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Dish brushes

The right dish brush can make even the tallest mountain of dishes less daunting. Our range of kitchen dish brushes are ergonomically designed to be gentle on your arms and still get those grubby pots and pans shining again. Browse our range to find a dish scrub brush for you!

Doing the dishes can be easy with a dish brush

Make cleanups after Sunday night dinner or fancy dinner parties a breeze with an affordable scrub brush ready to step in and go to work. Find an array of colorful options in sustainability-minded kitchen brushes made with recycled plastic or other renewable materials such as stainless steel or beech wood.

Choose plastic dish brushes with curved, ergonomic handles that can hook onto kitchen racks (available in black, red, orange or white) or be left standing tall by the sink thanks to a smart rubber suction cup on the end of some dish brushes (pink, black or green). All IKEA plastic dish scrub brushes feature a head with polyester bristles with a scraper on the other side for stubborn bits of food on pots and pans.

Or add a dish brush that will complement any kitchen with modern Nordic décor elements through a sleek stainless-steel handle, rustic beech wood head and acacia fiber bristles. The smart design includes a hole in the handle for hanging on kitchen racks and a removable brush head for scrubbing tight spots in deep bowls or small pots. As an added bonus, once you wear out the bristles on the durable dish brush heads, you can find affordable replacement brush heads with IKEA.

Frequently asked questions about dish scrub brushes

How often should you replace a dish brush?

Generally speaking, kitchen brushes are recommended to be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on frequency of use. While they do not harbor as much bacteria as sponges, it is recommended to rinse and dry kitchen brushes thoroughly after each use. IKEA kitchen brushes are easy to keep dry thanks to holes in the handle for hanging from racks or suction cups on the end of some for placing them upright by the sink. Durable, sustainable materials such as stainless steel, synthetic rubber, beech wood and polyester or acacia fiber bristles can help IKEA dish brushes stick around longer. The VÄLVÅRDAD dish brush has a replaceable brush head attached to a stainless steel handle.

Are scrub brushes safe for all pan types?

The polyester or acacia fiber bristles of IKEA kitchen brushes are safe for all pan types.