HÄLLAN Cabinet, white,

Legs for individual cabinets are sold separately. The legs fit all cabinet sizes.

10 year limited warranty

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Put magnets on the outside and use it as a memo board. On the inside you can store everything from paper and binders to chargers and keys – add a padlock and you have everything securely stored.

Article Number403.636.21

Product details

10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

Helps you organize everything from small items like chargers, wallets and keys to more bulky items like handbags and important papers at the office or at home.

The cabinet can be locked with a standard padlock so that you can store your items securely.

You can customize and personalize the storage by removing the inner shelves and by putting magnets on the outside.

You can choose to install the door to the right or left, according to what fits the space best.


Jon Karlsson

Article Number403.636.21
  • Legs for individual cabinets are sold separately. The legs fit all cabinet sizes.

    Possible to separate for recycling or energy recovery if available in your community.

  • Material
    Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating

    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • WARNING! Furniture not anchored can tip. This furniture must be secured to the wall.This storage unit has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 14073, EN14074, ANSI/BIFMA x5.9 and ISO-7170.
  • Assembly instructionsHÄLLAN Cabinet403.636.21


Width: 17 3/4 "

Depth: 18 1/2 "

Height: 29 1/2 "

Max load/shelf: 44 lb

  • HÄLLANArticle Number403.636.21

    Width: 19 "

    Height: 4 ½ "

    Length: 29 ¾ "

    Weight: 31 lb 10 oz

    Package(s): 1


Incomplete productErica S.I usually like Ikea furniture but after trying to put this cabinet together, I realized that it is incomplete. To my knowledge, the door rest on the legs of the cabinet, legs that were supposed to be purchased separately. So my cabinet is incomplete and seems very flimsy. I will now have to go back to purchase legs or I won't be able to put on the cabinet door.1
GoodSam 3.We have several in our playroom for storage they are easy to put together after the first one and learning to pay attention to the holes for the door hinge! They spray paint nicely as well5
Easy assemblyAl1377I bought this to use as pantry storage. I put three units together and I love it. Separates my stuff so I can find everything easily.5
Missing legs (key part)Kranthi521While I am satisfied with the overall product, I didnt find it pleasing with the need of buying the legs separately. I didnt pay much attention while buying it and then I had to visit the store to get them separately. I didnt find any use with the extension rods came with the package. I would say, either include the legs with the package or exclude the extension rods and reduce the price.3
Simply love itIreneLilI bought it to have storage in my open kitchen for the kids’ backpacks etc... they loved the school locker feeling. My only suggestion would be to hace the little inserts that come with the legs as a part in the store. To make them fit in the place I needed without damaging the floor, I had to buy the legs to remove the plastic inserts and put them directly in the cabinet structure, so I threw away $20...5
Worst Assembly EverCharVI have always been in the camp of 'Ikea furniture isn't that hard to put together.' This changed it for me. I took me almost three hours to assemble this cabinet, and only after reading the other reviews here did I find out why I couldn't put my door on in a way that would let it open and close. That's right, I had to search the REVIEWS to figure out how to assemble this. There was no indication in the instructions that the fact that the holes on the leg supports are off center by less than a half inch would be in any way important, yet I had to rip apart most of the work I had done, then put it back together, all to get the door to shut. In the midst of that process, I lost the MINESCULE clear plastic washer to use on the door to hold it in place. The hinge seems to be working fine, but it feels a little ridiculous that they wouldn't include an extra .25 clear plastic washer in case you happen to put it down ANYWHERE. I am writing this the day after the assembly horror, and trust me, I've calmed down. Had I written this last night it would have been infinitely more scathing. The cabinet seems like it will be fine, and the adjustable shelves are nice, but I would only recommend this to someone if I was able to detail the assembly process for them first.1
Not for hangingGo figureThey showed these hanging which was close to impossible. Returned1
Worst instructions ever! BUT great cabinetcalijothis cabinet doesnt come with the legs pictured, they come with these half legs that per instructions are for stacking or as pictured, to throw away (what?). so someone mentioned you HAVE to buy the legs... not true. the half legs work to assemble the cabinet but the instructions dont tell you this. just make sure the holes where the door will be inserted are closer to the outter edge, not inner, or else the doors will not line up or close properly. also check that the holes where the plastic pins go in are lined up as well. switch them around and push the half legs all the way in to get it right. also, the screw thats in the small baggie is not the right screw for the lock thats in the baggie. there are 2 other loose screws. the one in the bag matches one of the loose screws while the other loose screw is the one you want to use on that door lock. it was packaged wrong in both cabinets i got. you can also set 2 cabinets up that open away from each other. the side with the slits can go either way even tho the instructions point it out to be a certain side. good luck putting this together using the instructions! they are horrible!! but now that i figured it out, i can put a bunch together in no time!!4
Metal cabinetHoppieReturned product. Nowhere online was the description stating this cabinet was metal. I was looking for wood.1
Great love itBhumiI bought month ago it’s very nice only I got problem with making its so hard to connect. You have to be very careful to fit each part,make sure with every whole.5
Get a malletAlex1985Assembly should have been simple but multiple pieces arrived bent. Without excessive use of a mallet to force pieces together and to tap nubs back into shape/position, this still wouldn't be in one piece. Appearance-wise it's about what I'd expect from a very basic metal cabinet and I'm sure it's fine for its intended use as bulk office storage. That said, the door doesn't close completely straight even after I got the parts hammered on straight. Another annoyance, which I missed in the small print was that the legs are not included. That would have been fine since I didn't want to include the legs BUT the instructions assumed you had the legs and didn't clearly outline alternative ways to assemble the cabinet without the legs and I had to work something out on my own.2
Love itEddie39Instructions suck as usual, but I didn't have any problem putting it together.5
Great cabinet, watch out when assembling!shertzI had the same problem erika2167 did. Turns out, the legs will fit into the cabinet either way - but the hinge hole on the leg is not in the center. When you put the front legs on, you have to make sure the hinge hole is closer to the front of the cabinet. If the hole is closer to the inside, the door is too close to the bottom shelf and will not close. Fortunately, I was able to pull the front legs back out (they were stuck, but a good yank got them out) and flip them 180 degrees to fix the problem. There's nothing in the instructions that warns you about this. Other than that, this is a great cabinet - sturdy metal, easy to put together, and locks securely. It looks like you could paint this very easily, although I have not tried yet.4
Door can"t close!erika2167Be warned! I'm currently using this cabinet in my home office without the door installed because it hits the bottom shelf when you try to close. You could force it shut, but it'll seriously dent the bottom shelf. It's flush with the top 2 shelves but not with the bottom shelf. And yes, I'm fairly certain everything else is assembled properly. Or maybe not, if anyone else has luck with getting it closed without damaged, please post! If you're not interested in the door, in terms of storage, it serves it's my purpose. I don't really need the door. The top 2 shelves are adjustable. Assembly tip: make sure when inserting the legs you really push down hard. You'll hear a light click at first (thought I was done) but then ran into problems down the line. That's when I realized the legs weren't fully inserted.2
You"ll need the legs...and a hammer.BDM18Don't let the photo fool you, you need the $10 legs. You can't just build the cabinet and leave it on the floor like shown in the thumbnail. You might also need a hammer as the metal work is not super precise.4
Love thismkyfetalsanaStacked two and contemplating stacking 3. If using the Hallan Legs, make sure that the off center holes for installing the door, are more outward or the door will not line up and you will hit the bottom panel. You will know when you see it.5