DESSERT Measuring cups, set of 4, red/stainless steel

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Includes: ¼ cup, ⅓ cup, ½ cup and 1 cup.Wash this product before using it for the first time.
  • Polypropylene, Stainless steel
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) added.
  • DESSERTMeasuring cups, set of 4Article Number:101.008.86
    Width: 3 ½ "Height: 2 "Length: 7 "Weight: 5 ozPackage(s): 1


Measuring CupsIngridSo far they are nice to work great5
I love these measuring cups, however...JasperI have one problem. It is a design flaw, which should be addressed. When the measuring cups are nestled together the holes in the stainless steel handles do not line up so the whole stack course not be hung from a hook or nail.3
Love to have on handGram C.Love to have on hand for gift giving.5
Love themJEFFI love these cups and the matching measuring spoons. If I had one ask it would be for them to add a 2/3 size.5
NiceBeausMomNeeded a second set for storing in jars with dry goods. Fits the need perfectly5
Easy to cleanParkslopeThey serve their purpose. Easy to clean and store.5
Great Measuring Cupsspj11These are great cups. I love that the amount is etched into the metal and won't wash away with use. They are deeper than other cups and the small ones can't stand up on their own until stuff is inside, but they work really well.5
Hard to storeGrimMamaThis are functional, but because the handles don't line up, they are hard to store.3
Cool!barb in scottsvilleI got a set of these along with the matching spoons, I love the color, same as the photo. Threw out my white plastic ones and metal spoons. I should have bought more of these to give as gifts! Next time......5
great designAtlanta sueperfect. smooth edges so clean well. measurement is etched on metal handle. the all-plastic ones I had - I tossed as the print stamped on them washed off. no idea what measurement ! these are heavier, too5
great productCElggsThese measuring cups are the best & they wash up so great in the dishwasher!5
Holding up greatAmelia5034Great product Great Price5
Very usefulSunnyOneYou can't go wrong with measuring cups. These do the job and wash well in the dishwasher or just by hand.5
Change handlesmakapaiThe metal handles make the cups too heavy on one side, they are unbalanced and don’t stand flat on a counter when empty.1
Perfect Set!Grandma WinnieThis is my second set of these measuring cups and they are my favorite! I may even buy one more set!5
My new favorite measuring cupsPicky homemakerThey're sturdy, feel good in my hands and accurate- just what I needed.5
Convenient StorageMarrianne40324I really like how these stack neatly in my cabinet. Perfect for what they are. I also like having color in my kitchen tools.5
They don"t line up to hang nestedFXjcWhen the cups are nested, the holes in the end of the handles do not line up. You cannot hang them or hook them and have them stay nested (no tie or ring provided to hook them together either).1
Great qualityjensen9539I love these and use them daily5
EasySyd1stI like the texture and the color easy to read too5

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Measuring cups, set of 4, red/stainless steel

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DESSERT Measuring cups, set of 4, red/stainless steel