Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

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PEPPARKAKA ginger thins PEPPARKAKA ginger thins in tin PEPPARKAKA HUS gingerbread house PEPPARKAKA JULGRAN gingerbread Christmas tree PEPPARKAKA MANDEL ginger thins with almond PEPPARKAKOR ginger thins PHALAENOPSIS plant with pot PHALAENOPSIS potted plant PHALAENOPSIS potted plant PIFFIG children's shoes PINGLA series PIPHARE soft toy PIPÖRT cushion cover PIZZABITAR pizza slice, vegetarian, frozen PJÄS basket PJÄTTERYD series PLACERA serving bowl PLACERA serving bowl PLASTIS dishwashing brush PLASTIS ice cube tray PLATS salt & pepper shaker, set of 2 PLATTBOJ lithium battery PLUFSIG folding gym mat PLUGGIS box with lid PLUGGIS recycling bin PLUGGIS series PLURING clothes cover, set of 3 POÄNG children's armchair POÄNG series POKAL series POLARVIDE throw POLARVIDE throw POLARVIDE throw POMP lantern for block candle PORTIS series POTATISCHIPS GRÄDDFIL & LÖK sour cream and onion potato chips POTATISCHIPS SALTADE salted potato chips POTATIS plant pot PRÄGEL countertop PRÄGEL countertop PRÄGEL countertop PRÄGEL countertop PRÄGEL countertop PRÄGEL countertop PRÄGEL countertop PRAKTFULL range with gas cooktop PREBEN chair PREMIÄR series PRESSA hanging dryer with 16 clothes clips PRESSA washing bag, set of 3 PRICKIG microwave lid PRIMITIV beer glass with stem PRINSKORV small sausage, frozen PRODUKT milk-frother PRÖJS desk pad PROMENAD series PROPPMÄTT chopping board PROPPMÄTT chopping board PRUTA food container, set of 17 PUGG wall clock PULT ceiling lamp PYNTA wall clock PYSSLA beads PYSSLA bead shape set of 4 PYSSLINGAR series