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LED light bulbs

Ever wonder what’s in energy-saving LED bulbs? Among other things, there’s a circuit board and tiny, rice-sized diodes. In fact, IKEA only sells LED lighting, saving up to 85% of energy (and saving you money too) compared to halogen or old incandescent bulbs. We have from dimmable bulbs to decorative light bulbs, like the super trendy edison bulbs. And all our LED bulbs are really affordable too.

Types of LED light bulbs

So many options in LED bulbs await you to help you express your specific sense of style. Go with curvaceous white opal bulbs or choose ones in elongated, chandelier style.

Browse several options with the elegant expression of handcrafted glass for a living room, kitchen or study dotted with well-worked materials as in any home featuring modern Nordic design elements. Choose a robust, round decorative bulb with smoky glass that emits an ember-like glow when you flip the light switch. Whether hanging from pendant lighting or used with a table lamp, there will be a separation from the outer shell of smoky glass and the glowing orange ball encased inside, for a stunning, artful effect. A variation of the same light bulb presents muddled amber colored glass for a soothing display that creates patterns on walls and ceilings. This LED light bulb spreads the same warm light as a traditional 80W light bulb–without flickering or emitting any sound. Just what you need to create a nice, cozy atmosphere in the room.

Find other decorative LED bulbs that let their filaments do the talking either through clear or color tinted glass, such as pink hued jug-shaped light bulbs with glowing v-shaped filaments. Decorative LED bulbs such as Edison bulbs are great to hang from the ceiling over a cozy breakfast nook where you can enjoy cocktails from on a quiet evening at home, or with a table lamp by your bed. Use it with a transparent lampshade or without to get a retro style.

Choose LED light bulbs with a studded spotlight effect reminiscent of disco balls or GU10 bulbs with more traditional spotlight effect—either of which are perfect for recessed lighting in any room.

Select dimmable LED light bulbs that help you adjust the mood and atmosphere for any occasion. With smart dimmable bulbs, the more you turn them down, the warmer the light gets, so you can easily create a soft and cozy light.


Beginners guide to LED bulb lumens and base sizes

Select round LED light bulbs with a 2” diameter, or go with longer, more slender chandelier style bulbs with a 1” diameter. Or go big with decorative bulbs ranging from 5” to 6”—enough room to create a stunning effect between smoky or color tinted glass and the glow of stunning filaments. The size and lighting effect you choose comes down to the look you want—whether the light bulb is used with a table lamp, standing floor lamp or a hanging pendant lamp. Choose decorative LED bulbs with ruffled, etched lines or go with the rustic look of bulbs that look like they’re made from repurposed glass jars.

After shape, size and color, it’s time to decide just how much crisp lighting you want. So, it’s time to talk lumens—or the amount of light you want from your LED bulb. For everyday task lighting in the bathroom or kitchen, it could be ideal to go with the maximum range of LED lighting, so between 250 and 450 lumen of IKEA opal globe and chandelier white light bulbs.

Daylight bulbs go even further by going as high as 400-600 lumen—which is perfect for recessed lighting and high ceilings. These LED spotlights are also dimmable—just turn the dial on the wall and enjoy.

For cozier situations, such as intimate dinner parties or bedside reading, select stunning LED bulbs with standout decorative effects with more intimate lighting levels of 80 to 200 lumen.

And just because you need sharp tasking lighting in the kitchen or bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t cool things down. Either go with dimmable LED lighting or pair brighter LED bulbs in wall or ceiling sconces with cooler lighting options.


Frequently asked questions about LED light bulbs


What are the pros and cons of LED light bulbs?

The pros of LED bulbs are that they can be as much as 85% more energy efficient and last 20 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs. They also run cooler as well. The potential cost savings on your electricity bill and the need to purchase light bulbs less often can do more than just offset the somewhat higher cost of LED bulbs.


Can you replace any light bulb with an LED bulb?

In most cases, yes—as long as they fit and the lighting fixture provides the minimum wattage they require.


Can you put an LED bulb in a regular light fixture?

Yes, as long as the minimum wattage level is met. Old school dimmer systems, however, are often not compatible with LED bulbs.