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Planning tools

Create the perfect solution

Make your dreams come true with IKEA's planning tools. Create your perfect storage and living room solutions, and when you've completed your design, you can add it to your cart and order it online - easy.

You can do it yourself, but you don't have to. Our online and in-store planning and design services are available for you. We help you with inspirational and functional solutions for different areas of your home or business. Learn more about planning and design services

Please note that the planners on this page are not designed for use with screen readers or other assistive devices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please call us at 1-866-866-4532 or contact us  and we’ll be happy to provide assistance and options to access our planning services. 

IKEA Kreativ - your space reimagined

Ready to design your dream home? Bring your ideas to life in mixed reality! Place IKEA furniture and accessories in your own space in lifelike 3D. Share and remix your ideas with friends and family. Imagine that?


Kitchen and Dining

Become your own kitchen designer. Thanks to our easy-to-use software, you can choose cabinets, doors, and appliances to fit the exact measurements of your kitchen.

IKEA kitchen planner

Create your own, unique dining area with personalized dining chairs, designed by you. Mix and match shapes, materials and colours and see what your ideas will look like with this simple planner tool. Have fun!

Dining chair planner

Explore and customize a ready-made kitchen that matches your needs with this configurator tool. Choose the style, countertop, cabinets and even add appliances to complete your kitchen.

ENHET kitchen configurator


Time for ourselves is something we all need now and then. Plan a customized bathroom that gives you space for everything you need.

Bathroom planner

Not compatible with mobile devices


Wake up to what makes you super comfortable and try our new comfort guide.

Comfort guide


Design your dream bedroom storage solution with the AURDAL planner.

AURDAL planner

Create the perfect living room TV and media storage solution with our BESTÅ planner.

BESTÅ planner

Not compatible with mobile devices

Configure, plan and customize your BOAXEL solution for any room with the BOAXEL planner.

BOAXEL planner

Create your own combinations of durable storage that fit your specific needs with our BROR planner.

BROR planner

Experience the flexibility of EKET, visualize endless combinations and create a functional solution that’s perfect for your home.

EKET planner

Use our planning tool to mix and match shelves and drawers in as many sections as you need.

ELVARLI planner

This planning tool lets you combine shelves, racks, cabinet doors and more to create your perfect IVAR storage solution. 

IVAR planner

Configure, plan and customize your JONAXEL solution with the JONAXEL planner.

JONAXEL planner

Experience the flexibility of KALLAX, visualize endless combinations and create a functional solution that’s perfect for your home.

KALLAX planner

A flexible wardrobe system in many styles and customizable functions.

PAX planner

Save, create or even hide space with SKYTTA sliding doors. Extending from floor and ceiling, they are the perfect room divider. 

SKYTTA planner

Plan a customized solution for your child’s bedroom with our SMÅSTAD planner.

SMÅSTAD planner


Customize the FINNALA sofa series as you like so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Select the size and shape to fit both your needs and the look of your home. You can create anything from a timeless 2-seat sofa to a spacious U-shaped sofa with an open end.

FINNALA planner

HÄRLANDA sofa has sections that you can combine to a size and shape that suits you perfectly. The deep seat cushions are made of high resilience foam, loose fiber and pocket springs. You can also add and replace sections when you want – for example if a favourite corner has become a bit worn after many years.

HÄRLANDA planner

JÄTTEBO modular sofa has a simple shape with clean lines and is soft, comfortable – and practical with storage under the seat. The modules can be combined as you like to create a large or small sofa that suits you perfectly.


SÖDERHAMN modular sofa makes it easy to design your own combination as it is based on durable and comfortable modules that you can combine any way you like. Use our planning tool to build a sofa for the kind of life you live.



Less living at the office, more working from home feeling. Plan your new dream office from the comfort of your own office or home. 

*Not compatible with mobile devices.

Office planner