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Curtains & blinds

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Blinds are probably the most noticeable decorations on your wall, they make your room look more personal, and unlike wallpaper, they do lots of other practical jobs too. We also have a big choice of styles, colour and material. Our blackout blinds also help you sleep, and the venetian blinds let you adjust the natural light so that it’s always just right. Don't forget we also sell curtains, not only do they add a touch of style to your room, they keep those snooping neighbours' eyes at bay. Our ready made curtains come in a wide range of colours and styles, so you can find the perfect new one for your room. Choose from a variety of curtain rods and poles to hang those brand new curtains.

Curtains and blinds help you night and day

Whatever you’re doing, you can do it better with curtains and blinds. They can block out light to help you sleep, keep the sun off your TV so you don’t miss anything in your favourite shows, make evenings cozier when you want to relax, and more.

A bed stands near a window with a window treatment consisting of BIRTNA block-out curtains and HILJA curtains.
The head of a bed beside a window with a window treatment consisting of a HOPPVALS cellular blind and HILLEBORG curtains.
A BLÅKULLEN upholstered bed frame in a living room where curtains hang in the window and across the room as a room divider.
Part of a light pink SILVERLÖNN sheer curtain which is hanging in a bright window on a sunny day.
The stem of a plant reaches up into a window with curtains and a grey KADRILJ wireless/battery-operated roller blind.
A BOAXEL wardrobe combination, partly screened off by beige ANNAKAJSA curtains, used as a workstation and to store clothes.
An area in a room with two light grey KIVIK three-seat sofas is divided off by hanging SANDÄNGSFLY curtains.
A RISBYN pendant lamp hangs over a bed with STRANDTRIFT bed linen next to a window with HILJA curtains.

Summer windows with a rosy glow

Light, bright days put a natural spotlight on your windows. Take the opportunity to filter the sun through sheer curtains, letting their colour become a theme – like this petal pink mood – for the entire room.

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A pink GRADVIS vase on a GLADOM tray table beside a rattan armchair by a window with light-pink SILVERLÖNN sheer curtains.
A pink GRADVIS vase with flowers and a pale-pink VATTENKRASSE watering can on the sill of a window with sheer curtains.
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