you have good possibilities to minimize the risks if you secure chests of drawers and other furniture to the wall – even in rooms where the children don’t spend much time.

I have latched all drawers and doors

That’s all well. But, latching drawers and doors can’t replace securing the furniture and doesn’t eliminate all risks. A child learning to walk usually likes to heave up against a chest of drawers by pulling a handle, and can thereby make it tip over.

My children are older, they know not to climb the furniture

When children play, they sometimes forget what you have told them. Just because they are older doesn’t mean it’s all safe. In addition, many adults, especially elderly, hurt themselves badly, sometimes fatally, in accidents with furniture that tip over.

I rent my home and can’t drill holes in the wall

Most landlords in most parts of the world think it’s OK if you secure your furniture to create a safe home for your children. But, it’s good to talk to your landlord and perhaps explain what risks there are. Feel free to spread some of the knowledge we are sharing here.

The accident risk seems small, do I have to care?

More people than one might think are injured every year in accidents with tipping furniture. Between 2006 and 2016 approximately 47,000 children under the age of 18 had to seek medical care in the US because of accidents with tipping chests of drawers (source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, Nov 2017). Holes in the wall are actually quite simple to fix – there’s no reason to risk the family’s safety.

Secure your chest of drawers, simple and safe

When you buy a chest of drawers from IKEA you should always follow the assembly instructions and secure it with the accompanied fittings. They’re easy to mount, and screws and plugs are included. Just fill the holes with putty when you want to move your chest of drawers, or are moving to another home.

My chest of drawers is heavy, there’s no risk that it will tip over

All furniture can tip over, especially if the drawers are opened and the center of gravity shifts.

My chest of drawers is low, there’s no risk that it will tip over

Low furniture can tip over too, so always follow the assembly instructions.

The chest of drawers is in a room where the children never play

It’s hard to keep an eye on your children at all times. Many accidents happen when they're out of sight.

I have latched all drawers and doors

That’s good. But, it doesn’t replace securing the furniture to the wall.

My children are older, they know not to climb the furniture

But, they easily forget. It isn’t all safe just because they are older.

My chest of drawers is stable and from a well-known furniture company

Even the seemingly most stable piece of furniture can tip over.

The risk of accidents seems small, do I have to care?

People are injured in these kinds of accidents every year. There’s no reason to risk the family’s safety.
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3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer31 1/2x30 3/4 "

MALM 3-drawer chest, black-brown, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
MALM 3-drawer chest, gray stained, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
MALM 3-drawer chest, white, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "
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MALM 3-drawer chest, white stained oak veneer, 31 1/2x30 3/4 "