BESTÅ Suspension rail, silver color, 23 5/8 "
BESTÅ Suspension rail, silver color, 23 5/8 "
Article Number302.848.46

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The suspension rail functions as a reinforcement to make it easier and safer to mount the BESTÅ frame to the wall. The rail has several holes for attaching it directly to a stud.You can easily hang several frames next to each other and align them at exactly the same height thanks to the included connector.Attach the suspension rail to a wall stud to mount BESTÅ frames on a wall.Ensure that you have a minimum of 2" between the top of the frame and the ceiling in order to mount the frame to the suspension rail.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.47¼" wide frames need 2 BESTÅ suspension rails.23⅝" wide frames need 1 BESTÅ suspension rail.The suspension rail cannot be used with BESTÅ TV benches.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Galvanized steel
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Check regularly that all assembly fastenings are properly tightened and retighten when necessary.
  • BESTÅSuspension railArticle Number:302.848.46
    Width: 3 "Height: 1 "Length: 23 ½ "Weight: 1 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 1

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23 5/8 "


The rail system is so easy.TamaraEasily installed 12 ft of upper cabinet, level and easy. Great idea, Thinking of the kitchen next5
Prefer a few more rectangular washer to be includedJungyoonThis rail gives BESTA a flexibility to convert free standing to wall mount with minimum cost. It makes stronger support to hang the heavy MDF cabinet unit against wall than it seems to. If properly measured & leveled, the installation process is simple & takes no longer than 30 minutes. One minor complaint over this rail was that it includes only 2 square washer in the package. When you have a desired location unfortunately without studs onto the points for screws, you may be less comfortable with 2 drywall screws as the installation manual suggests. A few more washers would increase the price, but I shall be pleased to have extra cost for better safety with 100+lbs unit on wall. Overall, I like quality & flexibility this rail offers for my BESTA. The product deserves 4.5 rather than 4, but there is no in-between.4
Great mount for hanging BESTÅ on the wallLeeI used the BESTÅ online designer to design a large office organizer. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! This support allows you to hang BESTÅ cabinets securely. Make sure you anchor them to studs within the wall and use a heavy-duty (over 100lbs) wall anchor system where studs aren’t available. As a tip for those combining wall and floor BESTÅ cabinets - if you have floor moulding, mount a thin board to the wall first and then mount the BESTÅ cabinet hanger to the board. This will make your too cabinet the same distance from the wall as the base of a BESTÅ floor cabinet.5
Great Quality - Easy to installDenayarbThese rails are of excellent quality and are easy to install. Easy to place EXACTLY where you need/want it due to the numerous holes for mounting. Hardware included to connect two rails together to ensure your mounting project is perfectly aligned!5
Required for tall items on a wallsysadminI have tall BESTA shelves that are part of my entertainment center and for my eating area to store dishes and such. These are absolutely required for securing these items to the wall so they do not fall over. They're also used when hanging a shelf on the wall. These provide a very secure mount when used properly. I have older and newer versions of this item. With the new version there seems to be some provision for handling the gap created by baseboards when mounting a tall shelf. There are spacers either in this kit or the shelf that keeps the top of the BESTA unit off the wall, about the thickness of a baseboard. The challenge I see is that if the suspension rail is flush with the wall and the shelf isn't, then the screw to attach the two together isn't long enough. My solution to mounting tall shelves is to attach a spare/scrap piece of baseboard to my wall at the top of where the shelf will hit. Attach the baseboard to the wall studs. I then attach the suspension rail to the baseboard I placed on the wall. This sets the distance perfectly, and the shelf can be fully upright. There is an added benefit that it eliminates the gap at the top, so things can't fall behind the shelf. I have also used two pieces of baseboard to create a gap for running cables behind the shelf to the top for speakers, lighting, etc.4
Miramar 6504Perfect for planning supports between studs5
Wasn"t too sure about the system... I"m soldRussBBeing a general contractor, I wasn't too sure about this system... didn't know if it would be stable or not... it really surprised me as to how solid it is. I'm completely sold on the system and have decided to purchase more of the Bestå system.5

Function solution

Easier, safer wall mounting

The BESTÅ suspension rail makes it easier and safer to mount a BESTÅ frame to your wall. The rail screws into the wall studs and gives extra reinforcement. It has plenty of holes, so there’s always a hole over a stud. You can easily hang several frames next to each other and align them at the exact same height thanks to the included connector.

Suspension rail, silver color23 5/8 "

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BESTÅ Suspension rail, silver color, 23 5/8 "