KAFFEREP Cookie with chocolate filling, UTZ certified
KAFFEREP Cookie with chocolate filling, UTZ certified

One of the most loved Swedish traditions is fika – socializing over coffee and cookies. With sweet treats in the KAFFEREP series, we want to share the tradition so more can enjoy memorable fika moments.

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A sweet shortbread sandwich biscuit with soft and creamy chocolate-flavored filling.UTZ certified cacao: ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers.Conveniently served as they are. For example with coffee and good friends as “fika” – coffee break Swedish style.For information about the product including ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, please see the images of the product package.IKEA always strives to provide you correct information, but over time it is possible that ingredients and product labels may change for our food.We therefore ask you to always check the product label on the package before use and not rely solely on the information provided on the website.Store dry at room temperature.Once opened store in an airtight container at room temperature.
Article Number403.749.26


    Net weight: 6 oz

      Cookie with chocolate fillingArticle Number403.749.26

      Length: 7 ½ "

      Weight: 6 oz

      Diameter: 1 ¾ "

      Package(s): 1


    I have tradition now)) toNataliiaI have tradition now)) to buy those cookies and chocolate every time in IKEA5
    chocolate sandwich cookiesC W.cookies with a heart! scrumptious! smooth chocolate flavor!5
    I was pleasently surprised toDANIELI was pleasently surprised to discover the KAFFEREP when I was in the midst of selecting dishes for lunch at Ikea. It turned out perfect enhancing the enjoyment of my cup of Ikea coffee after the meal.5
    We love these.SYDNEYWe love these.5
    Boyfriend"s favoriteHeatherThe boyfriend used to complain every time I wanted to make a trip to IKEA. I didn't like the taste of these cookies but the boyfriend sure did. Because of these cookies, he no longer complains about the 4-hour round-trip car ride and 2-3 hours in the store each time we go. As long as he gets to stock up on these cookies while we are there; he will help load, unload, and even PUT TOGETHER whatever I buy. Lol!5
    These cookies are so delicious!MARYANNThese cookies are so delicious! Our family loves these cookies!5
    Delicious cookiesElizabethWe love these cookies! From the cute hear cutout design to the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate filling. This cookie just the right amount of soft & crumbly. Sort of reminds me a shortbread cookie.5
    OkJavierNot impressed with the flavor5
    Yum!DarleneWhat can I say Chocolate in between chocolate and vanilla cookies 🙂5
    Delicious with coffee!HagitDelicious with coffee!5
    These chocolate cookies are delicious.AndreinaThese chocolate cookies are delicious.5
    The runme all easy toCLARAThe runme all easy to connect they are beautiful5
    We did not enjoy these,SUSANAWe did not enjoy these, they have zero taste and too dry.1
    Not too SweetANNIEThese cookies are very good and great to eat while drinking tea. They are not too sweet, small enough to eat several, and have a cute design. They make a good treat to gift someone.5
    Kafferep CookiesGERADINEThey were delicious! Too bad we have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to IKEA.5
    Great Cookies!DAVIDPerfect with a coffee5
    Very OddKristaVery sweet but not in a good way, and the chocolate didn’t taste very chocolaty.1
    Love these cookies.MichaelGreat jelly filling and good crisp cookie. It is hard to keep from eating the whole pack at one sittiing.4
    Satisfied CustomerMARKGreat tasting cookies at a reasonable price.5
    KAFFEREP Cookie with chocolate filling, UTZ certified

    Sharing a Swedish tradition with the world

    Have you ever had a cup of coffee and a sweet treat to go with it? Then, unknowingly, you’ve experienced one of Sweden’s most beloved traditions – fika. It's no exaggeration to say everyone in Sweden has fika. But as people get busier and busier, homemade fika is no longer the norm. Between work and family and hobbies, there's a need for an easier option. This is where the KAFFEREP series comes in.

    KAFFEREP offers biscuits, pastries and treats inspired by our love for fika and everything it stands for. You'll find traditional favorites like oat biscuits and ginger thins. We're stocking our Swedish Food Market with everything you need for fika, so it's easy for anyone to share in our treasured tradition.

    Fika in a modern world

    Jenny Odenmo is one of the IKEA co-workers who helped introduce KAFFEREP. She enjoys fika moments with co-workers at the office and with friends or neighbors who stop by. But Jenny has a busy life and there's not a lot of time to spare. "My kids like to bake. I like to bake, but I wouldn't say we bake every week. It’s just not possible. We don't have the time. So I always have a fika back-up in the cupboards," says Jenny. "We're a modern family and we need the convenience." Jenny's cupboard back-ups are, in fact, some of her favorites to eat. The KAFFEREP oat biscuits with chocolate have a particularly hard time lasting very long in her home. "They have this amazing dark chocolate in between crispy biscuits. I open a pack and they disappear."

    Sharing the love for fika

    Now that IKEA offers both great coffee and tasty treats, fika is more accessible. "The KAFFEREP offer is quite wide," says Jenny. "We have a good mix in place. It's all you need really, to have a good fika moment."

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    Cookie with chocolate filling, UTZ certified

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    KAFFEREP Cookie with chocolate filling, UTZ certified


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