HASSLARP Door, brown/left-handed patterned, 15x40 "
HASSLARP Door, brown/left-handed patterned, 15x40 "
HASSLARP Door, brown/left-handed patterned, 15x40 "

The herringbone patterned oak veneer with characteristic details gives your kitchen a unique accent. Designed to match the SINARP series, but can also be paired with solid-colored doors for a modern look.

Article Number004.048.26

Product details

The pattern is made using elaborate woodworking technique. Oak veneer in 3 different tones are pressed together and cut diagonally into the diamond-shaped sheets used to create the herringbone pattern25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.Designed as a perfect match with SINARP doors and drawer fronts.Personalize your kitchen by adding one or more HASSLARP doors to your solid-colored doors and drawer fronts.Complete with UTRUSTA 110° hinge with built-in damper for kitchen, 2-pack, sold separately.To be used with 2 hinges.Requires a knob or a handleUse SINARP cover panels for a uniform look.The accent doors are made to enhance the style and expression of your kitchen, which is why they’re available in a limited number of sizes.For correct pattern placement, always mount HASSLARP door (left), to the left of another HASSLARP door.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Frontside/ Edge:Poplar - reconstituted veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Backside:Oak veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Main parts:Particleboard
    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Wipe clean with a water dampened soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap, if necessary.
  • HASSLARPDoorArticle Number:004.048.26
    Width: 15 ½ "Height: 1 "Length: 44 "Weight: 10 lb 4 ozPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsHASSLARP Door004.048.26

Product size

14 7/8 "
System, height: 
40 "
System, width: 
15 "
39 7/8 "
3/4 "
HASSLARP Door, brown/left-handed patterned, 15x40 "

A kitchen front with a new take on wood

Sometimes a detail is needed that simply stands out – adding a unique and dynamic touch to a uniform interior. With HASSLARP kitchen front we wanted to create a new look in wood. We were inspired by classic craftsmanship where wooden decorative patterns are made with different tones.

Our range includes many different kitchen fronts that create contrasts in the kitchen. Yet we lacked an interesting front in wood. Sara Åberg was part of the team that developed HASSLARP and reflects on how the idea came about. “We started looking at classic patterns for wooden floors, such as chevron and fishbone. They are based on classic craftsmanship where decorative patterns result from fixing together smaller pieces of wood. We wanted to create a modern interpretation of them."

Wooden veneers create a pattern

At one supplier, Sara and the team found an interesting technique called technical veneer. "It’s a rather complicated process where wooden veneers are dyed in three different tones. These veneer layers are pressed together into thicker cubes – and when they are cut diagonally it results in thin, diamond-shaped layers with an interesting pattern. In the final step, the veneer layers are fixed together into larger fish bone patterned sheets that are mounted on the cabinet front."

A new look in the kitchen

HASSLARP is perfectly color-matched with SINARP kitchen front in wood, but can also be combined with other single-colored doors in our range to create an exciting contrast. Or why not mount them on some cabinets and build a more furniture-like standalone? “With just a few doors, HASSLARP makes it possible to create a new look for the kitchen with a high-quality and artisanal feel that has a modern twist. I think the classic pattern highlights wood in a really interesting way."

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Door, brown/left-handed patterned15x40 "

HASSLARP Door, brown/left-handed patterned, 15x40 "HASSLARP Door, brown/right-handed patterned, 15x40 "
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HASSLARP Door, brown/left-handed patterned, 15x40 "