LURVIG Reversible food bowl, white
LURVIG Reversible food bowl, white
LURVIG Reversible food bowl, white
Article Number204.642.73

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It’s easier for your cat to reach their food and water since the bowl is tall.The food stays in the middle of the bowl where the cat can reach it since the edges are high.The bowl is reversible, so you have two bowls to choose from - a small one for water and a larger one for food.For cats and dogs.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

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  • LURVIGReversible food bowlArticle Number:204.642.73
    Length: 2 ½ "Weight: 11 ozDiameter: 4 ¼ "Package(s): 1

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2 ½ "
Diameter 2: 
3 ½ "
Diameter 1: 
4 ½ "


Perfect for what I wantedVANESSAPerfect for what I wanted4
Great size for my little dogJESSIEI really like the appearance of these dishes, though I think calling them reversible is misleading. The bottom clearly does not have a finished glaze job. I like them overall, though I was surprised that I'm getting gray marks on the inside, even though I don't use utensils to prepare my dog's food. Seem fairly sturdy, as I've dropped them a few times when I thought they might crack, though they didn't.4
Cute bowlslisaFirst of all, this a small bowl, about 4 inches in diameter. It’s for small pets. I read the other reviews about the rough edge on the rim of the bottom, which doesn’t make it particularly flippable, but that’s okay, as I bought it, so the bowl would be to be higher for my cat. This isn’t big enough for water, but it’s fine for about a 1/2 cup of cat food. I love that it doesn’t scoot around - good weight, looks nice too.4
Yay it"s clay, but too short, too small.gimiyunnI purchased the LURVIG Reversible food bowl. First of all, perhaps I misunderstood reversible, I thought I'd be able to use either sides of the bowl, the deeper or the shallow side. However, the shallow end's edges are not polished, like the bottom of our mug cups. It's not shiny. It definitely looks like a bottom side of the bowl, not meant to be reversible. Second, I purchased this thinking that it'll help with my cat's orthopedic needs, but this is definitely too short for adult cats. This is too small to feed adult cats as well, possible too small for active kittens. The price compared to other orthopedic/raised bowls, this was an eye-catcher especially because it was made of clay. But I'm afraid I will need to return it.2
oliviadlcMy cat likes this bowl because she has sensitive whiskers and the shallow end doesn't seem to bother her. The only thing that bothers me is that the rim of the shallow bowl isn't glazed. It's not a complete deal breaker but it does keep me from giving this bowl a full five stars.4

Reversible food bowl, white

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LURVIG Reversible food bowl, white