LINDRANDE Decoration, earth globe black, 11 "
LINDRANDE Decoration, earth globe black, 11 "
LINDRANDE Decoration, earth globe black, 11 "
Article Number804.327.12

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Nice as a table decoration, for example.
  • Globe:Polystyrene
    Base:Steel, Powder coating
    Rod/ Nut:Stainless steel, Powder coating
  • LINDRANDEDecorationArticle Number:804.327.12
    Width: 8 ½ "Height: 8 ½ "Length: 12 "Weight: 1 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

8 ¾ "
7 ¾ "
11 "


My son uses to writeAremiMy son uses to write notes using pencil chalk.5
Speechless!Jackson EarmuffsI dreamt of a world where there was no borders or countries to spark division. Where shape and color didn’t exist to fuel discrimination. And I found this incredible black globe. Its total absence of pigment and unapologetic oneness is a stroke of genius and a beacon of hope for all.5
An awesome Tap tribute. Deserves 11 stars.DerekSmalls4EverIt is no secret that the demographics of Scandinavia align well with that of Spinal Tap's primary audience especially as the band's music sinks deeper into the annals of rock history. It is great that Ikea is finally recognizing that with a beautiful home decor tribute to Tap's eponymous album from their '83/'84 US tour. To those of you wondering how much blacker this globe could be, the answer is none. None blacker.5
Very nice!Blair88This is not a globe of the earth. It is a topigraphical map of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is extremely detailed and looks just like the real thing. Much safer than a real black hole. You can just imagine solar systems gettting sucked into this thing never to be seen again.4
NoiceWalt WhitmanThe world from Stevie Wonder’s eyes. It’s sleek design is useful for education of the earth’s countries. Love it.5
GENIUS!smarty pantsIs this how Earth looks from space, at night?5
Symbolic!ikeabumI love the idea of this product! It represents deep meaning.5

Decoration, earth globe black11 "

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LINDRANDE Decoration, earth globe black, 11 "