FALKSALTSea salt flakes, 4 piece

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Salt flakes in four different flavors: natural, wild garlic, oak smoke and wild mushroom.

Article Number704.013.20

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Salt flakes in four different flavors: natural, wild garlic, oak smoke and wild mushroom.

Article Number704.013.20


    Net weight: 6 oz

      Sea salt flakesArticle Number704.013.20

      Width: 3 "

      Height: 3 "

      Length: 5 ¾ "

      Weight: 10 oz

      Package(s): 1


    Variety flaked saltHUII was excited to see this variety pack of flaked salt at Ikea. Going to sprinkle atop my next gourmet creations! Chef's kiss :D4
    TastyMarneThis salt package offers enhanced flavoring for all your savory dishes and the plain variety is my go to for seasoning carmel and chocolate dishes. The salt crystals are beautiful as well as yummy.5
    Why I did not noticedDusankaWhy I did not noticed long before this delightful salt. Cute little decorative, practical, containers that I carry in my daily hand bag. So very much attached to it. In addition, it would be desirable to provide some bigger packages5
    Love this salt!!SUSANLove this salt!!5
    GreatLeviWorks well with cooking. Really like how big the salt pieces are. Flavor actually comes through. Good amount for the price.5
    I want to cook more!Norma-- just to use these! Impulse purchase, but, wow -- love it. I will definitely buy a few of these multi-packs to keep on hand & include with housewarming gifts to friends. Great flavors to experiment with, and the plain salt is soooo good with tequila & lime!5
    Love all the flavors! CookSonya M.Love all the flavors! Cook with them and put them on food as a finishing salt. The size of the granules is perfect too! As an English speaker this name is funny to me too! Adds more fun to cooking!5
    Fun To try different Salts in this selectionKRISTINWe have enjoyed using this salt sampler. It is funny how much flavor is in these salt flakes! We are steaming vegetables and trying the different salts each night. Our favorite right now is the garlic flavor on our portobello mushrooms!5
    4 salt giftLINDAGiving it as a gift ; looks fantastic otherwise. Afterwards I wished I had picked one up for myself.3
    I always need to buyCECILIAI always need to buy a few bars of hazelnut...soooo good5
    Flavored flake saltHollyGiving as a gift, 4 different flavored flaked salts, a great gift for the cook in your life5
    Flavored saltsBj38When I smelled each of the 4 different salts, they all smelled wonderful. My favorite is the oak smoked salt. I used that in making meatloaf, and it tasted as if the meatloaf had been cooked out over a campfire. We loved it. I used the natural salt in the pumpernickel bread I baked. That did not leave any unusual flavor, but the larger than normal flakes perked up the salty flavor in parts of the bread. I have not yet tried the other two flavors. I saved the plastic box the salt containers came in, as stacking the containers without the box did not work well in my small cabinet.1
    Great variety!HeatherI’m a little addicted to these salts! It’s wonderful!5
    Strong flavoredJAMESStrong flavored3
    Great Flavor!ChefMomI’ve bought these in the past and love how the different flavor combinations can totally change an old familiar dish into something new and different.5
    Great salt!TwistRNThis salt is really good and versatile. A good price as well!5
    Spark of flavorBW33sea salt bring an additional layer of flavor to a dish. used mushroom on steak at the end of grilling.4
    Rod 403Excellent would recommend to anyone5
    Delicious salt!JennGrahamI can’t live without this salt. I have been using these salts for years and will make a trip when I run out. It makes my oven baked salmon taste like it was smoked. The varieties add another layer of flavor or crunch for a nice surprise.5
    Wonderful additionKBeachSecond time purchasing. It adds flavor and enhances flavors.5