FIXA Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion, 14.4 V
FIXA Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion, 14.4 V
FIXA Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion, 14.4 V
FIXA Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion, 14.4 V

The FIXA series has all the tools and equipment you need to get your home just the way you want it. Complement the tools you already have or build a DIY starter kit for all your future projects.

Article Number702.329.02

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Two-speed cordless screwdriver/drill, one gear with low speeds for powerful screwdriving and one gear with high speeds for drilling.19 torque settings for driving allows you to adjust the amount of torque to suit many different tasks.Built-in lithium-ion battery with low self-discharge rate so the power tool is ready to use whenever you need it.Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) prevents the battery from deep discharge, overloading and overheating, which could damage the battery.Easy to grip handle of soft synthetic rubber.Rotational direction switch for rotation right or left.Max. rpm (no-lead speed): position I: 0-350/minute, position II: 0-1200/minute.Max. torque: 16 Nm.Holder for screwdriver bits: 6 mm.Chuck: 10 mm, keyless, quick-fit, quick-release chuck.Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery 14.4V/1.3 Ah.The battery must be fully charged before using for the first time.Charging time: 3-5 hours.The battery can be charged up to 500 times.Battery charger included.Includes 1 bit holder, 10 screwdriver bits, and ⅛" and 13/64" drill bits.Designer

Henrik Preutz

Article Number702.329.02

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Weight, screwdriver/drill: 
2 lb 5 oz
14.4 V


Very practicalEmilyHas really good functions and can be use for multiple things so that is very helpful.5
Power DrillLisaI was surprised at how well this works. My only critique is that it should have more drill bits included.5
Powerful, compact and inexpensive.iloiloguyI've owned two of these drills. The first one was dropped once too many times. The second one was in the hands of an unknown irresponsible person. I don't know what was done to it, but it stopped working after being mishandled. I'm probably going to buy a third IKEA drill because I like the fact that the battery is internal and It has done every task that I have thrown at it.5
Phoneix74I am happy with the overall functionality. Sometime it does not work well when there is a lots of resistance.3
Excellent product!!CGeorge10Excellent product!! Comes very handy, very light and easy to use. Great was great also.5
Affordable, Solid and PowerfulFred in JAXThis tool was purchased to do drilling through hard woods and to ease the assembly of some IKEA furniture. It works well and holds a charge long enough to get many jobs done. Although it comes with drill bits, I used very high quality bits that were purchased previously. I'm impressed with how powerful it is for being so compact and inexpensive. It was a very good buy.5
ExcellentPalomarYou can't get a better screwdriver/drill for the money. Perfect for everyday repairs.5
Broken on first use on a metal partlogindianDon't use it on a metal. Broken on first use on a metal part1
Screwdriver/ Drill is perfectSteph_AWe had purchased one before this one & we did every job possible and then some more. This drill never broke the charge last forever! My husband always forgets to charge it & it always has charge when he uses it. Unfortunately, we lost it during one of our projects so we had to buy a new one.5
Al AzzawiI am happy with my Drill, it is nicely designed, smooth shape, light weight, strong enough to make any holl in all kind of woods, but the price is little bit more than the equivellent other brands drills.5
Great DrillJan7dcReally excellent drill. Works like the expensive ones.5
Useful and comparatively inexpensive.VrittiI bought it a few weeks ago and it has already helped me to complete a couple of tricky projects. It just it does a lot of things but it supplies a lot of screwdriver heads but only two drill bits! That’s a shame. It’s really good but I’ll have to purchase more bits.4
Drill bit broke on first useassemblemeWeak drill bit. It broke on first time using it. Not powerful enough for the 1 1/2 inch thick wood table I used it for. Table is from Ikea2
Never Workedtac1I bought this for an upcoming project and I charged it overnight and it doesn't work. I cant1
Broke ImmediatelyJon BI bought this to help assemble furniture and hang some wall shelves. Unfortunately, the drill broke within 30 seconds of first use drilling through a hollow, particleboard tabletop. Don't waste your money on this drill. I still haven't been able to hang my shelves.1
Great featuressoso 157I bought this a month ago and I am very happy with it5
You get what you pay forMshw3The small drill bit broke on the second use, but other than that, works just fine for my random uses.3
Seems to work, but missing accessories are oddbmgfxI just bought this drill and it charged up fine and worked, but I bought the FIXA screw/plug set to go with it and was surprised to see that the plugs require bits that aren't included with the drill. You would think that the drill would have everything you needed to use the screws and plugs, but instead I have to get different bits.3
GreatCarmevega57work for what I want, it is small,5

Function solution

Durable lithium-ion batteries

FIXA cordless power tools run on lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged about 500 times. That's equal to recharging a power tool every other week for around 20 years! The batteries have a low self-discharge rate and the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects against deep discharge, overloading and overheating, which could damage the battery. What all this means is that FIXA cordless power tools are fit and ready for work whenever you need them!

Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion14.4 V

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FIXA Screwdriver/drill, lithium-ion, 14.4 V