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Wall decals & stickers

Why bother with painting and wallpaper? With our wall stickers and wall decals, you can give any room in your home a new look in minutes. Our wall art stickers are designed to be used on smooth, dry surfaces. You'll find a big range of decorative stickers from flowers to trees, to ink blots and speech bubbles!

Update your walls in minutes with wall decals and wall decorations

If you don’t feel like repainting or throwing up wallpaper, don’t worry—you don’t have to. You can apply a new look anywhere in the home in seconds with easy-to-use self-adhesive wall stickers. Wall decals come in a variety of fun, creative designs that are meant for smooth, dry surfaces. And like metal wall decorations, you can continue to express your creativity by adding to them whenever you’d like. Wall decor stickers and wall decorations are great for inspiring your kids’ creativity, making the bedroom feel more peaceful and adding a whimsical touch around your work desk in your home office or college dorm. Whether it’s your first apartment or you want to add something fun and playful to the kitchen or den after a major renovation, wall stickers and wall metal art add something wondrous for all ages.

Don’t stick with what you know, get creative

Turning your walls into a canvas isn’t just for kids. With self-adhesive wall decals, you can have fun creating a personalized room while renewing your walls with ease. And you don’t have to stop at just one or two. The beautiful, illustrative look of flowers, plants and butterflies can merely accent the wall by your arts and crafts table before “blooming” with more blue peonies and fanning green ferns. Or the pop art look of a tree surrounded by playful animals can sprout taller and taller as you use it as a growth chart for the kids. Add an eye-catching ornament to cheer up your home office or the kitchen with a decorative heart or bird in powder-coated black metal that easily hangs on the wall with a hook on the back.

To get started just measure out your space for individual pieces or any combination of wall decals and/or wall decorations. If you plan on doing a bigger piece right away, sketch out your design and measure out the total space to make sure it’s a fit.

Tips for applying wall decals

The surface you apply the decorative stickers to must be totally smooth, clean, dry and free from dust. The stickers are not suitable for application on newly painted surfaces.

Installing wall decals:

1. Peel off the backing and apply the sticker to the desired area.

2. Smooth out the sticker, starting from the top and working downwards.

3. Use a clean, soft cloth to press the entire sticker into place, taking special care to press around the edges.

4. Use nails or screws appropriate for your wall material when hanging    decorative wall art.