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Bathrooms that can handle it all

The quick grooming sessions, still half asleep, in the morning. The after-school splashathons and candle-lit evening retreats. A lot happens in the bathroom so here are some ways to make it all seem effortless. Because, more than anything else, your bathroom should make you feel good.

Bathroom with IKEA storage and accessories
A collage of pictures showing ways you can make your bathroom more practical using hacks from around the home.
Close-up of a garland of flowers around a bathroom mirror SEO Friendly Name: Mirror and flowers
This collage shows seven ways to live more sustainably at home, including growing your own herbs, capturing shower water, recycling old bottles, using your bike, hanging your laundry to dry and repurposing old glass jars as plant pots.
View of bathroom with RAGRUND towel rack chair displaying books and magazines, bamboo bowls filled with soaps on surface.
View of large wall display of hanging plant pots and containers. Kitchen in background.
Different white plastic organizers hang with the help of suctions-cups on the a white tiled bathroom wall
Bathroom with shelf under sink
A collage image of colorful bathroom accessories, lighting and textiles displayed on top of square white tiles.
View of the bathroom. White suite and walls, wooden IKEA shelving unit and orange shower.
Bathroom set up for a relaxing soak. Book, candle and flowers on IKEA sidetable.
View of the bathroom with IKEA GODMORGON sink unit.
View of the bathroom with IKEA RÖNNSKÄR sink shelf.
Three IKEA sinks in a row, each one with toothbrushes, soap caddy and towel hooks.
Close-up view of an IKEA sink with bathroom cart on either side holding toiletries and towels.
A small bathroom with room for laundry
Big bathroom with two sinks, mirrors and a high cabinet
A small, decorated bathroom with a reading nook and shelving unit for extra storage space
Getting ready stations set up outside the bathroom
High shelves and a multifunctional washstand in a small bathroom