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Bins & bags

Store away, sort away, throw away

Our recycling bins, trash cans and bags make sorting and storing a breeze and help create instant order from all that stuff that always seems to magically appear. A lot of our bags are foldable, saving you space when not in use. And most of our bins and bags have handles to make them easy to transport.

Stackable waste bins for sorting and recycling

Time for a waste sorting station in your kitchen? These plastic waste bins have ventilation holes to let air circulate and dry the waste quicker. Less damp, less smells, happier kitchen.

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A pulled-out kitchen drawer revealing a HÅLLBAR waste sorting solution. The lid for a HÅLLBAR bin for recycling waste is open.
    Two HÅLLBAR bin with lids, The lid for recycling waste is open.
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      Available in more optionsFNISS Trash can 10 l (3 gallon)

      FNISS Trash can, black, 3 gallon

      Available in more optionsBROGRUND Touch top trash can 4 l (1 gallon)

      BROGRUND Touch top trash can, stainless steel, 1 gallon

      Available in more optionsHÅLLBAR Bin with lid 35 l (9 gallon)

      HÅLLBAR Bin with lid, light gray, 6 gallonHÅLLBAR Bin with lid, light gray, 3 gallon

      Available in more optionsSNÖRPA Pedal bin 5 l (1 gallon)

      SNÖRPA Pedal bin, stainless steel, 3 gallon

      Available in more optionsKNÖCKLA Step trash can 50 l (13 gallon)

      KNÖCKLA Step trash can, dark gray, 7 gallon

      Available in more optionsKNODD Bin with lid 16 l (4 gallon)

      KNODD Bin with lid, gray, 11 gallonKNODD Bin with lid, white, 4 gallon

      Available in more optionsAJÖSS Recycling bag 56x67 cm/35 l (22x26 ½ "/1184 oz)

      AJÖSS Recycling bag, light gray, 22x17 "/744 oz

      Available in more optionsMJÖSA Pedal bin 30 l (8 gallon)

      MJÖSA Pedal bin, dark gray, 3 gallon

      Available in more optionsEKOLN Trash can 3 l (1 gallon)

      EKOLN Trash can, beige, 1 gallonEKOLN Trash can, brown, 1 gallon
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