DIODER LED 4-piece light strip set, multicolor
DIODER LED 4-piece light strip set, multicolor
DIODER LED 4-piece light strip set, multicolor
Article Number501.923.65

Product details

Suitable for use in confined spaces, such as cabinets, bookshelves and closets, as the LED light source emits low heat.You can shift automatically between 7 different colors or select 1 at a time.The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.You can connect up to 4 pieces in a straight line or an L-shape.This product bears the CE mark.Built-in LED light source.Cord length from transformer to switch 6'6", from switch to splitter 4'6", and from splitter to light strips 8'.Transformer electronic, fixed plug-in.LED life approx. 20,000 hours.Mounting screws and double-sided tape included.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Lamp house/ Junction box/ Stopper/ Lid/ Mounting device:Polycarbonate plastic
    Clip:Stainless steel
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • DIODERLED 4-piece light strip setArticle Number:501.923.65
    Width: 4 ¾ "Height: 1 ¾ "Length: 10 ½ "Weight: 15 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

10 "
Cord length: 
98 "
5.0 W


Not worth itvictoriaSuch a small amount for a lot of $. Not a fan. Returned it.2
CoolCynthiaWish they where little longer. But they work well.4
Cables are too shortBogdanLooks like a decent light, but limited in application. Its kinda thing you have to buy and see if it fits you. Double sided tape is useless. But im keeping it.3
The exact LEDs you were looking for...MigueILet's just say you have a gaming setup that is lacking that umph or extra snazz... you need these! I bought this LED lights a little over half a year ago and my work/gaming desk setup looked and still looks great. Although I've had LED strip lights around my room's closet, I was still lacking some color/light behind my actual setup. I found these while shopping through Ikea, and my initial thought was, Well, why not?? So, I bought them, and I can confidently say that my purchase back then was such a great one. Just as a disclaimer, these lights are not malleable, meaning that you cannot bend the actual light rods. You can only add bendable conductors to the ends of them which then allow you to navigate corners. But, if you are planning on using these on the back of a desk, you probably won't need the bendable pieces. Make sure you clean the back of your desk before you put on the adhesive strips, so you don't run the risk of them sticking to chunks of dust, making them fall off. Contrary to other reviews saying how the adhesive strips aren't sticky at all, they are incredibly strong! As long as you don't shake or continuously stick and unstick the strips, then you're fine! These LED lights have stayed stuck for around half a year and I think they're here to stay! So, overall, this was such a great buy and I 100% recommend!5
Kline8477They work really good and they look awesome.4
These are awesome!Dani TI bought these to go above my monitors for my Fredde work station/desk. They are bright enough to light up my keyboard when I'm working in the evening, but I wish they were a little brighter. The different color lights are GORGEOUS at night! The only downside is that you can't just buy more led strips to connect, you have to buy a whole new kit with the light color changer box. Also, even though the adhesive tape is 3m, it doesn't stick very well. I'll definitely buy another set for the shelf under my monitors, but I feel that for the price, there should be at least 6 to 8 led strips, not just 4.5
Great product!TanayaM05This product is very amazing. 10/10. I am very satisfied with how the lights turned out looking like in my room.5
Can"t really review yet...BLandersas we haven't installed them yet. However I have purchased in the past and we are overall very pleased. This review is based on previous purchase.5
Cool lightsJaime0123The lights are cool and easy to install. I recommend using 3M poster strips to hang them because the adhesive strips don’t work well enough. Hung them on the back of the TV.3
AwesomeIkeagirlforlifeI brought this light kit for under my kitchen cabinets. I love the option it has to change the color of lights with ease. The installation was very simple and only took a few minutes. I will note the light bars feel very light weight so I was very careful handling them during the installation. All and all, I am very pleased and will purchase more of them, for other areas, in the future.5
Good valueLolPaI bought it for my son's loft bed. Works great!5
Adds a nice touchISAACSmomThese accent lights were a nice addition to my son's room. He had purchased a bed frame from Ikea and installed these lights under the bed frame, and it looks like the bed is floating. The lights give off a soothing effect, too and they can be adjusted to blink as well as change colors. Highly recommended. I think I will buy another set of these lights and put them under the bar in the kitchen.5
Adds a nice lighting effect to your home decormoonfoxIt's really cool, very little heat if any radiating off of it, cool to the touch. Color range is mainly in the cooler color spectrum. Not much at all for reds, oranges, and yellows. It adds a nice effect to the inside of a tv cabinet, bookcase, etc. With a glass shelf, you will see it, but with a solid piece of furniture, it works well. The unit comes with 4 light sticks and they all plug into one piece that connects to the power cord. With the different parts, makes it easier to place and run the wiring more hidden using a small hole instead of a hole the size of a quarter.4
Love it.Shama1I bought this about 3 years ago. It was easy to install. I love the the variety of colors, and the ability to have the colors change continuously. I have used them as backlighting for my TV. Now I'm going to buy some more. Excellent product.5
Nice featuresItch 01Installed the lights an we enjoyed the different colors. Just would have like to see a brighter white light.4
Lights stopped working!Lyn YI bought this about a month ago and the lights just stopped working one day.1
PhenixelmoreThe adhesive strips are not very good. The lights are constantly falling off the back of the entertainment center we have it adhered to.2
Cool LightsZee BronxiteI have been wanting these lights for awhile/ a couple of years and I finally got them. I love it.5
Coolest lights!MCG1111I bought these for my 55 LED TV and they look amazing! Makes me feel like I'm in a theater. My favorite setting is the gradual color change!5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Shining a new light on the future

Many of our lamps have the LED bulbs built right in. They consume 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and all last up to 25,000 hours. Although you’ll be cutting down on energy, you won’t have to cut down on style.

Lowest price

Lighting is more fun when the price is lower

DIODER is a series of decorative lighting that you can put, well, anywhere you like and however you like. You can put strips and spotlights with built-in diodes that change color in your bookshelves or around the frames of your pictures and mirrors. Our idea was to make it playful and fun for you to create atmosphere and personality in your home. That's why we lowered the price substantially on DIODER. It becomes even more fun that way.

LED 4-piece light strip set, multicolor

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DIODER LED 4-piece light strip set, multicolor