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Bathroom tall cabinets

Want to make the very most of your bathroom? Utilizing the height of the room with tall bathroom cabinets or linen towers can double or triple your storage capacity without taking up double or triple the space. Plus, they were designed to work seamlessly with the rest of our bathroom furniture for a polished look. 

Soaps and cremes. Towels and tissues. Toothpastes, brushes, perfumes and conditioners. Your bathroom essentials quickly stack up and make your space feel cluttered and messy. But with a tall bathroom cabinet, you create ample room to organize and collect all your necessities.  

A tall bathroom or linen cabinet can effortlessly store a great deal of your bathroom stuff. And this without hardly taking up any floor space. It’s a triple win; clutter free, tidy, and space efficient. 

Show off or hide away? A linen cabinet can do both!  

Aren’t some of your prized perfumes or precious products too pretty to stuff in a cupboard? If so, a linen tower with glass doors or open shelves might be right for you. With some thoughtful placement, and some added wardrobe lighting, you can create a beautiful bathroom exhibit of your favorite things.  

If you like to keep things neat and tidy, a linen cabinet with solid or mirror doors will do the trick. But you can (and should!) still arrange your prettiest things to create a delightful dollhouse display on the shelves inside. Something that can greet you with a smile whenever you open the cabinet door.  

If you can’t decide, you can get an open/closed combo to fit your needs. Some of our cabinets have the top doors with glass windows while the bottom ones are solid. This way, you can keep the boring stuff out of sight and the beautiful things in view.

Mirror, mirror on the… door?

A tall bathroom cabinet with mirror doors can be a practical choice of bathroom furniture. You get a lot of extra storage and more opportunity to admire your wonderful face. The mirrors also make your bathroom look bigger and brighter by reflecting light and adding a feeling of openness to the space.

But if mirrored doors are not your style, you can always check out our bathroom mirrors instead. 

Adjust your linen cabinets & towers to your needs 

As our lives change, so do our storage needs. Suddenly, a partner’s frequent visits turn into a permanent stay. Before we know it, our children are not so little anymore and need their own space for toiletries.  

Luckily, our bathroom and linen cabinets are made to last through change. Most of them have adjustable shelves that allow you to change the spacing to fit your current needs. When putting your cabinet together, the doors can often be mounted to open from the right OR left. That makes it easy for you to place it where you need it in your bathroom layout.  

When shopping for a linen cabinet for your bathroom, note that some models are freestanding, while others need to be fastened to the wall. Make sure to check the product description before choosing one.