FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "
FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "
FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "
FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "
FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "

Whether dressing your table up or down, the simple, functional design is easy to coordinate with other shapes and colors. FÄRGRIK series is a perfect base for all types of meals and every occasion.

Article Number003.189.18

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The dinnerware’s simple, functional design is easy to coordinate with other colors and shapes - and makes FÄRGRIK the perfect base for many types of meals.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Maria Vinka

  • Stoneware
  • No cadmium or lead added.
  • FÄRGRIKPlateArticle Number:003.189.18
    Height: 1 "Weight: 1 lb 11 ozDiameter: 10 ¾ "Package(s): 1

Product size

10 ¾ "


Great dishesJACKIEI love the simplicity of these dishes. The colors are perfect.5
Love the color & value!KimberlyI love the IKEA dishes and my whole kitchen color scheme is based off of this color. I love that you could buy a single replacement of a bowl or plate if it got broken and they are inexpensive. I was able to have a huge set of dishes so that we could use them when company comes instead of paper or plastic. The do get the scrapes on them from silverware and they can chip a little easy. I am sad they discontinued this color. I bought all the remaining pieces when I last went to the store (which wasn't much).4
Favorite ColorJillPretty and colorful4
PrettyJillVery pretty and perfect color!! Simple plate4
Happy They Were Available!bbfennalMy husband accidentally broke 2 of my plates and I was so happy to be able to order just what I needed. You can't even tell they were replaced! We love our plates!!5
Broke After 10 DaysRachelD7My husband put this plate in the microwave and it literally broke in half. These are cheap plates and a waste of money.1
Perfect platesCynvegasI bought the full set of plates and bowls a while ago and just picked up a couple of additional pieces. I bought this set specifically because of the bowls-they are great for soup, cereal, whatever... I wanted deep bowls and this set fit the bill. The color choices are wonderful! I chose blue, my sister has white and hers show some marks but my blue looks amazing still!5
We love the color!TlcrewWe have had these awhile and enjoy them! We try and replace what we break as ya know..kids.5
Evelyne7I keep on buying more of those plates, I love the color and the shape.5
Beautiful and sturdyAyeshI got this dinner set like six months ago and broke a plate and am so happy to find this single plate again so my dinner set is complete again i love this dinner set a lot5
Great valueBarb0429Love that I can replace a single piece that gets broken.5
So pretty....butHeidih928I love these plates however I’ve now had 3 crack in my microwave. I would definitely be cautious with an 1100 watt microwave for more than 3 minutes.3
Love thematcdpI bought this to replace one that I had chipped. I love this set of dishes!5
Beautiful color, nice designjm10We bought 10 plates a few weeks ago to be our second best china. So far, they are holding up in the dishwasher and for everyday use. Since we don't have kids, their fragility hasn't really been tested, but they seem sturdy. I wish they were a little smaller (Dinera is a better size).5
Excellent value!NananineI have lots of these great plates. They are an inexpensive way to serve lots of guests.5
Bravo for As IsHealthy moiLove blue color dishes. Not easy to get those5
imacowbellpillowAwesome plate!! Buy one!!5
Beautiful but expensiveMarinaotiliaThey have a nice appearance, but they are thin, they seem that they would break and scratch easily. I thing the price doesn t reflect the quality.4
Dinner dishesLinda 94These plates are are lovely. Wanted to buy more but this blue was gone. Really pretty4
Great dish setSHMARIEI have bought a replacement as one was dropped. Have had this set for many years and I enjoy its color, size and weight.5

Plate, light green10 ¾ "

FÄRGRIK Plate, dark turquoise, 10 ¾ "FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "FÄRGRIK Plate, turquoise, 11 "
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FÄRGRIK Plate, light green, 10 ¾ "