LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white

This sofa quickly and easily turns into a bed for two. Easy to keep fresh since the mattress and sofa covers can be removed and washed. Switch between several covers to give the sofa and room a new look.


Product details

The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed.Easily converts into a bed big enough for two.Extra covers to alternate with mean it's easy to give both your sofa and room a new look.A simple, firm foam mattress for use every night.10 year Limited warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.Storage box sold separately.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Sleeper sofa frame
    Steel, Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Ticking:76 % cotton, 24 % polyester
    Part 1:Polyurethane foam 1.7 lb/cu.ft.
    Quilting:Polyester wadding, Non-woven polypropylene, 65 % viscose, 30 % polyester, 5 % modacrylic
    Sleeper sofa slipcover
    Quilting:Polyester wadding, Non-woven polypropylene
    Thread:100 % polyester
    Total composition:100 % cotton
    Mattress coverMattressDo not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Vacuum clean.
    MattressSleeper sofaDo not wash.Do not tumble dry.Do not dry clean.Vacuum clean.Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
    Removable coverSleeper sofa slipcoverMachine wash warm, normal cycle.To be washed separately.Do not use optical brighteners.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C.Dry clean any solvent except trichloroethylene.
  • Mattress/sleeper sofa slipcoverRenewable material (cotton).All the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.
    Sleeper sofa frameThe material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    LYCKSELESleeper sofa frameArticle Number:900.326.81
    Width: 29 ½ "Height: 6 ¼ "Length: 57 "Weight: 61 lb 12 ozPackage(s): 1
    LYCKSELE LÖVÅSMattressArticle Number:201.020.74
    Length: 55 ¼ "Weight: 23 lb 13 ozDiameter: 12 ¼ "Package(s): 1
    LYCKSELESleeper sofa slipcoverArticle Number:201.195.45
    Width: 14 ½ "Height: 6 "Length: 22 ¼ "Weight: 7 lb 4 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

55 7/8 "
39 3/8 "
34 1/4 "
Seat depth: 
23 5/8 "
Seat height: 
15 3/8 "
Bed width: 
55 1/8 "
Bed length: 
74 "
Mattress length: 
74 "
Mattress width: 
55 1/8 "
Mattress thickness: 
3 7/8 "


Folds upscubagirlI bought this for guests. The first time I had an overnight guest, the lower portion folded in on itself. This is a safety issue!1
Has great promiseElodaWe’ve had this over a year and it served us well...until a couple of the slats needed to be put back into place a time or two. The worst though was when the Velcro straps (used the hold the mattress to the frame) broke. Now we struggle to get in back into the seated position because the mattress moves. We’ve tried keeping the mattress in place with bungee cords and rope, but neither seem to do the trick. I absolutely loved this until the Velcro broke. If anyone has a work around, I’d love to hear it!3
Collapses. VERY dsngerousEJoPI purchased this and assembled, following directions carefully. When I had guests the following month, the portion of the bed closest to the feet folds under and the entire bad collapses within itself.1
Great for small spaces2BriI’ve had this sofa for about 2 years. It first functioned as my bed in my small studio apartment and as my couch a year later. The bed is ok to sleep on if you like a firm mattress. Otherwise, I recommend a mattress topper. This sofa is kind of awkward as a couch and isn’t that comfortable to sit and watch movies on. Overall, it served its purpose and is a lot more comfortable than a futon for sleeping. I like that everything is machine washable and the couch is easy to move around.4
Good option for a small spaceSunshineTravelerNeeded a guest bed for a very tiny room. Looked at numerous daybed/pull-out couch options, but everything was too big. While this isn't the greatest looking couch, it can easily be jazzed up with a couple decorative pillows and a throw blanket. I bought it in the grey color and the material is very thick and soft - it feels like it will hold up very well. It also has a pretty comfortable full size mattress, which is perfect for guests. I bought the separate storage bin to put underneath it as well - worth it!4
Guests complain about mattressBettina_SI have bought this sofa a little over a year ago for my office that I use as an office/guest room. Every guest that sleep on this sofa complaint about the over all quality of this mattress. In some cases it was so bad that we had to book a room at the local hotel or had to add additional padding to the original mattress to make it more substantial for a better sleep quality. At the IKEA store in Fishers IN we where not able to do a sleep test because the way they displayed the sofa otherwise we would have not bought it.2
easy to put together, good for tight spacesceabrminitial thoughts: bought this 2 days ago, put it together last night. by myself, i finished the job in about an hour. the only tool i didn't get in the box was a screwdriver (either use an allen wrench screw or include a small screwdriver). i do question, however, the strength of the slats. they seem like rubber wood maybe, and are awfully thin. not a piece of furniture i'd let kids to jump on. PROS: fits a small space very well. just a little tight, but will sleep 2 small-ish people. easy to put together. good price. tough fabric for the covering (i'd imagine it will wash very well). cover fits well. foam cushion is very comfortable to lay on. the design is what i've come to expect from ikea; simple, clean lines, very well thought out and executed. CONS: the instruction booklet fell apart; it's not even stapled together (luckily the pages were numbered with nice, big numbers). it's very difficult to expand into a bed then put back (maybe because it's so new). really wanted the turquoise color until i saw it in the store; way more deep teal than turquoise (ended up with the gray - meh). it's comfortable to use as a bed, but as a sofa, not so much. the back reclines only slightly so you sit up very straight. the seat is a little short; needs about 2 more to hit the back of the knees. the foam just won't bend where it's supposed to! the cover is trying to keep the foam in place but it's really being stretched at the seams. once it's open, it does seem that the head is lower than the foot. i'd have to measure to be sure. the under storage box is NOT what i expect from ikea; it's soft, woven fabric. easily damaged (as evident from the one in the store). i was disappointed that my local store (norfolk, va) had a broken unit in the store. if it's broken; take it off the floor and replace it! i watched the video online about how to make it into a bed and back to a sofa and it looked easy. once in the store, an associate and i fought with it and it wouldn't stay open OR closed. i'd upgrade my review to 4 stars if: the mattress folded well where it's supposed to, if it had a smoother transition from sofa to bed, and each tool required to put this together was included. can't make it 5 stars; it's just not comfortable enough to sit on. we'll keep it because it fits the space so well, give us extra sleeping space, and, after all, it's ikea :)4
Perfect for RVersABI062301We live in a fifth wheel RV and the stock RV sofa was incredibly uncomfortably. Our challenge was finding something that could fit in the same space but was comfortable for four to sit on together and for guests to sleep on. This is the perfect sofa for that! We've had ours nearly 2 years and have recommended it to countless fellow RVers.5
Safety hazardLauraFu26I loved this sleeper sofa, it was exactly what I was looking for. Small, stylish, and pretty comfortable. VERY carefully put it together, but as stated in other reviews it’s folds up when pulled out as a bed. The bottom half just completely collapses onto itself. I have friends coming in from out of town in a couple of days and have to idea what I’ll do now. Beyond frustrated and disappointed!1
The bottom flips up!GiGi93428I'm really not happy because the bottom part of the sofa flips up once its turned into a bed. When we lay on it and try to get up, the bed literally folds up on you! This is very dangerous! Someone could get hurt! The solution in another post is to bring it to the closet IKEA????? I ordered this online and live three hours away from any IKEA. I say come pick it up and give me a refund. Not happy!1
Amazing! Except...HonestlyLoveIkeaI bought this a month ago, I just bought a tiny home and it was PERFECT size to fit in my compact living room! Plus my mom’s biggest fear with me going tiny is that my parents wouldn’t have a place to sleep! 2 problems, Lycksele was the solution! As a couch, I’ve had absolutely love it!! The cats and dog have tons of hair so the easy to remove cover is an additional bonus! However, with Labor Day Weekend coming up, and family coming in. I decided to try out the bed. (Make sure that I didn’t need to buy an additional foam mattress was really what I was testing) but when I sat up the bottom half that tucks in to provide the couch bend collapsed sending my feet in the air and my bottom to the ground. I didn’t see anyone else with this issue so maybe it’s a user error. But I already know if it happens in 2 days to my mom, I’ll never hear the end of how much easier it would have been to just get a 2 bedroom condo. Any advice is welcome!4
Perfect piece for guests.AniseWiggymoonJust bought this item to be placed in my son's room. I needed something stylish and compact that would double as a guest bed for family and seating for when his friends come over. This fits perfectly because it isn't bulky in the back when it is folded into a couch. It was easy for me and my husband to assemble and is very comfortable as a seat and bed.The mattress is great for occasional visitors and fits two rather comfortably. One concern is that without the cover, the couch easily unfolds into the bed when you push the front of the seat in. But, it is also easy to fold up and lock/keep in place while you fit the cover over it. Sometimes I dread Ikea furniture covers but its fit like a glove. Glad I bought it!4
It"s perfect!EmisiaI bought it for my guest room. My mother slept on it, she said it's comfy. It's perfect for guest/office room...5
Stood the test of time (8+ years)mishtxI don't know if this sleeper is still made the same way, but ours has lasted many years. The cover has been washed many times and still looks new.4
So comfortable!!! I sleep like a rock on it.Mom_and_DadIf you like firm mattresses, this is for you. It’s super comfy, compact, and practical. Our daughter is learning to sleep in her own room so we sleep on the Lycksele when she’s scared and asks us to stay in her room (she used to sleep in a daybed in our room; now she has her own Ikea bunk bed). I would buy this again. Excellent futon.5
Great for my Guest RoomGosh DarnI had the smaller version of this , and used it regularly for almost 14 years. It held up wonderfully, and I gave it to a family member for her spare bedroom. I just purchased this full sized one for my guest bedroom with the white cover and it looks pretty sharp. I put this together myself in less than an hour, It's a simple design with few parts to assemble, but instructions are straight forward. The ease of folding and unfolding this from a sofa to full sized bed is just a matter of seconds. The look, the comfort and the price is really unbeatable.5
Perfect!!!Tia MLove it!!! It was a perfect fit for our small area, yet provides a comfortable bed for guests!5
Do not buy!Natalie2787This product is terrible. I bought this for everyday use, it is not easy to fold up or into a bed, breaks every time. I had nothing but trouble with this product. I am sorry that I bought this and if I did not live 2 hours from an Ikea I would return this. I will never buy again and will not recommend this to anyone.1
Highly recommendedRedraisinzThis has been in my home for a few months. I am happy to report that it is a terrific sleeper sofa and has exceeded expectations. The versatility is practical and easy to use. The sleeper mattress is very comfortable. I would highly recommend this product to those who are in need of a sleeper sofa that is simple and well-priced.5
Exactly what I neededsarah5679034I was on the fence at the store but once getting it home I realize I love it. It't the perfect size for my small guest bedroom. It's on the firmer side, which I prefer I'd say it's about full sized with pulled out. I didn't love any of the cover options so I got the white canvas and dyed it which went pretty well! The covers was one of the reasons for deducting a start, the other is that it seems it needs some more velcro holders on the side it pops up a little after being folded up for a while. It's nothing that impacts anyone when laying on it but I do wonder how being folded up will effect it over time. It's very good quality as well, very happy with it4

Sleeper sofa, Ransta white

Storage box sold separately.
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ebbarp black/white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Vallarum gray
LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Vallarum turquoise
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LYCKSELE LÖVÅS Sleeper sofa, Ransta white