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ENHET bathroom series

Make mornings run smoother with super adaptable small bathroom storage. ENHET bathroom storage units are easy to buy, assemble and personalize. With parts that you can just click together, it’s easy to change doors, mix colors, add units and combine open and closed storage - all at a low price. Plus, we're proud to say that the whole ENHET series comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Introducing the ENHET bathroom series

The modular ENHET bathroom series allows you to create a flexible bathroom that is easy to assemble and customize for life’s many changing phases – or when you just want to show a little more of your personality. Change doors, mix colors, and combine open and closed storage to create a bathroom that is uniquely you. The ENHET series is built to last and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. So don’t worry if you need to disassemble it the next time you move. It’s designed for everyday life.

Start planning your ENHET bathroom
A bathroom with a wall cabinet with mirror doors and open frames on either side above a white wash-stand with two drawers.
Start planning your ENHET bathroom

ENHET bathroom furniture sets – designed so you don’t have to

With ENHET bathroom furniture sets, we already did the hard work of combining the right pieces together, leaving you the fun part of choosing the style and colors. It’s easy to buy, assemble and enjoy for many years to come.

A bathroom with white storage shelves and a sink vanity with wood fronts.
A mirror with light bulbs around it and a mirror extended outward.
A grey bathroom with 2 white sink vanities with drawers and a cabinet with an open mirror door and open shelves next to it.
A wall-mounted white shelving unit and a black swivel shelf holding glass bottles and other bathroom items.
A big round black mirror hangs above a white sink cabinet with two grey cabinet doors below it against a green wall panel.

Accessories for ENHET – instant extra storage

Simply attach these accessories to your ENHET frames for extra storage in your bathroom – no drilling needed. They keep your toiletries and jewelry close at hand, while keeping your sink and drawers free from clutter.

See all bathroom accessories for ENHET
See all bathroom accessories for ENHET

Do-it-yourself assembly is easy with ENHET

The new and efficient cabinet system delivers an exceptionally quick and easy installation for both open and closed solutions. With just a few clicks, you can see just how simple the ENHET frame solutions will come together before your eyes.

      A bathroom with red-orange bathroom furniture such as a wall cabinet, an open sink frame and a round mirror.

      Start planning your ENHET bathroom from home

      Do you have grand plans for your bathroom? Use the bathroom planner to find the solution that best suits your bathroom and budget.

      Start the bathroom planner