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Mobile & tablet accessories

Mobile devices' little helpers

Every day our smartphones and tablets patiently sit inside our pockets, ready to help us whenever we need them. But in order to do that, these little heroes need their own little helpers that make sure they stay powered or get supported. That's why we offer many tablet and phone accessories, all with different functionalities and unique designs.

All plugged in and ready to go

With studies and work growing more digital by the day, it's a good idea to prepare your desk for it. Be sure to have chargers and cables accessible, proper lighting, and phone or tablet stands to keep at least one eye on all relevant screens.

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A desk with office accessories, a laptop, a grey-and-white SVALLET work lamp, and a phone held by a YUPPIENALLE phone holder.
A desk with a grey YUPPIENALLE cell phone stand placed next to a mobile phone on a cork desk pad.
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Your online simplifier

No matter where you are, if you’re working or just surfing – BERGENES holder for cellphone/tablet in smooth, renewable bamboo will facilitate your internet sessions.

A cell phone in a BERGENES holder for cell phone/tablet stands on an open notepad on a white table near some headphones.
Two bamboo BERGENES holders for cell phone/tablet and a white wire on a brightly lit white surface.