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BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown/Lappviken black-brown,

Price $ 294.00
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown Björköviken/Stubbarp/brown stained oak veneer, 70 7/8x16 1/2x29 1/8 "
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown Hedeviken/Stubbarp/dark brown stained oak veneer, 70 7/8x16 1/2x29 1/8 "
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown Lappviken/Sindvik black-brown clear glass, 70 7/8x16 1/2x25 5/8 "
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown Lappviken/Sindvik/Stubbarp black-brown clear glass, 70 7/8x16 1/2x29 1/8 "
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown/Hanviken black-brown, 70 7/8x16 1/2x25 5/8 "
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown/Hanviken/Stubbarp black-brown, 70 7/8x16 1/2x29 1/8 "
BESTÅ Storage combination with drawers, black-brown/Hedeviken/Stubbarp oak veneer, 70 7/8x16 1/2x29 1/8 "

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Go ahead and put things aside for a while! A sideboard combination gives you plenty of space to store things and a surface to create an attractive display - or to unload serving dishes while you eat.

Article Number794.126.49

Product details

Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the door horizontally and vertically.

The drawers have integrated push-openers so that you can open them with just a light push.

The shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.

Two drawers make it easy to keep your belongings organized. The shelves behind the doors give you even more storage space.

Optimize and organize your BESTÅ storage with boxes and inserts that you like.

Steady on uneven floors, thanks to the adjustable feet.


Width: 70 7/8 "

Depth: 16 1/2 "

Height: 25 5/8 "

Maximum load/drawer: 22 lb

Max load/shelf: 44 lb

  • This product comes as 14 packages.
    BESTÅArticle Number003.512.48

    Width: 13 ½ "

    Height: 1 ½ "

    Length: 23 "

    Weight: 9 lb 0 oz

    Package(s): 1

    BESTÅArticle Number202.459.64

    Width: 16 ¼ "

    Height: 4 ¼ "

    Length: 26 ¾ "

    Weight: 19 lb 14 oz

    Package(s): 1

    BESTÅArticle Number304.883.15

    Width: 4 ¾ "

    Height: 1 ½ "

    Length: 14 ¾ "

    Weight: 2 lb 11 oz

    Package(s): 2

    LAPPVIKENArticle Number402.916.67

    Width: 15 ¼ "

    Height: ¾ "

    Length: 26 "

    Weight: 5 lb 15 oz

    Package(s): 1

    LAPPVIKENArticle Number402.916.72

    Width: 10 ¼ "

    Height: ¾ "

    Length: 26 "

    Weight: 4 lb 2 oz

    Package(s): 1

    BESTÅArticle Number402.955.28

    Width: 14 "

    Height: ¾ "

    Length: 23 "

    Weight: 5 lb 7 oz

    Package(s): 2

    BESTÅArticle Number403.512.46

    Width: 13 ¾ "

    Height: 2 "

    Length: 21 ¼ "

    Weight: 6 lb 12 oz

    Package(s): 1

    BESTÅArticle Number502.459.53

    Width: 16 ¼ "

    Height: 4 ½ "

    Length: 51 ¼ "

    Weight: 36 lb 4 oz

    Package(s): 1

    BESTÅArticle Number802.612.58

    Width: 7 ¾ "

    Height: 1 "

    Length: 9 ¾ "

    Weight: 9 oz

    Package(s): 2

    LAPPVIKENArticle Number802.916.70

    Width: 23 ½ "

    Height: ¾ "

    Length: 27 ½ "

    Weight: 10 lb 6 oz

    Package(s): 2


Vague Instructions + Horrible Customer ServiceIlana G.I never write 1-star reviews, but I want to warn all future buyers about this item. It comes in 7+ boxes, each with different set of instructions, rather than any cohesive set of instructions. I spoke with a customer service agent on the phone, and another one via chat, and neither one could answer my question about assembly and instead insisted that I "hire Task Rabbit" rather than provide an answer. The material of the item is cheap and dents easily. I would definitely avoid purchasing, or purchasing something complex like this from IKEA generally.1
Best purchaseJeromeEasy install5
Looks good, but difficult to assembleAnne J.This sideboard looks great, but is a nightmare to put together. An enormous amount of boxes with instructions that were lacking. I have put together several fairly complex pieces of IKEA furniture by now and usually have fun doing it because I am intrigued by the ingenuity of it all - it sort of feels like I am playing with Lego. But this Besta piece was not fun. Frustrating.2
Too many boxesBLANCAI had been eying this pier for a while. A Ways Sold out. Couple weeks back I saw it was back in stock! I immediately ordered it. Once I received it I noticed it was 18 boxes for one unit. And the bits are not attached. It’s so overwhelming not sure what box to open first! It’s still in boxes almost a month later.2
Not sturdyKevenSadly it’s very unsturdy (wobbly) and it was a very disappointing shipping experience. Please do better IKEA!2
Nice CabinetJackExactly as expected.5
Great simple look to it.MichelleGreat simple look to it.5
Easy to AssembleLexi61Just finished assembling this myself 2 days ago. I've assembled furniture several times before so this was not difficult for me. It looks nice and modern but I was surprised at how cheap the material was. You will have to adjust the latches on the doors until you get them to hang evenly but the illustrations on the hardware package show you how. .3