BILLY / MORLIDEN Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "
BILLY / MORLIDEN Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "
BILLY / MORLIDEN Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "
BILLY / MORLIDEN Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "
BILLY / MORLIDEN Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "

It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. Pretty impressive considering we launched BILLY in 1979. It’s the booklovers choice that never goes out of style.

Article Number490.178.29

Product details

Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.You can give your door a personal touch by placing photos or fabric between the glass and the panel.Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the door horizontally and vertically.This furniture must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall anchoring device.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Min. ceiling height required: 80¾".A white/black panel to be attached behind the glass is included.Designer

Gillis Lundgren/IKEA of Sweden

Article Number490.178.29
  • Bookcase
    Main parts:Particleboard, Foil, Polypropylene
    Side panel:Particleboard, Foil, Melamine foil, Polypropylene
    Plinth front:Particleboard, Foil
    Back:Fiberboard, Foil, Paint
    Glass door
    Frame:Aluminum, Anodized
    Glass panel:Tempered glass
    Door panel:Fiberboard, Acrylic paint, Paper foil
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • BookcaseBy using sawmill leftovers and scrap wood in the particle board in this product, we make use of whole trees and not only the trunks. That way, we take better care of resources.We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
    Glass doorWe want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    BILLYBookcaseArticle Number002.638.50
    Width: 11 ½ "Height: 5 "Length: 80 ¾ "Weight: 77 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 1
    MORLIDENGlass doorArticle Number102.798.60
    Width: 15 ¾ "Height: 1 "Length: 80 ½ "Weight: 20 lb 7 ozPackage(s): 2

Product size

31 1/2 "
11 3/4 "
79 1/2 "
Max load/shelf: 
66 lb


Excellent ValueCassandraThis cabinet is easy to assemble, feels sturdy, and the adjustable are perfect for my needs.5
A little tough to putSonnyA little tough to put together with 1 person, and they SHOULD mention that you can’t change out the shelves with the doors on. But the finished product looks awesome.5
Great productez2doI bought with black glass doors. Looks very good. Unfortunately door knobs fell down twice, needs a better idea on keeping it secured.5
Glass Shelves Cannot Be Moved/added With Doors in!MarkDoThe cheap, low density particle board material of the bookcase causes any screw hole that is used more than once to get bigger and become essentially useless if not careful. So, if you have to remove the glass doors and reattach them you can be in a world of hurt. This brings us to the biggest issue: if using the glass shelves for showing your collectibles, you CANNOT insert them into position without removing the doors first! Yes, that is correct! If you need to adjust any shelf position, you will have to remove the doors and re-install them. These new Billy glass shelf hardware is designed such that glass has to actually slide in. And the shelves simply cannot slide into the bookcase with the doors installed; the door opening is not wide enough! I learned this the hard way after thinking the hard part was done once I had installed the doors when I tried adding my first glass shelf! So, anytime you may want to update your collection by adding, removing, or adjusting the height of a shelf, you will have to remove both doors and reattach! Giddy-up!!! Also, the snap-on door handles do not attach securely and will easily fall off.2
okay valueCharlie1889I like Ikea products but over the years they have lost some of the quality they were known for. This book case now comes with plastic locking nuts and do not lock into the bolt very well. I went and got metal ones so my book case would be stronger. So if you buy one of these bookcases go to a local hardware store and buy the metal round locking grommets/nuts.4
Hides all my husbands books and movies perfectly!Rlippert22I bought this about a month ago and it perfectly encases books and movies. Makes our house look so clean, sleek and modern5
Great case!NicscrappyWe bought this to house our collectibles (action figures & such) and spent more for the glass shelves & a light set. I would definitely recommend mounting it to the wall as it is narrow & if you fill it, it could be top-heavy (depending on how you arrange it). We spent far less than if we went to a display store and it is compact enough for our space.4
Bookcase OK, Morliden doors are awfulCCTallTreesThe bookcase went together OK. The Morliden doors are awful! Really difficult to get the hinges onto the door, and once hung there’s a big gap in the centre. The photo on the website is utterly misleading! The glass is not tinted, it’s a cardboard piece behind clear glass (it could be good to put nice paper behind for example). But that they are a few inches too narrow and leave a big ugly gap is infuriating after all the effort, not to mention the painful delivery company used. Really IKEA, this is not good enough!!!2
Quick & Easy to put togetherthreadlady7I love Billy bookcases as they go together so well and so quickly. And, you can add doors to them, too. I like that they have a cutout for baseboards so that the bookcase fits flat against the wall (if your wall is flat), and they provide anchors so the bookcase wont tip over. I've had them for years and still love them. The best bookcase for the money!5
Great FeaturessavvybarbaraI love these bookcases with glass doors. I lined my doors with rice paper but you can use whatever you like or leave them. Keeps everythink clean and private. I had difficulty with the door hinges during assembly but the bookcases are easy.5
terrible with the doors!!VPLFAfter all the work of assembling TWO of these units I put the doors on and there is a 3/4 GAP between the doors? What in the world?? Why wouldn't IKEA make the doors the correct width for the shelves? They also changed the shelf holders since I last purchased Billy bookcases and now they are cheap plastic. So disappointed....1


What is particleboard?

Particleboard is made from recycled wood and sawmill waste – so wood pieces with the wrong shade, woodchips and sawdust become a valuable resource instead of being discarded. We use boards for things like bookcases, bed frames, sofas and kitchen frames. To protect from wear and moisture, we apply varnish, veneer or foil that adds to the furniture's look. The day your sofa or bed needs replacing, the material in the particleboard can be recycled into something entirely new.

Bookcase, white31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "

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BILLY / MORLIDEN Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11 3/4x79 1/2 "