Home décor

Tell the time with retro charm

A wall clock is both practical to have within sight, and a chance to add some unique style. STURSK wall clock will be an eye-catcher in any room with its retro influence and pendulum moving back and forth. It’s a modern take on the old grandfather clock!

Best Sellers

Who’s the fairest one of all?

KORNSJÖ cabinet with a mirror has plenty of practical storage options for bags, shoes and little knick-knacks that need hiding (or showing off). Above the cabinet is a smooth running drawer with a pull-out stop. With its adjustable feet, it can stand steady on uneven floors too. Just make sure to secure it to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting.


Make it feel like home

Hang your fondest memories on every wall. Plant an indoor garden to show off your green fingers (or use artificial flowers to fake some). Whatever home accents you choose, let your personality lead the way. Because that's how the place you live in becomes the place you call home.