FIXA Stick-on floor protectors set of 20, gray
FIXA Stick-on floor protectors set of 20, gray

These durable protectors keep floors beautiful longer. They’re hexagonal, to help us save material in the production. With a mindful use of resources, we keep costs down and pass the savings on to you.


Product details

Protects floors from wear and scratching. Simply attach to the underside of wooden furniture legs.Easy to stick on furniture and the strong adhesive will hold for a long time.For optimal floor and furniture protection over time, replace thinner, worn protectors with new ones.Clean the surface before attaching the floor protector.Sizes: Dia. ¾" and 1⅝".Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • 100 % polyester
  • FIXAStick-on floor protectors set of 20Article Number:004.311.51
    Width: 4 ¼ "Height: ¼ "Length: 4 ¼ "Weight: 0 ozPackage(s): 1


They workMs ArleneWorks just fine. It would be nice to have them in a circle shape too.5
Mars305Felt pads worked perfectly for what I needed. They stuck very well, and was a good thickness.5
AmazingbkraushaarTwo perfect sizes; strong adhesive. I usually grab a couple packs each time I'm in the store, just to have some on hand.5
Thin 99centsB122Get what u pay for. They are fine for lightweight purposes. Thin felt pads.3
PerfectTachis71We used for protect our hardwood floor and our new Ikea furniture.5

New shape saves material

Did you know that we have products you preferably shouldn’t notice in your home? FIXA stick-on floor protectors are one example. When we designed a new shape for them, we created a product that fits more furniture better. It also made it possible to reduce the amount of material needed in production.  Read More
“For many years there was a view that the best way to create a scratch-free home was to use square or round floor protectors. Mostly because of old habits,” says Percy Norrman, one of our co- workers. Together with some colleagues, he wanted to look into what would happen if they challenged this conception. They decided to try a new shape on these small, adhesive helpers by cutting off tiny pieces around the edges.

Less material and less environmental impact

“We made them hexagon-shaped instead. This way they fit different furniture legs better, no matter if they’re round or square,” says Percy. But, what’s even better is that it also means we use resources more efficiently. Percy and the team calculated that 275 tennis courts of material are saved each year, by changing the shape of the protectors. “We also use less packaging material, since we can fit more protectors on each sheet of paper,” he says.

The details matter

FIXA floor protectors consist of approximately 75 percent recycled plastic. It’s possible to make more than 100 protectors from one 1.5 liter bottle. “We’re aiming to increase the use of recycled material in the future,” says Percy. “It might seem like a somewhat trivial product, but at the same time it’s something that’s used in millions of homes around the world. And with large volumes, even small changes can make a significant difference.”
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Stick-on floor protectors set of 20, gray

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FIXA Stick-on floor protectors set of 20, gray