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Kids cups & mugs

Mealtime is all about bringing the family together. Make it more enjoyable for little ones with kids drinking cups created just for them. Our plastic children's mugs and cups are easy to hold, easy to clean, easy to love, and very, very hard to break.

Kids plastic cups are worry-free

Let the little ones enjoy their juice, water or milk on their own. With kids mugs made from safe materials, the only uh-ohs you’ll have to worry about are spills. That’s because, unlike cups made of glass, these plastic kids cups will survive an impact during playtime or when your little artist waves their arms in excitement after completing another masterpiece. These children’s drinking cups are also scratch resistant and grip friendly. They’ll take a beating and are easier for kids to hold onto. And they’re free of harmful additives such as BPA (Bisphenol A).

Available in a fun array of soft pastel colors, these kids cups will complement the playful look of playroom decorations and any plush stuffed animals pulling up to any colorful kids table—as well as any costumes worn by the kids pouring them tea.

Besides helping little ones to learn to get through a meal on their own, these easily stackable kids mugs can make them a part of cleaning up without any worry involved. 

Frequently asked questions about kids cups

What cups are safe for children and toddlers?

Kids cups that are impact resistant and grip friendly. So, plastic cups instead of ceramic or glass drinking cups. As with any children’s and food contact product, IKEA kids cups are BPA free.

What kind of cup should a 5-year-old use?

Definitely not your favorite coffee mug or any glassware that you like. Besides the thrill of giving kids cups that are all their own—and clearly so with bright, vibrant colors—serving them drinks in impact resistant plastic lets you read the morning paper comfortably.