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DRYCK FLÄDER Elderflower syrup,

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The elder bush bears white blossoms, suitable for making juice and jam. Mix with water (1:6) as a table drink, or use as the base in different drinks.

Article Number405.149.17

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    Volume: 17 oz

    • DRYCK FLÄDERArticle Number405.149.17

      Height: 8 "

      Weight: 1 lb 12 oz

      Diameter: 2 ¾ "

      Package(s): 1


    StunningOlivia G.Lovely drink IF you enjoy elderflower flavored things. If not it’s not going to be your cup of tea sadly. I however love it haha so it’s a perfect thing to have in the house.5
    Elderflower LoverMICHELE S.I love elderflower! Dryck Flader is a good choice to add elderflower flavoring to beverages and foods. I have recommended this product, with the warning that it is sweet, so should be added sparingly based on desired taste and health concerns.5
    These are so yummy I had to buy all the flavors!Ana A.These are so easy to mix! Follow as directed and add a shot of soju. <35
    Good flavorSara J.I have bought this drink syrup before and was happy to buy more. It is easy to prepare with water. It is concentrated and makes for a reasonably priced, refreshing drink.5
    Yum,yumSUZY G.Makes a lightly flavored water. Taste very good & is great when you want something more then water to offer, yet don't want to worry about surgery drinks. I personally find this drink especially refreshing when I am stressed.5
    Versatile Cordial!ANGELA W.I love this cordial/syrup to add to sparkling water or cocktails.5
    Dryck FladerTanessa C.I love this stuff. Thank you for making this available!5
    ElderflowerCONSTANCE B.Tasted great, just wish there was more. It was good for about two pitchers worth4
    Dryck FladerJessica F.Fantastic as a mixer or to use on snow cones5
    Excellent and deliciousTonya P.Love the flavor.5
    The taste of Hyldebærblomst saft is the taste of homenya t.Growing up in Denmark, we used to make and bottle hyldebærblomst saft (Elderberry flower juice) every summer. (We drank this all winter and rarely got a cold probably due to the high amount of vitamin C) This is authentic in taste and is very concentrated so it makes a good amount. It may be an acquired taste but I, along with my whole family absolutely love this stuff. It is a little pricey but it’s worth it for the taste of home and less expensive than going to Denmark5
    Great but expensiveJoerg N.Well, great taste but expensive; plus the stupid question in this survey how I rate ease of assembly/installation of the product.3
    Elderflower simple syrupLisa E.Couldn’t really taste the Elderflower, but makes a good simple syrup.3
    great productLISON B.I really like the elderberry syrup made by Ikea.5
    Almost as good as homemadeMILES M.I used to make this syrup from wild elder flowers, and this isn't nearly as sweet or flavor packed as my homemade ... but it works. We served this at my daughter's wedding with sparkling water, fresh lemon slices, and sprigs of mint. It looked wonderful and everyone loved it... people kept coming up to me and asking "What the heck is this? I love it!"4
    DeliciousSara R.I want more!5
    Lemony floral drink concentrateJONATHAN M.Delicious and refreshing! This lemony floral drink concentrate was a good buy during the Midsommer sale and is perfect to enjoy during the warm summer months diluted in cold water or sparkling water. Concentrate can also be used as a cordial to flavor desserts and cocktails! Noted that there seems to be particulate floating in the syrup but that might be from the flowers themselves. A good shake before use is recommended. Flavor not affected. Fact: Price Harry & Meghan's wedding cake was flavored with Elderflower and lemon!5
    DeliciousALEJANDRA S.This drink concentrate is a perfect addition to summer cocktails, popsicles, seltzer, or desserts. Add a little at a time because it is very sweet.5
    Great tasteMarius B.Greate taste, love it!5
    YumSamara L.Just like the saft in Sweden5