EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "
EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "
EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "
EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "
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Product details

A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change.You can create your own unique solution by freely combining cabinets of different sizes, with or without doors and drawers.The door has an integrated push-opener so you can open it with just a light push.2 movable shelves make it easy to adapt the space to your storage needs, while one shelf fixed in place adds increased stability.Assembly is quick and easy, thanks to the wedge dowel that clicks into the pre-drilled holes. Must be completed with EKET suspension rail if you choose to mount the frame on the wall. This frame requires 1 suspension rail, 27½" long, sold separately.To be completed with feet, legs or a toe kick if you choose to place the cabinet on the floor. Feet, legs and toe kick sold separately.This furniture must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener if you choose to place the cabinet on the floor.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.The maximum load for a wall-hung cabinet depends on the wall material.Designer

Jon Karlsson

Product size

27 1/2 "
9 7/8 "
27 1/2 "
Max load/shelf: 
22 lb


the new "tool-less" assembly is a great idea but not forgivingDavidReally liked the look of the product so bought it. Assembly was a little awkward since the pictures lacked some detail to tell exactly which direction certain pieces needed to be assemble. Plastic assembly pegs are now used vs. screws and when I realized a side was backwards, there was no way to "un-attach" the part and the plastic pegs snapped rendering the entire cabinet unable to be assembled. The error was mine, but the inability to recover was the error of design.3
coolRAFAELeasy, was at as is section and fit with my needs and got it5
Perfect!RUSSELLPerfect For What I Needed!5
Perfect small space storageDeniseThe cabinet is the perfect size for our small hall and looks very nice for the price. Great storage for its size. Assembly, however, was a challenge. The doors do not fit together properly - there is an uneven gap between the doors when they are closed. The floor model had this same gap and I just assumed it was hastily put together for display but ours looks just like the floor display, so it might be a design/production quirk of this cabinet model. Still, we’re pleased with the functionality and look of the cabinet overall so we can live with the door gap.4
Great features!YigoExactly what I was looking for and I’m so happy to got this!5
Just what I needed!SkwirlThis was bought to replace a cabinet that broke after years of use and it's exactly what we needed to declutter the bathroom. Easy to assemble, easy to hang. My only quibble is it doesn't clearly mention needing a special bracket to hang it on the wall, but that was taken care of with a second trip.5
Perfect size cabinet.Sparky06This is a perfect cabinet for the entrance of the house to place shoes, shopping bags, hats, or whatever you like to have handy when you leave home. It was very easy to put together and is sturdy. It is good value for the money.5
Great ShelfMagofaLooks great, easy to put together; bought in combination with other Eket units5
Perfect size for above the toilet storageNTimmI bought this in the AS IS section and found nothing wrong, was perfect size and price!5
Simple design, easy assemblyHodgeATXThe eket series are a versatile storage system that is affordable and easy to assemble. The only thing to note is that the cabinet cannot be free standing in a room since some of the hardware is exposed on the back.5
Follow directions:~}Follow directionsBought 3 cabs a few months ago. Putting together first one was easy. Second, not so easy. Reread directions. Easy! Use them in a guest bathroom. Love them. Clean lines. Sturdy. Great price.5
Nice design.dharma19Bought this a month ago, one of the doors will not stay closed. Not happy with it. I would rather try & repair this feature than return. If I can fix the door, which may be an easy repair, it will be perfect.3
run the other wayyayaimai have been buying furniture from ikea for years. i have put together all of it, including complicated pieces. this is the worst thing ikea has ever made. the holes did not line up and there was no way i could install the doors. i had to return the pieces. a pity, bcs they are nice and the right size for what i needed them.1
Works very well in my garage.Ginny GirlGreat storage in garage for car washing products.5
Helpful hints?singprettyJust in case it's helpful to anyone, I wanted to share: - Assembly: Starting with the piece labeled 1 is essential! - Leveling: One of the final steps is to push back the tabs on the plastic pieces that hold the doors. This is not made clear, but the position of the tabs controls the angle of the doors. I leveled my crooked doors by adjusting two of the tabs so they were only pushed halfway back. I then used little screws to secure the tabs in that position (I think that's why the tabs have holes). - Opener: I agree that the push-to-open mechanism is not great. There's a trick to it, and it's noisy. I decided to add some cute handles to the doors, and saw off the plastic piece that does the pushing. (You can't discard the mechanism entirely because you need the magnet to hold the doors closed.) Another fix would be to order IKEA's better push opener: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80230224/ Overall, I like the slick look of these! They assemble quickly and with little hardware, and mount securely. Contrasted with the SEKTION wall cabinet, they are more petite, and because there are just 3 possible positions for the shelf, there are fewer peg holes to look at, which I prefer. IKEA goofed on the push opener, but truthfully if we weren't opening the doors every 5 seconds, I could have lived that, too!4
Works for meEkkeDespite the other reviews warning of issues.... I bought and am happy. Very easy to assemble if you follow instructions carefully and lay it out before connecting. The door magnets are not the best ( sometimes takes two pushes to close) but it really isn’t bothersome. Looks best with the wooden feet! I like it so much I may buy another or at least some of the smaller accessory boxes.4
Erm345Fairly easy to assemble. Not the greatest looking and the doors are annoying. They don't sit evenly and can't figure out how to get them back off to fix it.3
Bad latchBiancaSDF1The latches to close the doors get stuck so the doors are always open.1
What says you, IKEA?kbossIKEA, can you comment about the low quality of this product? Has it been addressed?1
Good design, super-cheap non-functioning hardwareahramleeJust bought two of these cabinets. The assembly is straight forward following the assembly instructions. However, the hardware that comes with these cabinets is sub-par: the door hinges are part plastic, part metal. Once the doors are installed, it is nearly impossible to remove the doors. Also, there is no way to adjust doors vertically (up or down). The door open/close mechanism is all clad in cheap plastic. The piece that pushes in when closing the doors does not lock properly or at all. It seems ikea was in a rush to ship these cabinets to their stores and didn’t perform their usual quality control to ensure proper functionality of the features. Needless to say, a cabinet that does not close or open properly is useless.1
EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "

From grandfather's fishing boxes to playful storage

When product developer Petra Kammari Enarsson was a young student and often moved, she used to furnish her apartments with old fishing boxes given to her by her grandfather who lived on the west coast of Sweden. Years later, when Petra was developing the new EKET storage series, those boxes came to mind. How could she make the series as flexible as the boxes?

New technologies, new hobbies, a new family member ... both small and large changes affect life and people's needs at home, especially when it comes to all the things that we need space for. Petra Kammari Enarsson is a product developer at IKEA and often visits the homes of customers to experience their everyday living and how good storage can make life at home a little easier. She remembers a family in Copenhagen which expanded every other weekend with the daughter from a previous relationship. ”She didn't have her own room, but the family had a solution where she had a loft bed in the living room and her private things were in a chest on the floor”. Petra thinks it's a good example of how more and more people are living in small spaces, and that a large part of everyday living takes places in the living room where we want things to be both practical and stylish.

Flexible furniture for new needs

Another obvious trend around the world is that many people move more often - just as Petra did when she was young. ”The problem is that a lot of storage furniture is so inflexible – upon moving or new needs arising, they can't be adapted. This means storage isn't optimal and it's difficult to keep track of all your things”. These insights inspired Petra and her colleagues to start looking at a more flexible and personal storage solution – something that can easily be updated so that people don't have to buy new furniture as soon as something in life changes. Petra then started to think about those fishing boxes she had when she was young and which were so easy to stack and move as needed. What if you could make a piece of furniture which consists of various smart modules that can be easily moved around, removed and added to?

Building with blocks

Petra and her team started by ordering cardboard boxes in various sizes. They took the boxes to different room environments where they moved them around like building blocks – stacking and combining them in various ways. The team also researched detailed facts about storage: on average, how many magazines do we have at home? What’s the ideal height for people to put down their mobile phones? ”Many of us put keys, telephones or bags in a specific place when we come home. We usually do it automatically, without thinking about it”, says Petra. The height that seems to suit most people is 31½", so a shelf at that height was a given in the mix of shelves, drawers and cabinets in different colors and styles that eventually became the EKET storage series. ”I'm so pleased that we chose to prioritize playfulness and freedom of choice with all the colors and sizes of EKET”, says Petra, who's looking forward to visiting more homes. ”I think that the customers will find lots of exciting combinations that we haven't even thought of!”.

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Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "

EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, dark gray, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "
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EKET Cabinet with 2 doors and 2 shelves, white, 27 1/2x9 7/8x27 1/2 "