TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white

With the gateway it's easy for anyone to use smart products. With the TRÅDFRI gateway you can connect your smart IKEA products such as blinds, light bulbs & speakers and control them with the IKEA Home smart app through a phone or tablet.

Article Number003.378.13

Product details

TRÅDFRI gateway and the IKEA Home smart app allows you to control all your IKEA Home smart products with a smart phone or tablet.You can control your smart products individually or group them.For example you can turn off, turn on, dim, and choose colours of your light bulbs, you can make your blinds go down with the sunset or you can skip to the next song on your smart speakers.TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Sonos.For best performance we recommend to maximum connect 50 devices to your TRÅDFRI gateway.We continuously update the IKEA Home smart app with more functions and possibilities.To use the gateway you need an internet connection.Use the included ethernet cable to connect the gateway to your router.You need one of the steering devices in the TRÅDFRI series (remote control, wireless dimmer or wireless motion sensor) in order to connect your light sources with the gateway and the app.Hidden cable management for ethernet and power cables.Standby power consumption: 0.63W.This product bears the CE mark.IKEA Home smart app works with Android (at least KitKat 4.4 or Lollipop 5.0) and iOS (at least iOS 9).The TRÅDFRI gateway enables you to use the IKEA Home smart app.Download the IKEA Home smart app for free via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Polycarbonate/ABS plastic
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • TRÅDFRIGatewayArticle no:003.378.13
    Width: 6 ¼ " (16 cm)Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)Length: 7 ½ " (19 cm)Weight: 15 oz (0.41 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

1 3/4 " (45 mm)
4 3/8 " (110 mm)
Cord length: 
71 " (1.80 m)

Ratings and reviews

Only local connectionEUGENJust local connection. Can't control this hub outside of your local network .1
Needed it to run the new blind.Poppy1234We did not know we needed this until we got home and installed the new blind that is Alexa compatible. It was tricky getting it configured and working but we finally managed to do it. Instructions are poor. Found a YouTube that somewhat explained it. Now that it works we are happy. It should say somewhere on the blind info that you will need this Gateway in order to run the blind with Alexa and it should tell you where you can easily find this product in the store as it was not located in the same area as the blind.4
Do not buy this product.EndlisnisSo buggy it's useless Trying to use this gateway is impossible. Nothing works the way it's supposed to. And to give this context, I have a degree in Computer Science. I'm very technically savvy, but after 8 hours of messing with settings and trying procedures again and again I finally gave up. ▸ The IKEA app cannot find the gateway, I followed the instructions several times. I was able to manually look up the IP of the gateway on my router and enter it into the app; and then it connected. But the next day, it can't find the gateway anymore. What's the point of a remote app that you have to reset the gateway before using? ▸ Pairing remotes with the gateway does not work. Turns out that you have to replace the batteries, even if the are able to control the blinds. ▸ Even once you learn the battery trick, if you have multiple blinds, they sometimes pair with the wrong device; and they usually just won't pair at all. ▸ The app itself is very buggy. You can't add a new blind to an existing room; you have to add a new room. After the room is created, and a blind is added, you can move the blind to the old room; but you can't move the remote with it. ▸ The app sometimes groups blinds together even when you explicitly say to leave them as individuals. ▸ After several hours over 2 days of trying, I finally gave up and tried to go back to just using the remotes that originally shipped with the blinds; but now they seem permanently broken by the failed pairing procedures. I have to stand on a ladder and press the button directly on the blind to control them now. Thank you IKEA for this horrible product.1
Works, but took a Whiledelenda_estWhat drew me to the Tradfri gateway was the price. The other system I was looking at would have cost me double the cost of the Tradfri gateway, and money being tight I decided to give it a go. Set up was slightly frustrating, I followed the instructions -- downloaded the app, plugged in the cables, followed the app prompts -- yet the app refused to find the gateway. After a few more attempts of reinstalling the app and restarting the gateway I finally had to access my modem settings through a desktop browser where I had to look up the IP address of the gateway and enter it into the app manually. After half an hour of trying to connect the gateway to the app it was smooth sailing. I was able to connect my bulbs and controllers with ease and without any issues. One last issue I have with the gateway is the design of the clips meant to hold the cables underneath the cover. The clips were lacking and weren't able to hold onto the cable tightly, consequently I had to test out different ways of wrapping the cord before I could put the cover on successfully. All in all I consider the gateway a worthwhile purchase for myself. I consider myself tech savvy and a bit more knowledgeable on IT matters than the average person, so I was able to quickly find the answers to my issues fairly quickly. And in that vein I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a bit of experience setting up tech and isn't afraid of error messages. For the technologically illiterate I would suggest you go with another system.3
Poor solution for the connected home!MacdongrThis device is difficult to integrate into any existing network and have it function well. The pairing of the tradfri remote is difficult at best and when pairing with the gateway you need to resync with your lighting once again!!! The gateway firmware update seemed to work well but forget about the remote, more than 2 days in pending only to watch it fail!!! This is a frustrating piece of hardware and certainly not worth the money. IKEA should consider removing this product and come up with a better solution. This device is anything but 'smart' for the connected home. I do like the appearance of the device but should also be available in black for those who prefer having it integrate into their existing decor.1
Wonderful when it works, but rarely doesFerozBI bought this instead of the phillips hue line due to the low cost, however unfortunately it has been incredibly unreliable. The system is constantly disconnecting, and therefore home automations/home control cant be relied on. If I could do it again I would not buy into this system.1
Trafri gatewaymaidascPoor quality. Toocomplicated to set up, requires too many additions to work.1
Far too buggyThe Mad HatterYou need it to update the firmware, but you have to restart it regulary. This breaks all of the automation componants, if you use something like Alexa or Google Home. Once you update the firmware, use a diffrent hub, and depricate this, unless the fix the connectivity issues.2
Almost perfectSmashley22This gateway is great for linking up my lights to my phone and having the ability to turn them on/off so easily. The only thing that’s not working is the automation. There’s a timer on the IKEA app to set them up to turn on and off at specific times, but it doesn’t work at all. So if you only want to be able to use your phone as a ‘switch’ without any of the added features, this thing is great.4
Not a simple and intuitive setup with missing partAnonymous reviewerSo purchased this gateway along with a few of the Trådfri plugs and was excited to get them to work. Turns out that in order to connect the plugs to the gateway, you need a Steering Device (one of remote, dimmer, or motion sensor). This means that you need to connect the plugs with the steering device and then use the steering device to connect it to the gateway. WHAT?! How is that intuitive? Also, none of this info or instructions were mentioned on the minimal packaging or store signs. How is a Steering Device not just included in this gateway if that is a part that is needed to make the other companion products to work? Very disappointed and will just give up on the whole eco-system and go back to my other smart plugs.1
Great productlilcrysbgirl123I have had this item for just over a year now. I love it. It is so handy. I have it connected to Amazon's Alexa and it works seamlessly. I have been slowly adding more bulbs within my house and it is so simple to get them included on the network. I recommend this product to EVERYONE!5
Works Better than other smart system I"ve triedAnonymous reviewerI purchased this being very skeptical after reading the other reviews, apparently they've fixed the issues that others had, I installed the system, paired my lights and had it paired to Google home in a matter of 15 minutes. I've used TPlink Kasa, and Philips and this personally was much easier for much less.5
Dreadful. Avoid at all costs.DobbsyI strongly recommend you not purchase the Tradfri line of products. I spent well over a hundred bucks on some bulbs and a gateway. Everything worked for a tiny bit and then 2 months later, one of the bulbs could not be found and was permanently off. Two months later the bulb randomly came on in the middle of the night when all the other bulbs in that group were off. Two weeks later the Gateway couldn't be found and to this day the whole thing doesn't work. Utter garbage.1
BuggyoyamDo not ever mount your gateway on the wall - The IKEA Tradfri app disconnects from the gateway quite frequently, so you'll need access to the QR code in the back of the device all the time. Individual bulb control is OK, but again, there are bugs and controls are sporadic. Sometimes tapping a bulb on will dim it. Sometimes dimming up (adding more brightness) will turn the bulb completely off and dim up from dark to the desired level, etc. The HomeKit integration isn't great either. It worked initially with the first set of bulbs I got, but if you add bulbs after the first setup, the new bulbs won't show up in HomeKit. It will forever see only the first set.2
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white

IKEA Home smart

What defines a smart product? The possibility to connect it to the Internet? That it’s wireless? To us, it’s a product that makes the everyday easier.

Most people who want to make their home smarter, start with the lighting. When you add the TRÅDFRI gateway, you can make it even smarter. Together with connected lamps you can set different scenes and timers – so you always wake up with a soft, gentle light in the mornings and can call ‘lights out’ when it’s bedtime. “You can connect many different product types to the TRÅDFRI gateway. All to make your life at home more convenient, in more than one way,” says Rebecca Töreman who works with connected products at IKEA.

Improving life at home

Smart lighting is one way we’re using technology to improve life at home. Imagine a cozy weekday family dinner, lights glowing soft and warm. When the meal is done, the table is cleared for homework, which calls for clean, bright light. The goal of Rebecca and the Smart lighting team is to make that transition simple and smooth. Literally, it can be at the touch of a button. “Lighting is such an important part of life at home,” says Rebecca. “You do so many activities every day at home and the light needs to support you in doing all these things.” The range is made up of products that can be combined to create a personalized home lighting solution. It includes LED bulbs, panels and cabinet doors that can all be controlled by a remote. You can dim them and even change the tone of the light, from warm to cold. One remote can control up to 10 Smart lighting products.

Making home tech affordable

Smart lighting technology isn’t new, but so far it hasn’t been so accessible. “It’s been very expensive and complicated,” says Rebecca. “If we can develop Smart lighting that’s easy to understand and affordable, it actually becomes accessible to the many people.” When it comes to cost, Rebecca and her team set a personal goal. “What would we want to pay for a light bulb like this?” asks Rebecca. “We’ve been going back to this idea throughout the whole process.” Working with large volumes has helped lower costs and by collaborating with experienced tech suppliers, we’ve been able to find smart ways to save. Those savings are then passed on to the customer.

User friendly and convenient

By offering “kits” that have everything you need to get started, we make it easier to have Smart lighting in your home and if you end up wanting to expand your solution, it’s simple. “You can start with the function that suits you and your family’s life, and you can build on that,” says Rebecca. You can look forward to even more Smart lighting products from IKEA in the future. “There will be upgrades and new things customers can do to improve and build on the system,” says Rebecca, who sees a fuss-free future where very little can interrupt a lazy afternoon. “If you sit on your sofa and want to turn on the light, but the light switch is over on the wall, well, obviously with the wireless remote you don’t actually have to get up!”

If it’s simple to use, it’s smart

With the help of the TRÅDFRI gateway, IKEA connected products can be steered through the IKEA Home smart app or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Say ‘dinner time’ to dim the lights and play your favorite music in the background. Or flood the room with light so no spot or crumb can hide when it’s time to clean up. “We’re using a standard technology and adapting it to peoples’ needs as home furnishing specialists, not tech specialists. We want our connected products to be easy to use – you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to make them work,” says Rebecca.

More connected products are coming

From being toys mostly for people interested in new gadgets, connected products have become useful instruments to tackle common everyday inconveniences. It has inspired Rebecca and her colleagues to explore more ways to make the home more comfortable. Blinds that automatically open while you’re still in bed is one example. “We’re continuously adding new products that work with TRÅDFRI gateway and the IKEA Home smart app. You can update your home with new functions and make it as smart as you want, in the pace you prefer.”

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Function solution

From smart lighting to smart home

To us, a smart product is something that makes the everyday easier. With TRÅDFRI gateway and connected products, you can set different scenes and timers at home. So the lights turn on and your blinds open in the morning while you’re still in bed. Or not, if you decide to sleep in. You can steer everything through the IKEA Home smart app on your phone or tablet. Or a voice assistant if you prefer that. All to make your life at home more convenient, in more than one way.

Gateway, white

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TRÅDFRI Gateway, white