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Three SATSUMAS plant stands in bamboo and white plastic, filled with green plants.

A sustainable everyday

How sustainable is IKEA? Well, with veggie hot dogs, chairs made of recycled plastic bottles, and furniture made from sustainable materials, we want to effect and inspire change. We want to empower you to make more eco-friendly choices. Because, as our founder Ingvar Kamprad said: ‘No method is more effective than the good example.’

Sustainable furniture materials
Environmentally-friendly products
Sustainable food
How to live more sustainably at home

A sunlit kitchen with black KUNGSBACKA recyled plastic kitchen cabinets.

Sustainable furniture materials

Does IKEA sell green furniture? Yes, and in more ways than one! We are committed to making our products with more renewable and sustainable furniture materials like responsibly-sourced cotton and better plastics. We also use sustainable wood sources, like bamboo, to make more eco-friendly furniture. You can learn more about our efforts to work with better materials and reduce waste through the articles below.

Various TJILLEVIPS baskets handwoven from natural materials including bamboo, rattan, seagrass and jute.

Environmentally-friendly products

We believe that consuming more consciously should be simple, stylish, and easy on your wallet. That's why we create affordable, sustainable furniture and energy-saving appliances that help you to live more sustainably at home. Learn about some of our favourite sustainable products, like KUNGSBACKA kitchen cabinet fronts, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, or shop our eco-friendly bamboo furniture and accessories.

A skillet with ALLEMANSRÄTTEN veggie balls, surrounded by carrots with long, leafy green stems.

Sustainable food

Embrace meatless Mondays. Commit to reducing your food waste by packing a lunch or keeping your veggies fresh for longer. Or green your mornings with UTZ certified teas and coffees that empower smallholder farmers to practice sustainable farming standards. However you choose to make a difference, we make it easy to keep things simple - and affordable.

Man drying laundry on a MULIG drying rack

Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle

Ready to take the next step? Don't be intimidated, and don't worry about living perfectly green - little actions can make a big difference when it comes to fighting climate change. Check out the IDEAS and articles below and get inspired to lead a healthier and more sustainable life at home.