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For making cakes (and memories)

Delicious smells, a warm kitchen and homemade bread or chocolate cake to look forward to. Baking is creative fun that kids and grown-ups love to share. And with the right bakeware and tools, like our wide choice of moulds and dishwasher-safe bowls, you're all set to mix, bake, decorate and eat!

Baking is always in season

The joy of baking is that however wrong it goes, you can (almost) never fail. It’ll still taste great.

One of the many joys of preparing and making food is the experimentation and discovery. A pinch of this, a toss of that, and something magical might happen.

But baking, that’s an exact science. One tiny mistake in measuring the ingredients and the result will be something else entirely. All of a sudden, the bread won’t rise, the souffle collapses, or the egg punch becomes stiff. The list goes on. To avoid drama like this, you must be able to follow recipes to the letter. Enter: proper baking equipment.

The 4 pieces of baking equipment every kitchen needs

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a perfectly layered rainbow cake, or if you’re just starting out with the beginners’ guide to baking. We’re here to help you truly master your talents. To help you get started, we’ve put together a short list of the top four baking utensils that you’re definitely going to need, no matter what level you’re on.

Canisters and moulds

One thing is guaranteed: there’ll be no bakeware without cake pans and baking sheets to shape your creations. And you may not believe it, but it’s very important to use the correct size and shape as declared in the recipe. Otherwise, you can’t follow the same cooking times, and the timing will have to be adjusted (which is not easy to re-calculate correctly).

Measuring tools

Like we said, precision is key in baking. It’s hard to correctly estimate specific measurements without the proper tools. Thankfully, we have all the measuring tools you need. From cups and spoons to thermometers and scales, so that you can be sure to nail the exact amount needed.

Mixing bowls

A large mixing bowl is required for most kinds of baking. And, since many recipes often require several mixing bowls, don’t stop at just one. It’s such a drag to have to put a dough or a cream in another vessel, clean out the bowl, and then re-use it for the next step of the baking process. So, it’s best to get at least two.

If you’re a bit of a neat freak, we have just the thing: bowls with lids! The lid even has an opening for your whisk, so you won’t get splatter all over the place.

Smaller baking tools and accessories

Now that you’ve got the bigger pieces in order, you’re sure to be needing some smaller baking tools and accessories as well. How else are you going to use your mixing bowls without whisks and spatulas? Or glaze the pastry or doughs in the tins without a pastry brush? Also, there won’t even be a dough to set in the first place, without a rolling pin. And what about your cake decorating? If you want it to be spot-on, you’ll be needing a cake decoration set.

Now that you’re all set with the most essential baking equipment, there’s nothing stopping you on your way to pastry perfection!