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ESPEVÄR Slatted mattress base for bed frame, white,

Price $ 170.00
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Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.
Product features
Washable cover

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A mattress base has two big advantages. It makes your bed higher and it helps your mattress keep its shape longer by distributing your body weight, providing extra support and lightening the load.

Article Number291.566.04

Product details

Easy to transport, as the mattress base comes in a flat-pack.

The solid wood slats provide good support for the mattress and allow air to circulate.

Easy to get in and out of bed because the mattress base makes the bed higher.

Easy to keep clean since you can remove the cover and wash it by machine.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.

    ESPEVÄR foundation and ESPEVÄR cover are included in the price but packaged separately.

    This product combination has parts with different limited warranty conditions, you can find more information about these in the limited warranty document on IKEA-USA.com.

  • Material
    Top part/ Top:
    60 % cotton, 40 % polyester
    Ticking/ Ticking:
    64 % cotton, 36 % polyester
    Comfort material:
    Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding
    Non-woven polypropylene
    touch and close fastening tape:
    100 % nylon
    Mattress base
    Bed base frame/ Center support beam:
    Solid pine, Solid spruce
    Bed base slats:
    100 % polyester, Solid pine
    Removable coverCover

    Machine wash warm, normal cycle.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Iron high.

    Do not dry clean.


Length: 74 3/8 "

Width: 38 1/4 "

Height: 7 7/8 "

Mattress length: 38 1/4 "

Mattress width: 53 1/8 "

  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    ESPEVÄRArticle Number103.079.19

    Width: 8 ¾ "

    Height: 7 ¾ "

    Length: 81 "

    Weight: 74 lb 15 oz

    Package(s): 1

    ESPEVÄRArticle Number803.079.92

    Width: 14 ¼ "

    Height: 2 ¾ "

    Length: 21 ¾ "

    Weight: 2 lb 10 oz

    Package(s): 1


Has some IssuesKenThe bed is good overall, but some of the assembly’s pieces were of poor quality. Time will tell if it holds together as it should.3
Firm mattressKIt is a bit too firm but didn’t realize til it was slept on. Otherwise an overall good value and compact to bring home.4
Just rightStephanieGreat quality5
WigglykrissssssI had on bed risers for a bit with no rug underneath so maybe that added to it, but the bed easily slid if movements were made. I would say though, the middle piece of wood cracked on me from normal use before even owning for a year. I've been trying to cal/email Ikea but there is no one to talk to since phone lines are shut and email doesnt work. I also wanted to check if these woden slats could be used in the MALM bed frame instead. Also, expensive considering the other full bed frames are similar if not cheaper and you get everything (feet,headboard, etc).1
Great and simple!Julia124Bought this two years ago and it's great. Lightweight, simple, and added other legs to it and looks great!5
Metal slat keeps breakingBedlessThere are two metals slats on the inside of the frame that hold pieces of wood that the mattress sits on. One of the metal slats keeps getting pulled downwards and it's coming loose from the holes that hold the screws that attach it to the wood frame, so the bed is sinking. I can't drill another screw through it to keep it level because the metal is too thick. I hope I'm not the only person with this problem? And now, IKEA has shut off their customer service lines because of call volume, so I'm stuck without a bed for the foreseeable future. Please do not buy this frame, it will break, and you will be stuck without a place to sleep like me. Unbelievably poor engineering for IKEA.1
Poorly crafted; broke very quickly on joinder lineErinSTLThis mattress only lasted a few months before the support down the middle of the frame cracked from normal use. You can see this is a quality issue because it cracked where the two pieces of wood are joined together with wood. I called customer service about this issue and was essentially told tough luck because I did not keep my receipt. Very frustrating and disappointing, and now we are back to square 1.1
The TaskerI recommended because is solid wood, very strong with center support as well, yes you have to set it up but not to crazy5
Choose another box springGemmmmyyI have put many IKEA items together on my own, even with the suggestion of multiple people needed. That being said, I put this together with a friend and it was the most confusing/complicated piece of IKEA furniture I have assembled. Definitely was not expecting that considering it seems pretty simple and is supposed to be a basic box spring. In retrospect, given the price, quality, and time needed to put this together I would have purchased a box spring from elsewhere that did not need to be assembled to begin with. The instructions are confusing, with seemingly multiple ways to put this together, which ultimately had my friend and I taking different pieces apart and trying different things multiple times as we guessed our way through it. Ultimately, it is fine and does the job for now (have only had one person sleep on it), but the slats do not stay in place securely and can easily fall off their placement under the cover at any time. This happened while moving the box spring onto the actual bed - super frustrating as you have to take the cover off and adjust - hope they stay in place - and then put the cover back on. Will be very annoying when I want to move the box spring ever. There was also a significant splintering in one of the pieces of wood. Not sure how this will hold up in the future, but at the point of putting it together it is a little too late to consider returning it. Like another review noted, some IKEA products are great and I LOVE IKEA - just do not waste your time or money on this product.1
Full Size NOT Full SizeSkierHikerThe product description states that the Full size is 53 1/8 where it actually is 52 5/8. If you're going to put this onto a Full size bed frame it will most likely slide off and you will have to use slats, plus you will have gaps between the bed frame and the mattress frame. BTW, the Full size mattress is also 52 5/8, not the stated 53 1/8 so IKEA obviously does not know the proper Full size (54). Not sure about the other sizes (Twin, Queen, King). On the positive side, the assembly is very simple and the frame is very sturdy.2
Dangerous slats - broke easilyTiger Tail- Probably poor quality control. Not a good experience overall. - I would be happy with the base except for the defective slats that I received with my king set. They're all made with weak knotty pine. Unfortunately, when I knelt on the base as I was attempting to move my mattress, a slat immediately snapped and gave me a big bruise on my leg. As a result, I had to undo the cover and make extra trips to exchange the slats (very inconvenient and time consuming). The slats that came with my original purchase seem to be a defective, since my local Ikea replaced them with slats manufactured with clear pine. I am undecided if I want to keep the base.1
Solid bed basepalebeachbumThe twin matress base was extremely easy to assemble with a helper in about 20mins. All parts assembled easily and without issue. The hardest part was fitting the cover onto the base. It fits very snuggly. This matress base seems to be well-engineered and very solid.5
Cover didn't fitKSEEJust purchased this and couldn't wait to get it home and assembled. Assembly of the base is pretty clear and easy using the instructions. As another reviewer mentions, no where are you informed that you need the center support with the four legs. Why this part called Sultan isn't included with the frame is crazy. Also, the white queen size cover I purchased for my queen size base does not fit. Even the package is marked queen and the cover itself has queen on the label, it is clearly a full size and must have been mislabeled. It is about 6 inches to short in ago directions. Very disappointing on both accounts as my nearest Ikea is s bit of a trip and jumping in the car to get the support leg and get another cover is pretty inconvenient.3
Very sturdy and well designed.RandiFWe had an old box spring that was so lightweight and easyily broken. This box spring was solid and easy to assemble. We are so pleased.5
good for elders and kidsjenna 1981I bought this about 6 month ago, and I have no complain what so ever. edges are round and it is safe for both kids and older people. My parent is always get hit by corners with other frames where as this one seems very safe. assembly was not too bad as long as you have someone to assist for you.4
Base broke after 12 nightsar2527After 12 nights of doing nothing on this bed but sleeping (I'm less than 150lbs, my cat is 10lbs), I got on the bed on the 13th night and felt something shift under me. After crawling under the bed to see why, the center post had shifted dramatically to the right, causing the nails holding it to the center post to rip out. The center frame had a crack in it. This frame slides all over the place at the slightest touch. It's not sturdy at all. IKEA is coming next weekend to take the mattress base back. There are lots of great things at IKEA. This isn't one of them.1
By far the worst IKEA purchase and assemblyKampieI am not a novice having assembled two Ikea kitchens and countless storage and furniture items. But this ESPEVAR is maddening. After two trip from urban Chicago to suburban Ikea store in Schaumburg I finally have, and am assembling a full size bed base but have just discovered I'm missing a for-purchase component called the SULTAN support leg that I was not told I needed when I bought the bed. On line, in the description of SULTAN it says Used for ESPEVAR mattress base in full/double and queen sizes when completed with four legs. Does that mean I don't need to use it if I choose not to use legs? The SULTAN leg support assembles right to a middle cross support that attaches to the frame. With a heavy latex mattress I'm wondering if the support is required. And speaking of the support, it's a long board with rails that attaches in the middle from the head to foot of the frame, but one hole for the screw doesn't line up so I can't insert the supplied four screws. The frame appears to have two sets of rails and assembly holes for the cross rail to allow the mattress to sit on top of the frame, or -- flipped over -- sunk into the frame a few inches. Cool feature if that's what it is but the assembly instructions, nor the web site mention anything about why it has two sets of rails, so I'm guessing that's what it's for. The associate at the store told me the cover for the base is required, as are legs (no mention of Sultan, and I see no mention of it in the description of the base on line) yet I'm not sure why the fabric cover is required and the base probably looks better without it. Not a big deal because the cover is priced separately and can be returned much easier than THIS RIDICULOUS BED BASE AND THE HEAVY LATEX MATTRESS I JUST SPENT $75 TO HAVE DELIVERED. With the stability questionable, at best, and no information on line about the base needing the sultan support (and me not having it) I'll need to take another hour-long trip out to Ikea to get some answers, help, and probably yet more extra items to finally get this bed functional. Boo!1