KAFFEREP Cinnamon bun, 18 oz
KAFFEREP Cinnamon bun, 18 oz
KAFFEREP Cinnamon bun, 18 oz
KAFFEREP Cinnamon bun, 18 oz
KAFFEREP Cinnamon bun, 18 oz

One of the most loved Swedish traditions is fika – socializing over coffee and cookies. With sweet treats in the KAFFEREP series, we want to share the tradition so more can enjoy memorable fika moments.

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A Swedish classic. A wheat dough bun with a buttery cinnamon filling decorated with nib sugar.Bake and serve with coffee and good friends as “fika” – coffee break Swedish style.For information about the product including ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, please see the images of the product package.IKEA always strives to provide you correct information, but over time it is possible that ingredients and product labels may change for our food.We therefore ask you to always check the product label on the package before use and not rely solely on the information provided on the website.Heat oven to 340–375°F. Place the frozen cinnamon buns directly on a baking tray and bake in the middle of the oven for 14–16 minutes.Keep frozen at –4°F or below. Do not refreeze once defrosted.Includes: 6 buns.
Article Number704.271.22
  • KAFFEREPCinnamon bunArticle Number704.271.22
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Easy and tastyAMANDAI pop one or two of these in the toaster oven whenever I'm in the mood for a tasty treat.5
Breakfast treat!DINAThere’s nothing like a korvapusti from Regatta in Helsinki… and these cannot compare. But in the US, this is as close as I can find to something that will remind me of the taste. I love the cardamom and the sugar pearl topping.4
Yummy cinnamon rollsmagdalenaMy family enjoyed! Those are easy to make!4
Let rise before baking!BrendaTook longer to bake than package says. Temperature range extremely annoying to get accurate. Do not bake from frozen. Expected light rolls, but these were heavy. Tasted ok.2
Great tasteLoneMy family and I just love the Cinnamon rolls from IKEA.5
Tastes like what you findTROY B.Tastes like what you find at pastry shops in Sweden! Love that it is actually produced in Sweden.5
NoJerzyVery good5
Love themANNMARIEOne of our favorites to pick up5
TastyJACQUELINEPerfect amount of cinnamon and surprisingly sugar sprinkles in place of sugary icing. Best thing is being able to bake just the number of rolls needed and the reminder can wait in the freezer for the next time.5
Not as good as IJanetNot as good as I expected, a little chewy.2
Easy to prepare, great taste!Euriaelfrom freezer to oven in 15 minutes.4
Not tastyCrystalNo cream & not enough flavor!!1
Nice warm snack with mild sweetnessFikaQueenVery yummy and light cinnamon buns. I felt they almost had a citrus hint to them. I recommend having them with tea or coffee.5
Gummy and strangeDgll83I baked half of these and they turned out gummy and a bit strange tasting. The sugar nibs completely melt, which is fine, but they seem pointless. I tried baking the second half at a higher heat and left them in for 26 minutes instead of the recommended 16, and they were still very dense and gummy in texture. They also have big chunks of pepper in the dough, which was a bit strange. I’ve loved every other Ikea frozen food item I’ve tried, but these are definitely a miss. Would not buy again.1
Great MCThe product was too dry it had no taste it wasn't worth the price I will never buy this product again2
DenseambermacThese take SO MUCH longer to bake than the package calls for. And they don’t rise much. But the flavor is yummy!!3
Breakfast treat!DGarbsWe LOVE these cinnamon buns. The cardamom scent is intoxicatingly lovely and the pearl sugar on top is delicious. Sometimes I’ll add a little powdered sugar drizzle. But the bake up nicely and the whole house smells cozy!5
Bad tasteNickname88I thought I'll give it a try. I'm glad I did when they were on sale, so didn't lost too much! They stuck on the parchment paper and I had to cut the bottoms off. They were sorta dry, definitely need a coffee or hot chocolate to be enjoyable. They aren't yammi :(1
Worst cinnamon rolls I have ever hadEricJ23I'm not even disappointed in these. I'm just angry. I made an account just to write this review and warn others away from these. I'm actually rewriting it as the original failed submission because of my ad blocker for some reason (that's just poor web site design, Ikea). Anyway, my wife said these smelled like spaghetti when they were baking. After 16 minutes, they still looked pale and doughy. A longer bake time may have helped with that but not the bland flavor. Even the cinnamon filling was somehow bland. There was no sweetness to them, even with the nib sugar melted over them, making a thin, hard shell. The texture was, again, unpleasantly doughy. These need to be discontinues, the existing stock fed to pigs (if they'll eat them), and an apology issued to customers.1
Not as good as the hot ones in storeNunc156They took longer to bake then the package said and they were bland and a little dense.3

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In Sweden, the ”fika,” or coffee break, is a treasured part of the day. And the Swedish fika tradition holds that coffee be served with seven small cakes and sweet biscuits, like KAFFEREP kanelbullar (ready to bake, frozen). In Sweden, we even celebrate “the cinnamon bun day” on the 4th of October! This typical Swedish pastry stems from the early 19th century as the accessibility to various ingredients increased after Europe had suffered a period of economic hardship.

Cinnamon bun18 oz

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KAFFEREP Cinnamon bun, 18 oz


$3.99/ 1.124 lb